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Customize Team Collaboration

VIVAHR is your supercharged hiring platform. See why our feature set is revolutionary and unique.

User Access Controls
Give team members access to a candidate’s resume and your notes on all candidate interactions and impressions. Add and remove team members as you please.
Team Collaboration
Soon, you will have a synthesized pool of qualitative data about your candidate. Your team can work together to create an overall rating, something you can refer back to again and again throughout the hiring process.
Resume Upload
Your candidates can upload their resumes directly into your database, giving you a prime starting point for future interviews and assessments. Anyone who has been given user access can view this resume.
Robust Pre-Built Reports
Reporting is important, especially in cases where you have to report to an executive team or board. Having ready access to all the data, built into comprehensive reports, gives you peace of mind.
CSV Export
Export data about your candidate anytime into a CSV for reporting and analysis.
Candidate Database
Your personal candidate database will ensure that you never lose a candidate again, even if choose to hire someone else. All your prospective hires will stay in one place, giving you easy access when it’s time to hire again.

Candidate Profiles and Scoring

With VIVAHR, you will create candidate profiles with cutting edge tools for faster team assessments. Even if you only have five minutes, you still can learn more about the candidate than ever before.

Rich Candidate Profiles

Gone are the days of printing multiple resumes for each team member participating in an interview. With VIVAHR, you don’t have to scan the candidate’s resume to find phone numbers, email addresses, and other important data. Readily identify candidates with their uploaded photo. View social profiles with one click.

Custom Scorecards

Different companies have different metrics, and sometimes those metrics vary by position. With VIVAHR’s custom scorecards, choose the qualifiers that you are most interested in. Your team can vote, giving the candidate a comprehensive and highly relevant score.

Features that will change everything

All Accounts
  • Publish and Share Jobs Online
  • Social Job Sharing
  • Resume Upload
  • Structure and Customize Your Interview Process
  • Branded Careers Website
  • Robust Set of Pre-Built Reports
  • User Access Controls
  • Custom Recruiting Pipeline
  • CSV Export
  • Custom Scorecards
Paid Accounts
  • Full Customer Support
  • Powerful and Secure APIs
  • Parsed Resumes
  • Candidate Database
  • Candidate Feedback Portal
  • Custom Pre-screening Questionnaires
  • Tagging
  • Email Templates
  • Native Integration with Zapier
  • Rich Candidate Profiles
  • Bulk Candidate Emailing
  • Culture-Profile Builder
  • Team Collaboration
  • Unlimited Job Postings
  • Unlimited Applicants
  • Unlimited Culture Profiles

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