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Top Plumbing Conferences and Trade Shows in 2021

Plumbing Conferences and Trade Shows and How They’re Important to Your Business

Plumbing conferences are some of the top sought out professional conferences every year.  Home service professionals look to trade shows and industry-focused conferences to date on education, laws, and vendor offerings. Every year, just in the USA, 100+ plumbing trade shows and conferences are built to help you understand new processes, tools, and trade tricks.  Local and national plumbing trade shows can be the difference to learn trade insights and product innovations. In addition, many business owners in the plumbing industry attend these conferences as an investment to keep a pulse on competition and changes in the plumbing industry.

Knowing the latest and greatest tools, supplies and vendors is only one portion of the value you can gain while attending a trade show for plumbers. In addition, many of the educational speakers will share tips and advice on the business side of your plumbing company.  Understanding safety, innovation, business management, routing, and managing employees are always key topics at a plumbing conference.

Staying up to date with the most recent methods, discoveries, and technology is important to any job in any industry. However, to be the best, time and research must be done to increase understanding and effectiveness.  To help you never stop learning, we’ve put together the top trade shows and events for plumbers around the nation.

VIVAHR will be attending many of the plumbing conferences listed below.  Be sure to come to say “hi” and pick up some swag 🙂

Plumbing Trade Shows & Conferences in 2021

2021 FAPHCC 100th Annual Convention & Tradeshow

Location: Orlando, Florida

Date: July 22 – 25, 2021

In 2021, the Florida Association of PHCC is excited to present an opportunity to network, relax in the sun and enjoy family fun. Join them for the most extensive plumbing & HVAC show in Florida. They are bringing you together with over 100 plumbing & HVAC business owners and decision-makers. The Annual Convention and Tradeshow combine education, exposure, and business development in an event for your current and future clients.

The Florida Association of PHCC is excited to bring you our experience of 100 years working with plumbing and HVAC contractors across the entire state of Florida. Every year, The FAPHCC Convention & Tradeshow brings together hundreds of contractors to one location.

Service World Expo 2021

Location: Louisville, KY

Date: September 21-23, 2021

Service World Expo 2021 is a conference and product showcase for residential service business owners in the HVAC, plumbing, electrical, remodeling, and connected home trades.

This is the largest conference of the year for residential contractors in Plumbing, HVAC, Remodeling, and Electrical home services to learn, network, and grow.

PHCC Connect 2021

Location: Kansas City, MO

Date: October 20- 22, 2021

The PHCC is looking forward to re-connecting in person and are taking all precautions possible to ensure a safe environment for the event.

This year calls for truly resilient leadership to pave the path forward. With the latest workforce trends, best business management practices, and proven leadership perspectives, you’ll be ready.

With all the product and technology changes in the p-h-c industry, one thing remains the same: PHCCCONNECT attendees consistently stay ahead of the curve. See for yourself.

This is the industry’s best training and educational programming … all in one place! So whether you’re in new construction or service and repair, we’ve got something for everyone on the topics contractors want most.

Their attendees say it every year … their best resources are each other. So you, too, will take away best practices and “trade secrets” from those priceless gatherings with your peers!

Making The Most of Your Plumbing trade show and conference Experience

Build your wish-list

Before you go, make sure you create your list of key questions you're facing right now in your business, industry, team. These can be your talking points while meeting with peers or during Q&A time at the end of speaker presentations. It can also help keep you focused in the exhibitor area, knowing who you should spend your time talking to.

Is there a conference app?

Find out if there is a conference app. Download it before you see the latest announcements and potential peers, mentors you can meet up with. The best relationships are built outside the Plumbing conference. Find out where the after parties and peer dinner groups are meeting. WiFi is not always a sure thing at the venue.  Make sure you download the app before you go.

Get your Twitter account ready

A lot of the conference chatter happens via a Twitter hashtag thread. Find out what the conference hashtag will be, save it in your search preferences in your Twitter mobile app. Engage. These events are much better when you can share what you've learned, insights, and tips with other landscaping professionals. Great way to see who else is attending and who you may want to follow on Twitter for post-event conversations and networking.

Block out time for meetings

The relationships you make will be better than the presenter's message (sorry speakers! I know you agree, though 🙂 Find time in the conference schedule to have one-on-one coffee connections or lunch meetings. Get to know other professionals. So many people take the time to build support groups or masterminds with other Plumbing professionals. Allows them to have a trusted community of contacts to share ideas and grow alongside.

Take advantage of the early-bird sessions

The more well-known speakers are scheduled during the meat & potatoes time slots of the conference.  However, some of my favorite sessions during professional conferences have happened during the pre-conference time slots. The 'up and comers' are speaking and put a TON into their presentations. Don't overlook the newbies to the speaking scene.

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Set a Goal and Strategy

Before you visit any event, remember why you’re taking time out of your valuable schedule to attend. You have probably already had to answer this question once before deciding to register but take the time to identify the purpose.

Having a clear plan will help you stay focused, and you will save time and money.

Most business owners attend trade shows because they have pain points that they need to be solved. From the time you register and until the conference day, you will want to keep specific notes of what pain points you are looking to ease. It’s good to look at all the different exhibitors at the conference to get a head start on finding business solutions. When you list the vendors you want to visit, make sure you write down the exact place they will be at the show not to waste time looking for them up and down the aisles.

Set Up Meeting Before the Conference

If you took the time to identify the pain points of your business, it should be reasonably easy to locate some vendors where you can set up meetings beforehand. It is always better to have one-on-one meetings, and you can guarantee this goal by setting up meetings before the expo. Trade shows are always full of distractions, and it’s hard to lock someone down if you haven’t done it before the expo.

Balance Your Time

There are three ways to spend time at a tradeshow:

Identify and target the sessions or speakers you must see and schedule them in your itinerary first. It’s always a good idea to visit the vendors on the second day if you want to get some quality time with them. The first day of any trade show is crazy, but if you want to make sure you get freebies, you may want to give the floor a gander.


It is always fun to visit and meet with vendors and associates to cultivate ongoing relationships. Take some time to meet with other business colleagues to find out what they have been doing to resolve some common pain points. A small conversation can yield significant results potentially save you valuable time and money. Even though you are there for business intentions, plumbing trade shows are an exceptional place to network. Social events are ideal for collecting recommendations and learning more about the people within the plumbing industry.

Types of Plumbing Conference Educational Content

Each of these categories of learning content at a Plumbing conference will educate you around the current pain points you may be facing.  Some of the larger conferences will have breakout sessions for each category, but you will gather more depth at a dedicated conference educating around a particular niche.

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