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Free Job Posting Sites

Free Job Posting Sites

See which websites are the best places to post your job for free.

Free job posting sites

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The Best Free Job Posting Sites

One of the most common requests we get from recruiters and growing companies is how to post jobs.  Finding the right place is the most important part of hiring.  Whether you are hiring for one position or several, getting started in posting your jobs on free platforms is a quick way to generate some great applicants.

To save you some time on where to post your jobs, we have come up with the best free job posting sites.  We will share with you the best way to post your jobs to get the most applicants from free sources in hiring.

To gain quicker traction in hiring, consider using the VIVAHR FREE ATS.  It’s a tool to automate this process for you in your hiring needs.

Free Job Posting Sites
Free Job Posting Sites
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Free Job Posting Sites

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Best Free Job Posting Sites

If your posting a job for free on any of the sites below, use your ATS or VIVAHR to collect your applicants by plugging in the correct apply URL.  If your ATS allows you to track traffic sources, you can use our free job traffic campaign builder.

1. Snagajob

Has been around a very long time and offers a lot of SEO value in your job postings.  This tool allows you to build a career site and direct all applicants to their tool where you can manage and screen applicants.  Free version of this job posting tool allows you to post the jobs, but limits any ability to have automation and screen candidates.

2. Jora

Post your jobs for free on this up and coming free job posting platform.  Jora has international job posting ability.  Founded in ’98 in Australia, it is relatively new to the USA, but a major player with experience in job posting software.

3. Jobspider

If you like the free classified job look, then you’ve found the right place. Fill out the information about your job and get your job listed in a board that is similar to Craigslist.

4. Jobinventory

This platform allows you to have unlimited job postings and visibility.  There is an XML feed requirement.  If you have VIVAHR, you can log into your settings and simply copy your generated XML feed url to publish your jobs automatically to Jobinventory.

5. ZipRecruiter

There is a paid version of ZipRecruiter, however, many ATS tools allow their job postings to syndicate to the ZipRecruiter platform to gain organic traction with their applicant database.  It will not get as many applicants as if you posted directly through ZipRecruiter, but it is a great alternative to get some visibility.  Remember, the trick is leveraging your ATS to push your jobs to their organic feed.

6. Activehire

Post your jobs fore free by adding your job description.  Based in Austin, TX, Activehire has thousands of resumes on site to match to your job posting.  Use their technology to instantly match to potential applicants.  Great method for posting your job to attract passive applicants who may have their resume stored in a database warehouse.

7. LocalWork

You can post your job for free through the platform.  The job postings are free for the first two weeks of the trial.  No credit card is required and can be a good fit to try and see if the posting will gain traction through their network of syndication partners.

free job posting sites

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