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Sales & Support: +1 (480) 360-6463
Evaluate And Qualify

Evaluate & Qualify

Streamline your hiring

VVAHR streamlines the entire hiring process, from evaluating applicants to candidate communication, in one system.

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Businesses can expand a talent pool 10 times by recruiting through an ATS.

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Comprehensive profile of candidates

VIVAHR is a revolutionary tool that helps you learn more about candidates in five minutes. You can create candidate profiles with cutting-edge tools for faster team assessments. We make it easy to use and help you assess candidates quickly and efficiently. VIVAHR also enables you to identify red flags early on in the process, so you can avoid making bad hires.

Comprehensive Profile Of Candidates

Extensive candidate scorecards

We at VIVAHR believe every job is unique and deserves a custom scorecard. Our scorecards are designed to help you evaluate candidates based on the job’s specific requirements, ensuring you find the best possible match for your open position. With our scorecards, you’ll quickly and easily identify which candidates have the skills and experience you’re looking for.

Extensive Candidate Scorecards

Candidate communication

Email and text
Bulk actions

Email and text communication

VIVAHR provides a unique way to communicate with candidates. With VIVAHR’s email and text features, you can send personalized communication to each candidate. VIVAHR’s custom questionnaire helps you understand the candidate’s personality and qualifications.

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Easily see everything your recruitment process

VIVAHR’s dashboard is an incredibly useful tool for managing your hiring process. It provides real-time data on resumes, scheduling interviews, and reviewing applications, and it also makes it easy to see what is happening in your hiring process at a glance. This is an invaluable resource for keeping track of your progress and ensuring you are on track to hire the best candidates possible.

Easily See Everything Your Recruitment Process

Track all your candidates in one place

VIVAHR is the best way to track all prospective hires in one place. You can easily access your candidates’ contact information, resumes, and notes from past interviews. VIVAHR also allows you to rate candidates quickly and add them to different lists to find the best candidates for future positions.

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Track Of All Your Canidates In One Place

Customizable pipelines

VIVAHR’s Pipeline feature is one of our hiring platform’s most powerful and flexible tools. You can easily create custom pipelines to reflect your unique hiring process. VIVAHR’s drag-and-drop interface simplifies adding or removing steps, and you can easily manage candidates as they move through your pipeline. Track progress and performance at each stage of the process, making informed decisions about your hiring strategy.

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Create Multiple Pipelines For Your Hiring Process

Automated actions

VIVAHR’s pipeline stage actions help you automate everything from sending messages, questionnaires, and assessments to capturing team feedback and scheduling interviews. We make it easy to connect with your candidates throughout the hiring process and keep everyone on the same page. You can customize your pipeline stages to match your unique workflow. Whether you’re looking to streamline your hiring process or just want an easier way to keep track of your candidates, VIVAHR’s pipeline stage actions can help.

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Text Message With Candidates

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