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Free Job Posting Sites In Cleveland

Free Job Posting Sites in Cleveland

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021

Free Job Posting Sites Cleveland Ohio

Find Job Candidates in Cleveland

When you need to fill vacant positions, there are several job portals that can help. The best jobs in Cleveland come from local sites and world-renowned sites alike.

The city’s small but thriving market for employers is well-catered by the mix of international brands with their headquarters or offices here (eBay! Progressive!), as well as niche startups like Dollar Bank drive services Lyft & CareNow which have been hugely successful locally despite being headquartered elsewhere–the next time someone tells you what they’re looking for “can only be found outside [Cleveland],” send them our way before we lose more good people to competition across state lines!


Free Job Posting Sites for Employers in Cleveland

How to find job candidates in Cleveland?

Global and local job boards are your best friends. Did you know you could attract an enormous number of candidates in Cleveland through these platforms? It’s crucial to make the most of the job boards.

Job fairs are local gems. Many employers forget about these events and losings daily chances to meet talented people. Be sure to attend job fairs in Cleveland, as there are both online and offline options.

Optimize job postings frequently. Many companies don’t pay enough attention to creating engaging job descriptions and their optimization. So, make sure to read on and find more details about job posting optimization.

Job Posting Sites For Employers in Cleveland, Ohio

Job Posting Site


With VIVAHR, streamline your job postings across 50+ job boards in just a click, ensuring optimal results. Seamlessly collaborate with your hiring team to assess candidates, collect unbiased feedback, and determine the perfect fit, all within a unified system.

Search the latest local job and employment postings in Cleveland including full-time and part-time work and find your new career today using

Looking to work in the neighborhood? Check the job board for an updated list of local positions here in MidTown.

Engage! Cleveland is a resource for Cleveland's young professionals to connect to organizations, nonprofits, events, businesses, and individuals.

Find a job, learn career skills, meet the requirements of your government benefits, and more on

Your source for quality jobs in Ohio. Search millions of jobs, find local career events, and read valuable employment advice.

Where to post jobs in Cleveland?

ZipRecruiter – This platform allows job posting to various job boards, including its own. ZipRecruiter became quite popular, even though it started just as a job publishing tool. Today, it connects many applicants and employers around the world.

Glassdoor – This one serves as a job board and company branding assistance. Glassdoor has a review option that allows job seekers and employers to share opinions about various other companies.

Monster – This is a popular job search engine that offers international collaborations between job seekers and employers. Monster is geared up with high-end hiring technology, providing resumes and job posting in more than 40 countries, including Cleveland, Ohio.

Employment Statistics

Cleveland has a recent job growth of 1% and a job growth prediction of 21.4% in the next ten years. The median household income is $21,178, and the unemployment rate is set to 6.8. Also, the job growth for Cleveland is better than the national one, as well as the minimum hourly wage of $8.80 per hour.

Employment Category

Cleveland, Ohio

United States

Household Income



Unemployment Rate



Job Growth



Job Growth Prediction



Minimum Wage

$8.80 per hour

$7.25 per hour

Cleveland Job Posting FAQs

Where can I post my job for free in Cleveland?

The easiest way to find and hire the best talent for your company is by posting jobs on job boards like Monster, Indeed, Hired, Midtown Cleveland, CareerBuilder, and more. Cleveland offers a variety of free job posting services, including the Ohio Department of Labor. The most common way to post your jobs for free in Cleveland is through the Ohio Department of Labor.

How can I promote my job in Cleveland for free?

Check local media outlets. Work with local media to get the word out about your job openings. Fox 8 News Cleveland and News 5 Cleveland offer regular social postings related to employment news. Local news sources will always be willing to help people in the local area to find Cleveland jobs. Let these local media outlets know that your company is hiring — find out how by reaching them directly through Twitter, Facebook, or email.

Don’t forget about social media. You can also post your jobs on local Facebook groups like Cleveland Area Jobs or Cleveland Ohio Job Board. Job Board isn’t free, but it is a great job board to give a try. But, promoting your company and open job positions on social media comes free of charge. You have a chance to engage daily with your followers and attract job seekers.

