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Medical Office Manager job description template

Wednesday, December 5th, 2018

Medical Office Manager Job Description Template

Below you will find a free Medical Office Manager job description template to help you list out the responsibilities, requirements for an office manager in your medial office.  If you have not done so, follow the simple steps on how to write a good job description we have covered to help you get the best applicants for your Medial Office Manager position.

Medical Office Manager overview

An office manager in a medial facility is responsible for directing, supervising and coordinating staff and all office activities.  The importance of this role can mean long-term impact to any medical facility.  It is highly important to attract the best suitable office manager with medial experience to this position.  You will need to be fully transparent on the key experience required.

To write a great Medical Office Manager job description, you’ll need to look at what’s most important to the applicant.  Understand roles and responsibilities may not be as important as the type of medical facility you are running.  Spend the time to discuss what type of medical office you run and take the time to bring out the WHY behind the importance of the office manager role.  Explain how this critical role will help all on your team achieve “success.”  To a good office manager, success is not always defined by profit.  Take the time to showcase the bigger purpose behind your medial office.


Medical Office Manager Job Description Template

Job summary

We are looking for a qualified Medical Office Manager to run our medical facility and provide quality, cost effective patient care. You will be responsible for day-to-day operation, budgeting and maintaining medical and staff records. You will be responsible for the non-clinical aspects of the day to day operations in a medical office environment including physician offices, hospitals, nursing homes, or another healthcare facility.

As a medical office manager, you should demonstrate excellent organizational skills and the ability to perform well in stressful situations. Our position also requires knowledge of healthcare systems operations.

Ultimately, you should be able to ensure steady workflows and uninterrupted service in our medical facility.

Medical Office Manager duties and responsibilities

Medical Office Manager requirements and qualifications



Recruiting Medical Office Manager tips

Understanding the personality and unique traits associated with great medical office managers can help you attract the best.  Your office manager in a medical space is uniquely motivated by intrinsic motivators to help, support and nurture.  They rarely are motivated by compensation alone.  Take the time to embrace the impact and benefit to the health, safety and impact to your patients.  Celebrate what success might look like.

Once you job description for your Medical Office Manager is written, you can post your job to any of these free job posting sites with one click through VIVAHR.


Sample of Medical Office Manager job titles

Medical Office Manager Interview Questions

Setting up your interview questions can help you build an effective job description.  This will help keep you hiring process in alignment.  Having the right questions prepared, will keep you prepared to interview great applicants quickly after they apply.  Many times, the best applicants will land their new job quickly.  Time is of the essence.

Office Manager Situational Questions

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