Top HR Conferences To Attend In 2019 – 2020

HR Conferences

HR Conferences

Why HR Conferences Are Important to Human Resources

The entire community of HR professionals is one of the most active professional industries.  Every year, just in the USA, there are 100+ HR conferences built to tackle some of the hardest topics HR professionals face.  Human Resources accounts for many facets of a business from attracting talent to the organization, training, retaining and firing.  There are HR conferences speaking to every function of HR.

We have built a list of the top HR conferences to attend this year and beyond.  This page is continually being updated with the newest HR events, conferences and learning courses for your industry.  If your event is not listed, and you’d like to be included, please email

VIVAHR will be attending many of the HR conferences listed below.  Be sure to come say “hi” and pick up some swag 🙂

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HR Conferences in 2019 – 2020

Talent Connect 2019

September 25-27 2019

Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center

Dallas, TX 75202

Price: $1,695.00-$2,195.00

One of the largest talent leadership conferences in 2019.  Linkedin’s Talent Connect 2019 will feature content around hiring, building better teams, and enhancing performance throughout.

Keynote Speakers:

Michelle Obama – Former First-Lady

Dean Carter – Patagonia

Mariana Atencio – National correspondent MSNBC & NBC News

Jeff Weiner – CEO, Linkedin

Cynthia Marshall – CEO Dallas Mavericks

Gary Vaynerchuk – CEO, VaynerMedia

Pamay Bassey – Chief Learning Officer, The Kraft Heinz Company

Josh Bersin – Global Industry Analyst, Bersin & Associates


HR Technology Conference & Exposition - Las Vegas

October 01-04 2019


Las Vegas, NV 89109

Price: $1,745.00-$2,000.00

The HR Tech Conferences (#HRtech) as known for being the showcase of the latest and greatest in HR.  If you’re looking to improve the technology resources for your organization, this becomes a must-attend HR conference of the year.

This event is great for organizations over 1,000 employees.  Not the best use of conference budget and time if you are part of an HR team servicing under 1,000 employees.

Talent Development Think Tank

November 06-07 2019

Hyatt Regency Sonoma Wine Country

Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Price: $1,497.00-$3,394.00

A podcast transformed, a friendship forged between random roommates at a conference, and a shared belief in the multiplying power of networking and collective intelligence…

This HR and Leadership Development Conference is set to inspire and bring like-minded talent development professionals to connect, learn and grow.

Top Keynote speakers:

Liz Wiseman Creating a Multipliers Culture

Josh Bersin Learning in the Flow of Work

Julie Winkle Giulioni Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go

Michael Bungay Stanier The 5 Question Leader

Facilitators at our breakout sessions include:

  • Paul Middleton – Co-Founder of 1st90
  • Marc Prager – Director of Learning & Development at LinkedIn
  • Brent Snow – Founder & Creative Director at Ten Thousand Feet
  • Jim Perry – VP, Learning Design at BTS
  • Christine DiDonato – Founder of Career Revolution Inc. and
  • Ed Muzio – CEO, Group Harmonics, Inc.


2020 SHRM Employment Law & Legislative Conference

March 16-18 2020

Washington, DC 20001

Price: $1,225.00-$1,550.00

This is the mega law and legislative HR conference every year. This conference will provide you with the latest issues in the legal and legislative matters impacting your business from both the federal and state level.  Understand compliant and regulatory issues which will affect how your perform your HR duties in 2020.

SHRM Talent Conference & Exposition 2020

April 20-22 2020

Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

Price: $1,130.00-$1,575.00

Beat the talent crunch in your organization by leveraging an array of strategies, tactics, and tools that go beyond the siloed approach to recruiting strategy. Use new selection techniques to hire for performance and retention. Get a crash course in talent acquisition analytics to make data-driven recruiting a reality at your organization.


Why Attend HR Conferences

Learn from industry experts

Many of the HR conferences listed on this page do a tremendous job at bringing in industry thought leaders.  The peers in HR tend to learn best practices from one another.  Other industry conferences might be vendor heavy with content, but in the HR landscape, HR conferences tend to be very focused on quality educational resources.  You’ll be learning from fellow HR professionals about best practices and HR fundamentals in a changing world.

