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Job Abandonment Letter Template

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021

It’s an unfortunate turn of events that people just up and quit without notice. This leaves employers in a tight spot, scrambling to fill the position for which you were hired—even if it is not your fault!

What Is Job Abandonment?

When someone doesn’t show up at work one day with no intention of returning, they are classified as having abandoned their job on purpose. It may be due to dissatisfaction or another opportunity where they could better utilize their talents. Either way, job abandonment can leave companies in dire straits as they quickly try to find replacements when employees don’t notify them beforehand. It is extremely stressful to fill a position when you haven’t had the chance to make a plan ahead of time!

No-Show Company PolicyJob Abandonment Letter Template Document to Download

Employers should develop a policy defining how many days of no-call/no-show will be considered job abandonment. No federal or state laws specify the number of days; however, in some states, case law might establish what time period is reasonable, and unemployment agencies may do the same as well. Three full business days have been deemed to provide enough time for employers to investigate absences while not putting organizations into positions where they hold jobs for people who won’t ever return. Keep in mind this timeframe varies by location.

Employers are cautioned not to assume that all no-call/no-show absences are automatic job abandonment cases. Occasionally, employees can’t contact their employers because of medical situations or incarceration, putting them in a crisis.

It’s important to follow protocol when an employer is firing someone. The process begins with the employer contacting or attempting to contact their employee, sending a letter explaining that they are terminating them from employment due to unavoidable circumstances, and asking for any updates if changes occur in the future.

When firing an employee, employers should follow established termination procedures that include updating the employee’s file with documentation of their last day worked and the date they were terminated. Employers are also responsible for notifying COBRA insurance carriers to ensure continued coverage during this period and appropriately cutting final paychecks according to state requirements.

A termination date is not always on the last day worked. The time of an employee’s departure may depend on a company’s job abandonment policy, such as in cases where there are three days to wait before being terminated. For instance, if an employee goes three business days without contact with their employer or showing up for work, they will be given notice and then fired after those 3 days have passed. This way, it can clear any confusion about when someone leaves their position. Things will go more smoothly as one employee leaves and another joins. Setting this timeframe will also provide consistency among all employees who might experience this situation at some point in their careers.

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Give Employees Benefit of the Doubt

Job abandonment is an unfortunate but relatively frequent event in specific industries, particularly with shift workers. Therefore, supervisors and employers must have transparent systems and policies to deal with these situations when they occur.

Employers must take precautions when handling job abandonment, as hasty judgments can lead to legal issues. Unless certain employees have given you a reason not to trust them, they should always be given the benefit of the doubt. In most cases, employers don’t need to automatically expect job abandonment unless an unreasonable amount of time, such as three days, has passed.

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