What is the job outlook in Cleveland?

Cleveland’s diverse economy is reflected in its unemployment rate, with many sub-industries representing a wide variety of job opportunities. In June 2021, the unemployment rate was 7.4%, ranking it 23 out of 100 metropolitan areas. The largest industries are healthcare and social services; trade, transportation & utilities; manufacturing; professional and business services; financial activities; and education and health services.

What do job candidates expect from employers in Cleveland, Ohio?

Job candidates often expect detailed job duties and information about the company culture they are applying to. It’s not any different for job applicants in Clevland. As a hiring manager, you should offer a fair hiring process for everyone and value candidates’ time. Try keeping your applicants updated through the hiring process and keep the whole process as short as possible.

Is it hard to find talented job applicants in Cleveland, Ohio?

With job marketing being broader daily, finding talented applicants doesn’t become any easier. As the job growth in Cleveland is currently positive, this could mean more competition. So, your job is to be observant and act fast. If you spot on a candidate you like, interact asap. Qualified job seekers often have multiple job offers at a time, so you don’t want your competitor to take them.

How long does it take to fill a job in Cleveland?

The hiring is a process and very often doesn’t have to do anything with the location. So, when hiring in Cleveland, be patient. The length of the recruitment can depend on company size, the number of hiring managers, and applied candidates. It’s unlikely to find talented people overnight. Take your time and seize the moment.

Where do small businesses post jobs in Cleveland?

Small businesses in Cleveland need as many jobs posting opportunities as possible. That’s why we created a bullet list of some handy job posting sites to make your hiring journey more efficient. Take a look at some of them, and start attracting applicants even today!

Free Job Posting Sites In Cleveland
Free Job Posting Sites In Cleveland
Joshua F.
Redline Electric & Solar
Free Job Posting Sites In Cleveland

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Job Fairs in Cleveland

Job fairs in Cleveland can be essential when it comes to hiring. These events present a unique way to meet new people and broaden your talent pool. Take a brief look at some job fair benefits:

What Job Fairs are there in Cleveland?

One of the best ways to find job applicants is by focusing on attending as many different events in Cleveland as possible! You can find a list of upcoming Job Fairs right here. Remember that Job Fairs may charge anywhere from $350-$1000 per table, ensuring you have enough money set aside before committing to an event. Good luck with your search! If you are looking for career fairs, a list of job fairs in Cleveland can be found here.

Tips to help a business find and hire employees more efficiently in Cleveland

Being a manager is challenging, but being a hiring manager is a new definition of demanding. There are lots of things to consider and steps to take when embarking on a hiring journey. So, before you head on, take a look at our shortlist tips and ease yourself through this process. We hope you’ll start hiring efficiently in Cleveland in no time!

How to Optimize Your Job Board Posting to attract job candidates in Cleveland, Ohio 

50+ Free Job Description Templates

How did you like our hiring journey so far? Satisfied, but a bit tired? Well, any good trip must come to an end. Take a look at some handy tips for to go and make sure to use them daily. We hope you’ll start attracting job seekers in Cleveland and beyond in no time!

Compile engaging job description. This is the first and probably foremost important step towards successful hiring. If you need some help, you can always lean on our job description templates.

Use social media potential every day. Posting regularly on your social media channels can come with many benefits. Besides getting more followers and spreading the word about your company, you could also attract job seekers. So, pay attention to Facebook and Instagram as they can be great hiring assistants and promoters of your job posting.

Make your site job-posting-friendly. Did you know you could attract applicants via your website? That’s right! Create the Jobs section within your company site and unravel the new hiring opportunity for many candidates.

Don’t skip the ATS. Finding great talent is a difficult process, and it can be even more challenging if you’re not using the right tools. VIVAHR helps companies and teams become recruitment marketing experts by providing them with everything they need to post jobs on 50+ job boards, automate their hiring process, and collaborate with their entire hire team in one place. If you want to take your recruiting game to the next level, learn how VIVAHR can help.

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