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Monday, October 7th, 2019

VIVAHR will help you get more traction with your jobs by syncing each posting with our network of job boards.  We have both free and paid (Boost) job board options.

When posting your job on VIVAHR, you’ll have the ability to choose if you’d like your job published to the free job board partners or keep the jobs as an “internal only” option.  Each job can be boosted to a selection of premium destinations as well.

Free Job Posting Sites

Each of these boards are accepting your job from VIVAHR.  If you have a job board you’d like to have your jobs sent to, you can create a ticket in your account for our partners team to help establish that relationship for you.  Each account is given a unique XML feed as well.  You can export your unique XML feed of jobs to any free or premium job posting site at any time.

Paid Job Posting Sites

There are many premium job posting sites which work with with niche industries as well as drive additional exposure to your open position.  Many of the job boards listed below are available inside your account to boost from.  Some may require you to use your XML feed to connect with your existing account.  If you need any help connecting your jobs to any of the following premium spots, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your customer success manager.

Helpful links to post your job