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Hr Coordinator Job Description Template

Job Description Template

HR Coordinator Description Template

June 16, 2021

Hr Coordinator Job Description Template

It is crucial to create a precise, accurate, and detailed job description to attract the right talent. HR Coordinators play a pivotal role and need to be chosen with care. You can use this Free HR Coordinator Job Description Template, which details the candidate’s qualifications, responsibilities, and duties.

You may modify these to suit your needs and upload them automatically to various hiring websites using VIVAHR software.

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What is an HR Coordinator?

HR coordinators play a pivotal role in large organizations. On one side, they coordinate with interaction with general employees.

On the other side, they must report to senior HR managers and, through them to management, provide information and data.

HR coordinators may also be tasked with the hiring process and onboarding new employees. Payroll compilation may also be part of their duties.

Some businesses refer to them as HR assistants, Human Resource Specialists, or simply HR clerks. Regardless, they have broad-ranging responsibilities and serve a vital function in the organization.

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The Top HR Coordinator Skills

Skill Why it's important

HR coordinators must interact with everyone in the company, listen, and talk, besides submitting written reports.

Attention to Detail

HR coordinators should be meticulous and particular, since each minor detail counts from the employee's perspective and the management's perspective.


HR coordinators must be reasonably proficient with computer software and systems, since HR operations invariably are digitized.

People Skills

HR personnel will need to conduct interviews and training sessions and convey a positive impression.

Knowledge of Laws

A diverse set of laws governs employment. Therefore, HR coordinators must be reasonably conversant with applicable Federal, State, and local laws.

HR Coordinator Job Description Template (Free)

We are looking for a dynamic go-getter HR Coordinator to handle diverse duties and responsibilities in our fast-growing organization. We need someone with experience in a similar position in a mid to large-sized organization, familiar with applicable laws, and software usage, and capable of working under pressure.

As an HR Coordinator, you will be handling a variety of tasks. You will screen resumes, interview candidates, recommend the right ones, and onboard selected candidates. You will handle employees and their HR-related queries, report to the HR manager, and provide insightful inputs that lead to better decision-making for the management. Furthermore, you will need to think on your feet, act fast, resolve issues, and motivate employees. In short, you will be responsible for facilitating all-important HR functions.

HR Coordinator Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Facilitate all essential HR functions in the organization.
  • Interface with employees and resolve issues, creating an amicable atmosphere conducive to efficient and productive working.
  • Be the go-to and go-between person in the organization and administer employee welfare plans.
  • Report to HR Director/Manager daily.
  • Handle payroll.
  • Manage the hiring process, from job descriptions to posting on job sites to selecting and interviewing candidates and onboarding new hires.
  • Coordinate with managers, recruiters, and job sites.
  • Keep track of policy implementations, analyze, and report findings and suggestions for improvements.
  • Monitor individual employee performance and assist with performance management procedures as well as reviews.
  • Use HR Software and keep records updated.
  • Conduct HR audits.
  • Ensure compliance with laws and regulations.
  • Organize training sessions.

HR Coordinator Requirements:

  • Articulate, excellent at communications, diplomatic, good negotiator.
  • Proven experience in a similar position in a mid to large-sized enterprise.
  • Familiarity with IT systems and software.
  • Excellent grooming, people skills, organizational and time management skills.
  • An MBA with HR is a desirable qualification, but a degree holder with training/specialized HR certification is acceptable. Should know applicable laws.

Accounting Specialist Interview Questrions

Sample Interview Questions for an HR Coordinator

Once you gather all the received applications, you can use these sample interview questions for an HR Coordinator.

  1. Do you like working in HR, or would you rather be in some other job?
  2. Do you like to work fixed hours, or are you open to flexible working hours?
  3. Do you tend to lean towards the management side or employees?
Human Resources
  1. If you were told to terminate an employee’s service, how would you go about it?
  2. If an employee has a serious complaint, would you tackle it from their perspective or the management’s side?
  3. Do you think human resources could be more employee-oriented?
  1. How well organized, skillful, trained, and good at management are you?
  2. Do you think strict discipline is necessary for workplaces and that a top-down approach is best?
  3. Would you concur with the view that management should extract the maximum and pay the minimum?
Technical Skills and Knowledge
  1. How would you rate your IT and software skills?
  2. Are you conversant with rules and regulations applicable to employment, employees, and employers?
  3. Have you used HR software at the place where you work?

What are the Educational Requirements for an HR Coordinator?

If you want a competent HR Coordinator, then you should look for a candidate with an MBA and HR as the major.

However, someone with a general bachelor’s degree and certification in HR processes is also acceptable, provided they have some experience in a similar position.

How Much to Pay an HR Coordinator when Hiring

HR Coordinators earn between $26,880 and $63,000 per year.

Their median annual salary is $49,866.

Hourly rates go from $14 to $30.

The median hourly rate is $24.

Percentile 10% 25% 50%
75% 90%
Hourly Wage $14 $20 $24 $26 $30
Annual Wage $26,880 $42,000 $49,866 $55,000 $63,000

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Frequently Asked Questions about HR Coordinator


What are the primary responsibilities of an HR Coordinator?

An HR Coordinator supports various HR functions, including recruiting, onboarding, employee relations, benefits administration, and maintaining employee records.

They also assist in coordinating HR projects and ensuring compliance with labor laws and company policies.

What qualifications and skills are essential for an HR Coordinator?

Essential qualifications include a bachelor’s degree in human resources, business administration, or a related field.

Key skills include strong organizational and communication abilities, attention to detail, proficiency in HR software, and a good understanding of HR practices and employment laws.

How does an HR Coordinator contribute to the HR department’s effectiveness?

An HR Coordinator ensures smooth HR operations by efficiently handling administrative tasks, supporting recruitment efforts, assisting with employee onboarding, and maintaining accurate records.

Their role is vital in improving the overall efficiency and responsiveness of the HR department.

What should be included in a job description for an HR Coordinator?

A job description should outline responsibilities such as coordinating recruitment processes, managing employee records, assisting with onboarding and training, and supporting HR projects and compliance efforts.

It should also list required qualifications like a relevant degree, experience in HR, and key skills such as communication and organization.

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