Legal liability protection

The number one reason HR professional report they invest into HR conferences is to avoid legal risk before an issue arises.  Current and potential changes in the labor compliance create strong talking points at HR conferences and help you stay on top of current affairs and relevant issues.

Continual learning credits

There are two major certification credits HR conferences will help you obtain.  SHRM-CP, SHRM-SCP and HRCI and the main continual learning credit systems represented at HR conferences.  Check with the specific conference you’re considering to attend to ensure they offer what you need.  Most of the conferences listed here offer dual credit hours so you can obtain credit hours for both.

HR Tech and Vendors

The HR industry’s best vendors will often find themselves in the exhibit hall of HR conferences.  Take the time to ask questions about new technology, resources, tips and recommendations.  These vendors have a strong pulse on what is happening in the HR landscape.  These tools help you stay competitive and ensure you’re leveraging the best tools for your organization.


HR Recruiting Resources

  • Track the sources for every job posting with this free tool –
  • Understanding the power of Google AI job search –
  • The Culture Marketing Show, how to craft and share your hiring story –

HR Conferences FAQs

How do I get certification credit for attending a HR conference?

There are two primary continuing certification programs.  HRCI, has been the more globally known and recognized certification.  They offer a search page that will allow you to find the HR conference you attended and apply for the continuing learning credit to be applied.  The other certification is run by SHRM.  They have SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP.  Recertification is required every three years.  Professionals will need to earn 60 professional development credits.  HR conferences are a great way to build those certification hours.

Is there networking at HR conferences?

One of the best parts about attending the hr conferences is the relationships you’ll make.  Many HR professionals will attend the conferences to meet up with peers, find mentors and grow their network.  As much as you’ll be attending an hr conference to learn, you should equally plan on bringing business cards to network and connect.

How many human resource professionals attend conferences?

HR Conferences

Each conference will host a different amount.  The HR conferences listed on this page, will have around 800 up to 10,000 attendees.  The national conferences can have as much as 15,000 hr professionals attend.

There are several virtual HR conferences that boast of 30,000 hr professionals attending virtually at a time.




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How to plan for your upcoming HR conference

    • Build your wish-list: Before you go, make sure you create your list of key questions you’re facing right now in your career, industry, team.  These can be your talking points while meeting with peers or during Q&A time at the end of speaker presentations.  It can also help keep you focused in the exhibitor area knowing who you should spend your time talking to.
    • Is there a conference app? Find out if there is a conference app.  Download it before you go to see latest announcements and potential peers, mentors you can meet up with.  The best relationships are built outside the hr conference.  Find out where the after parties and peer dinner groups are meeting.  WiFi is not always a sure thing at the venue.  Make sure you download the app before you go.
    • Get your twitter account ready – Much of the conference chatter happens via a twitter hashtag thread.  Find out what the conference hashtag will be, save it in your search preferences in your twitter mobile app.  Engage.  These events are so much better when you can share what you’ve learned, insights and tips to your HR friends.  Great way to see who else is attending and who you may want to follow on twitter for post-event conversations and networking.HR Conferences USA
    • Block out time for meetings.  The relationships you make, will be better than the presenters message (sorry speakers! I know you agree though 🙂 Find time in the conference schedule to have one on one coffee connections or lunch meetings.  Get to know other professionals.
    • Take advantage of the early-bird sessions.  The more well-known speakers are scheduled during the meat & potatoes time slots of the conference.  However, some of my favorite sessions during HR conferences have happened during the pre-conference time slots.  The ‘up and comers’ are speaking and put a TON into their presentations.   Don’t overlook the newbies to the speaking scene.

Types Of HR Conferences

  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Diversity
  • Employer – Employee Relations
  • Labor Law Compliance
  • Maintaining a Safe Environment
  • Recruiting and Talent Acquisition
  • Training and Development

Each of these categories of HR conferences will specialize around the current pain points your employer may be facing.  Some of the larger conferences will have breakout sessions for each of these categories, but you will gather more depth at a dedicated conference educating around a very specific niche.