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Top Automotive Conferences And Trade Shows In 2024

Top Automotive Conferences and Trade Shows in 2024

Wednesday, December 20th, 2023

Top Automotive Conferences and Trade Shows in 2021

Why are Automotive Conferences and Trade Shows Important?

Automotive conferences present one of the most visited conferences annually. Every company within the automotive industry often seeks various trade shows to attend. This is expected, as these events are popular within the USA. The main goal of automotive conferences and trade shows is to help you understand new industry-related upcoming trends. Running a business often consists of feeling the competition’s energy and the overall industry market.

By knowing the latest automotive trends and tools, you could gain lots of value from these events. You would have an opportunity to hear speeches from many educational speakers that will provide you with business-related tips and tricks. Things like innovation, safety, company management, routing, and managing employees are often the main topics at automotive conferences.

Being up to date with the trending discoveries within the automotive industry is essential for any company in this field. So, we created a list of top automotive conferences and trade shows, and other tips to help you get the most out of these events.

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Automotive Conferences and Trade Shows in 2024

NADA Show 2024

Dates: February 1-4, 2024

Location: Las Vegas

This premier event for the auto industry features world-class speakers, a marketplace of products and technology, and outstanding networking opportunities. It focuses on the latest trends, innovations, and strategies for dealership improvement and business growth.​

Kansas City International Auto Show 2024

Location: Kansas City, Missouri

Date: March 14 – 17, 2024

This expo will be hosted in Barte Hall and feature more than 500 new cars and other vehicles. The Kansas City Auto Show will offer various fun attractions for everyone.

New York International Auto Show 2024

Location: New York City, New York

Date: March 29 – April 7, 2024

The New York International Auto Show 2024 will take place from March 29 to April 7, 2024, with press days on March 27 and 28. This event will showcase the most anticipated vehicles of the year, including groundbreaking concept cars and the latest production models. There will be a special focus on electric vehicles, with various models on display. Attendees can enjoy immersive interactions, a custom car showcase, and various other attractions and experiences. The show is known for its dynamic blend of automotive innovation and entertainment.

The North American International Auto Show

Dates:  September 13-24, 2024

Location: Detroit, Michigan

The North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) 2024 is scheduled to take place in Detroit, Michigan. While the exact dates for the 2024 edition are not specified yet, it typically occurs in September based on previous years’ schedules. This premier event for the automobile industry in North America attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors, including influential figures in the environmental and automotive sectors.

Digital Dealer

Dates: October 8-10, 2024

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Digital Dealer Conference & Expo brings together automotive dealers, OEMs, thought leaders, and auto retail solution providers for a 2.5-day experience focused on professional growth and connections.

Automotive USA 2024

Dates: October 21-23, 2024

Location: Detroit, Michigan

This event merges top-level automotive leaders presenting groundbreaking news on stage and includes comprehensive technical debates on everyday challenges, offering clear insights and strategies to tackle the industry’s challenges.

The Battery Show and Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo

Dates: October 7-10, 2024

Location:  Detroit, MI

North America’s largest advanced EV/HEV event. It offers access to 5 technical education tracks, the latest products, technology, and solutions from suppliers, and networking opportunities with industry professionals.

SEMA Show 2024

Location: Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada

Date: November 5-8, 2024

There is no other trade show where you can see thousands of product innovations from new and iconic exhibitors, experience the latest product and custom vehicle trends, get access to 70+ free professional skill-enhancing education sessions, and make career-changing connections with peers, leaders, and celebrities at the industry’s most anticipated in-person networking event.

Modern Retailing Conference (MRC)

Dates: November 17-19, 2024

Location: Palm Beach, Florida

MRC 2024 is a gathering of industry innovators and thought leaders focusing on progressive strategies and technologies in automotive retail aimed at pushing the boundaries of customer experience.

AAPEX 2024

Dates: November 5–7, 2024

Location: Las Vegas, NV

AAPEX represents the global automotive aftermarket industry, offering a platform for the latest products, technology, and a host of networking opportunities.

Used Car Week

Dates: November 18 -21

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

UCW addresses various aspects of the used-car sector, including remarketing, dealer-consignor relationships, and auto finance, focusing on current trends and future industry developments.

Top Automotive Conferences And Trade Shows In 2024
Top Automotive Conferences And Trade Shows In 2024
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Top Automotive Conferences And Trade Shows In 2024

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Tips to Make Most of Automotive Conferences and Trade Shows


Why they're important

Create a Wishlist

Before you attend any of these shows, prepare a list of essential questions. These queries should revolve around your business, industry, team, and any other topic you find significant. You can use your questions during Q&A sessions at the conference or while meeting with peers. Having these questions by your side can help you stay focused and organized.

Download a Conference App

Lots of conferences nowadays have their apps available. So, before attending an event, download an app for the upcoming expo. You can get various beneficial information this way, such as the after-party location. Also, keep in mind, WiFi might not always work at the conference, so download your app in advance.

Use Twitter

If you want to get insight into conference chatter, check out Twitter threads. You will need to find the conference hashtag and do your research once the event starts. This is quite handy, as you can share experiences with fellow automotive professionals. It opens up a new way of communication and post-event networking.

Schedule Meetings

Connecting with other professionals during one-on-one meetings can be beneficial for your business. So, always take the time during conferences to meet with automotive peers. This way, you could build trusted contacts and share inspiring ideas. What's not to like, right?

Visit Pre-Conferences

People sometimes forget the benefits that pre-conference events can bring them. The well-known speakers indeed show up later in the show, but checking out some newbies can be as effective. So, don't miss the opportunity to discover some less known but potentially equally successful speakers.

How to Experience More Efficient Attendance?


Have a Goal and Strategy

It’s essential to set your goal and strategy before attending an automotive event. Try answering the following questions.

By answering these questions, you can get better focus and create a precise plan. Not bad, right?

Many business owners visit these shows to solve some company issues. So, it can be handy to keep some notes about these pain points. Try writing down the time and place of the vendors you want to visit. This can save you time and provide you with a more efficient experience.

Set Up Meeting Before the Conference

If you know what topics you wish to discuss, you can plan meetings in advance. It’s good to schedule some one-on-one meeting events. You can do this if you plan meetings before the whole conference hustle and bustle. This way, you should have an easier time communicating with other professionals in the automotive industry.

Balance Your Time

Knowing how you can spend time at a conference can help you actually balance your time. Usually, you can do three things at an expo:

  1. Checking out for vendors from your list
  2. Visiting various seminars and info gatherings
  3. Wandering around and discovering

If you want to get some quality time with vendors, visit them on the second day. The first day of any expo can be hectic, so focus your time around the less busy hours (if these things even exist in expos). But, you get the point.


Automotive conferences and trade shows are handy places to meet fellow colleagues. So, it’s always good if you can connect with various people and share experiences. Small talk can sometimes lead to big things, such as partnerships and business expansions. Even if you end up with just a few shared opinions and advice, that’s valuable!

Types of Automotive Conference Content

Here are some topics you may bump into during automotive conferences and trade shows.

These can assist you with resolving some business issues and provide you with more in-depth information about the automotive industry.

More Conferences and Trade Shows for 2024