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Top Small Business Conferences And Trade Shows For 2024

Top Small Business Conferences and Trade Shows for 2024

Tuesday, December 19th, 2023

Top Small Business Conferences and Trade Shows for 2022

Why are Small Business Conferences and Trade Shows Important?

Need a list of the upcoming Small Business Conferences and Trade Shows for 2024? That’s great! These events are great resources for professionals from the small business industry.

These expos present a unique networking opportunity. Also, they offer you a chance to address any pain points your company might have. Conferences often host many relevant speakers from the industry. So, you could hear a lot about various topics about small corporations.

Topics at the expos usually revolve around innovation, company management, safety, employee management, and similar.

So, check out the following list of upcoming small business trade shows in 2024. Don’t forget to say hi and pick some swag if you see VIVAHR at some of these events! 🙂

Small Business Conferences and Trade Shows in 2024


Small Business Expo

Date: Various dates through 2024

Location: Various

The Small Business Expo is a well-known B2B trade show in the USA. It covers 15 cities and offers workshops, networking opportunities, and happy hours. This trade show will allow you to hear success stories from companies that once were start-ups and today are part of Fortune 500 companies.

WBENC National Conference and Business Fair

Date:  March 19-22, 2024

Location:  Denver, CO

Get ready to be swept off your feet by the 2024 WBENC National Conference, the largest event of its kind for women-owned businesses, where we’re cranking up the energy with our empowering theme, AMPLIFY! In 2024, be a part of the LARGEST CONFERENCE EVER for women-owned businesses. Connect, learn, and grow as you join thousands of inspiring members from our vibrant network, coming together for an unforgettable event!

TED 2024

Date: April 15-19, 2024

Location: Vancouver, Canada

TED Conferences bring together a group of industry leaders and impactful people for unique, multi-day experiences dedicated to TED’s global mission of sharing meaningful new ideas.

Top Small Business Conferences And Trade Shows For 2024
Top Small Business Conferences And Trade Shows For 2024
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Redline Electric & Solar
Top Small Business Conferences And Trade Shows For 2024

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Tips to Make Most of Small Business Conferences and Trade Shows


Why they're important

Create a Question List

You should create a list of small business-related questions before an expo attendance. Having some plan could help you get the most out of these events. For example, you could use these questions during a Q&A session or a meeting.

Download a Conference App

Conference apps can be great helpers and provide a better organization during a conference. So, make sure to check if an expo offers an app. This way, you could get info about expo events and after-parties. Don't forget to install the app before the actual expo. Sometimes WiFi at the expos can be laggy.

Use Twitter

Social networks can help you enrich your conference experience. You could use Twitter to get updates about trade show updates and news, and you can easily access them via hashtags.

Schedule Meetings

Getting to know professionals from the same work industry could help you with your business. So, if you get a chance, meet with others and share your ideas and experiences as a small business owner.

Visit Pre-Conferences

Pre-conference shows allow you to discover newcomers' potential. You could gain new insights into various topics related to your business field. Indeed, more experienced speakers come later during an expo, but don't underestimate what newbies have to offer!

How to Experience More Efficient Attendance?


Have a Goal and Strategy

Getting the most out of trade shows and conferences is possible. The main thing you should do is define your goals.

  1. Why do you wish to attend small business expos?
  2. What are the main goals you want to fulfill during a conference?

Answering these questions (and similar) could help you be more prepared for attendance. Do you have some pain points to solve? Write down the topics you would like to discuss during conferences.

Set Up Meeting Before the Conference

Trade shows are great places for networking and discussions with fellow professionals. Small business owners can schedule meetings and address some common mutual topics. Sharing opinions with other experts could help you enrich the overall experience.

Balance Your Time

Time is too valuable, every business owner would agree. So, save your time by planning out what you would like to do during an expo. Check out the following activity samples you might want to try out!

If you wish to experience less hectic hours, visit the expos on the second day. The first day is usually more fast-paced.


Small business conferences and trade shows are great opportunities for networking with other professionals. So, use these events as an occasion to connect with other experts, share ideas, and create collaborations!

Types of Small Business Conferences Content

During your small business trade shows, you might discover similar topics as the following.

Getting familiar with small business conferences might help you resolve some company pain points and discover more about the small business industry.

More Conferences and Trade Shows for 2024