7 Best Recruiting Strategies for Healthcare Clinics

7 Best Recruiting Strategies for Healthcare Clinics It can be discouraging at times when striving to find quality candidates for your practice. Some candidates can nail an interview just to be fired six months later, ultimately wasting enormous quantities of both your time and your money. Recent studies show the cause being is a major […]

Free Payroll Software

You’re probably reading this because you are a small business owner who has recently grown and part of that growth is adding a few software solutions to save you some time and money.  If I’m right, this is the perfect post for you.  We will be reviewing the best free payroll software solutions in 2019 […]

Job Description Templates

Building the perfect job description starts with understanding the core responsibilities and outlining the position.  However, the way you really drive the best applicants is by crafting the best job description to tell a balanced story of what the company expects from the applicant as much as you share what the company can expect to […]

Chief Operating Officer Job Description Template

Below you will find a free Chief Operating Officer job description template to help you list out the responsibilities and requirements for a Chief Operating Officer in your workplace.  If you have not done so, follow the simple steps on how to write a good job description we have covered to help you get the […]

Free Job Posting

Post your job on the top job posting sites Hiring is not for the faint of heart. It is a challenge to get someone in the candidate pool who not only has the culture fit, but aligning with the best skill sets can be tough.  VIVAHR has put together a list of the best ways […]

Employee Evaluation Form Template

  What is an Employee Evaluation Form? An Employee Evaluation form is a data sheet that is to be filled out together with the employee and their supervisor.  The form has space for rating different requirements and traits, as well as space to write comments. What is it used for? Using this form is an […]

Job Boards

VIVAHR will help you get more traction with your jobs by syncing each posting with our network of job boards.  We have both free and paid (Boost) job board options. When posting your job on VIVAHR, you’ll have the ability to choose if you’d like your job published to the free job board partners or […]

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