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Office Manager Job Description

Sunday, January 27th, 2019

Get a copy of a free office manager job description template to help you hire faster.

Office Manager Job Description

Job Description for Office Manager

Building a job description to post to job boards is an art.  Having run a job posting software for several years, we have some unique insight into what makes a job description good vs what makes a job description great.  There are several lessons learned after analyzing successful office manager job descriptions who receive the top 1% of applicants.

Job Description Template for Office Manager

Office Manager Job Overview

Our company is looking for an experienced Office Manager that is well organized, an effective problem solver, and a good communicator.  You will manage all office operations and procedures to ensure optimal office efficiency.

Office Manager Responsibilities

Requirements for Office Manager

Key Skills and Proficiencies:

Office Manager Job Description Template

What Does an Office Manager Do?

Offices managers are charged with the responsibility of keeping the pulse of the business operations in order.  They perform tasks to allow operational efficiency in the office.  They are often tasked with working independently and report to company leadership. The financial G&A line items are often assigned to the Office Manager.


Steps After You’ve Written Office Manager Job Description

Posting your office manager job to job boards

After you have taken the time to write your job description, find some free job posting sites to put your job description on.  There are many ways to know if you’ve written your job description well.  If you’re not getting any candidates, consider adjusting your job description title and introduction.  These tend to carry the most weight from job boards.

The best way is to look at conversion rates.  You can use tools like, VIVAHR to measure how many people clicked on the job, read the description, and ultimately applied.  A good conversion rate from view to applicant needs to be above 18%.

Creating your office manager scorecard

Comparing candidates to one another can be a hard task.  We recommend using a hiring scorecard to accurately compare candidates to the core values of the company, hard skills required to the business and ultimately the personality to perform the role.

Assign the internal hiring team

Having a clear picture on who is making the final decision on hiring for the office manager is an important step.  Give the authority to the hiring team and hold them accountable to ensuring they bring in the right candidate.  We recommend allowing someone from your leadership as well as entry-level team members to be apart of the hiring process.  This will help create office buy-in for whomever you end up hiring.  Having someone up and down the organizational chart participating can create peer acceptance and easier on-boarding when the new office manager begins their role.

Office Manager Interview Questions

Setting up your interview questions can help you build an effective job description.  This will help keep you hiring process in alignment.

Office Manager Situational Questions

Posting Office Manager Job

If you should find yourself in need of posting your office manager job, we’d be honored to let VIVAHR assist you with this process. When using VIVAHR, you’ll be able to build your job description, hiring team, job scorecard and automate your job posting to dozens of job boards.  As your candidates apply to your job, you can use VIVAHR to track and manage each applicant.

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