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Candidate Questionnaires

Get actionable insights with questionnaires

Questionnaires can provide valuable insights into job seekers’ skills, experience, and motivation. By asking pointed questions about a job seeker’s qualifications, a hiring manager can better understand whether the candidate is a good fit for the position.

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Get Actionable Insights With Questionnaires

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Kathy B Round

Kathy B.

Human Resources Director

Create custom questionnaires

VIVAHR provides a powerful tool for creating candidate questionnaires. With VIVAHR, you can easily create custom questionnaires for each job opening. This allows you to tailor the questions to the specific skills and experience required for the role. In addition, VIVAHR offers a variety of question types, including multiple-choice, essay, and rating scale.

Create Custom Questionnaires

Easy bulk questionnaire tool

Bulk send questionnaires allow employers to send out many questionnaires at once, saving time and effort. In addition, bulk send questionnaires can be customized to target specific job applicants. This ensures that only the most qualified candidates are considered for the position. As a result, bulk send questionnaires are an efficient and effective way to screen job applicants.

Easy Bulk Questionnaire Tool

Candidate scorecards

At VIVAHR, we believe that every job is unique and deserves its custom scorecard. Our scorecards are designed to help you evaluate candidates based on the job’s specific requirements, ensuring that you find the best possible match for your open position. With our scorecards, you’ll quickly and easily identify which candidates have the skills and experience you’re looking for.

Candidate Scorecards

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50+ Free Job Boards

VIVAHR offers a comprehensive platform for building job positions and posting them to any number of job boards. We collaborate with all 50+ job boards to ensure that the right candidates see your position.

Culture Profiles

With VIVAHR, you can add videos, photos, and text to give job seekers an inside look at what it’s like to work at your company.

Custom Questionnaires

VIVAHR’s questionnaire builder makes it easy to add questions and change the order of questions. As a result, you can quickly create a high-quality questionnaire that will help you find the best candidates for the job.

Automated Actions

VIVAHR’s pipeline stage actions help you automate everything from sending messages, questionnaires, and assessments to capturing team feedback and scheduling interviews.

eSignatures and Offer Templates

VIVAHR makes it easy to create custom offer templates, so you can tailor your offers to each candidate. And with built-in eSignatures, you can get candidates to sign their offer letters electronically without having to print and sign manually.

Insights and Analytics

VIVAHR is the leading provider of real-time recruiting analytics. Our platform provides standard, automated reports to help you track and improve your hiring process.

Custom Hiring Pipeline

VIVAHR’s Pipeline feature is one of our hiring platform’s most powerful and flexible tools. You can easily create custom pipelines to reflect your unique hiring process.

Social Job Sharing

VIVAHR makes sharing job postings and other hiring-related content easier, which can help businesses reach a wider audience and fill open positions more quickly.

Employee Referrals

We provide the tools and motivation that make it easy for employees to share candidates you’ll be happy to hire.

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