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Top Insurance Agents Conferences And Trade Shows For 2024

Top Insurance Agents Conferences and Trade Shows for 2024

Tuesday, December 19th, 2023

Top Insurance Agents Conferences and Trade Shows for 2022

Why are Insurance Agent’s Conferences and Trade Shows Important?

Discovering more information about Insurance Agents’ Conferences and Trade Shows for 2024 could enrich your business management. These events present a convenient place for networking and expanding industry-related knowledge.

Educational possibilities are diverse at expos. You could probably run into topics such as innovation, company and employee management, safety, etc.

Take a look at the list of the upcoming insurance agents conferences in 2024 and gather some handy tips. Of course, if you spot VIVAHR at some of these events, come to meet us and pick some swag! 🙂

Insurance Agents Conferences and Trade Shows in 2024


The Future of Insurance USA 2024 – Reuters

Date: May 15-16 2024

Location: Chicago, IL

This year’s event will gather around 400+ senior insurance industry executives. The essential stakeholders from Product, Strategy, Customer, Technology, and Risk will transform services and products with new tech. The expo will also revolve around strategies for success.

Insurance Leaders Management Forum

Date: October 4 – 8, 2024

Location: Colorado Springs, CO

This trade show offers power sessions focused on innovation, strategy, leadership, and industry trends. The event offers top-notch speakers and networking opportunities. Also, senior executives, CEOs, and future leaders from insurance companies would get insights into various educational programs.

NAMIC 129th Annual Convention

Date: September 22-25, 2024

Location: Denver, CO

This conference show connects insurance company leaders and offers networking and educational options. Companies will be able to discover the latest pain points affecting the insurance industry in 2024.

ITC – Insuretech Connect

Date: October 15 – 17, 2024

Location: Las Vegas, NV

The world’s largest gathering of insurance innovation, ITC Vegas combines unbeatable networking with what’s new and next, ensuring your time will be spent meeting more people, sourcing more solutions, and creating valuable partnerships.

Discover solutions to your biggest challenges, gain access to unique and meaningful education, and meet the insurance industry’s best and brightest. Join the insurance event that doesn’t just bring the insurance industry together – it moves the entire industry forward.

Top Insurance Agents Conferences And Trade Shows For 2024
Top Insurance Agents Conferences And Trade Shows For 2024
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Top Insurance Agents Conferences And Trade Shows For 2024

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Tips to Make Most of Insurance Agent’s Conferences and Trade Shows


Why they're important

Create a Question List

Creating a list of questions you would like to address during expos can be handy. You can include anything beneficial for your business within it, from topics reserved for Q&A sessions to the company's pain points you want to resolve.

Download a Conference App

Some conference shows offer a conference app. So, you can check if there are some available. These apps could help you keep track of expo events and even some after-parties. Just download the app before the trade show, as WiFi can be laggy during expos.

Use Twitter

Social media can assist you during trade show attendance. For example, Twitter can be handy to get info about conference details. Plus, you can use hashtags to find information real quick.

Schedule Meetings

Connecting with fellow experts from the insurance industry could benefit your business. You can use outside of the expo hours to schedule meetings and connect with other professionals.

Visit Pre-Conferences

These events have plenty to offer. Pre-conferences gather newcomers that can share some interesting insights regarding the insurance industry. More experienced speakers indeed show up later during the show, but don't neglect the newcomers' potential!

How to Experience More Efficient Attendance?


Have a Goal and Strategy

Developing an approach before attending insurance agents conferences could be handy. Try answering the following questions to set your goals easier.

  1. What is your reason for attending a particular trade show?
  2. What are the main goals you want to complete at insurance-agents trade shows?

Creating a list of goals/wishes can help you enrich your experience during an expo. Plus, you could resolve potential business pain points as you would know what to pay attention to.

Set Up Meeting Before the Conference

Every business owner knows conferences can get really fast-paced. So, if you want to connect with other insurance professionals, plan meetings before the event. Seek vendors and find out if they are open for a one-on-one gathering.

Balance Your Time

Knowing how you would like to spend time during a trade show can help you get the most out of it. Here are a few ideas!

Note: The second day of a conference show is usually less hectic. So, opt for it if you wish to meet vendors during less busy hours. But consider day one if you want some freebies! 🙂


Staying in touch with vendors and associates can benefit your business. So, use trade shows to address business pain points and share experiences with peers.

Even though you probably attend conferences with business intentions, use them for networking too.

Types of Insurance Agents Conferences Content

These are examples of potential topics you might bump into at insurance trade shows. Be sure to research the agendas before attending a conference and discover the ones to help you with your business!

More Conferences and Trade Shows for 2024