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Free Job Posting

Free Job Posting

Monday, October 7th, 2019

Free job posting

Post your job on the top job posting sites

Hiring is not for the faint of heart. It is challenging to get someone in the candidate pool with the culture fit, but aligning with the best skill sets can be tough.  VIVAHR has put together a list of the best ways to list your job for free to help you with your hiring.  Once you’ve built the perfect job description, you can post your job to the top job posting sites for free.

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of job posting sites you can spend your time on.  Many of them do not have an audience but can still add SEO value to your job listings and give you backlinks to a job post – more about this topic below. When deciding which job posting site to use, it’s important to consider how much targeted traffic the site is receiving.  If you are hiring for a truck driver position, you should be encouraged to use niche trucker job sites.  Highly focused audiences will produce better results for your hiring.

If your company is like the millions of employers in the USA hiring for office support, sales, clerical, operations, and some general labor, these free job sites will be the best fit for you.

Free Job Posting



job listing sitesThis new platform is becoming a top job posting platform due to its automation technology wrapped around an ATS.  You can list your job on dozens of websites without logging into any other job site.  Their native integrations into these websites make it easy to automate your job posting.  Write a text-based job posting and build your culture profile to tell the hiring story. You’ll be able to publish the job posting and begin seeing qualified applicants within hours.

Google for Jobs

Section 6 Button Anchor TextFgmat when you do a Google search; this experience is called “Google for Jobs”  It uses the Google AI machine learning and loading results in your search based on the ideal relevancy.  Your job posting should be formatted to comply with the important elements Google is using to display the jobs.  We have seen the job title and opening paragraph play a major role in determining job relevancy to rank highly in these results.  When listing your job online, use techniques such as SEO to boost your listing.


Section 6 Button LinkThis free job board allows employers to build a job listing and post it for free on their accounts.  You’ll have options to upgrade to get premium exposure, but not required.  Glassdoor’s powerful domain authority helps your job relevancy when trying to rank higher in the Google search results, as explained earlier.  Building your job posting with Glassdoor can get you a substantial amount of applicants.  Many job seekers are loyal to the Glassdoor brand because of their company profiles and the transparency they get in understanding the CEO’s company, compensation, and reviews.


is posting job on indeed freeThe biggest job-seeking website in the USA is Indeed.  With the amount of money they are putting into branding to entice job seekers to visit their website, this is a powerhouse platform to get your job posting on.  Over 60% of the traffic visiting indeed’s job listings are coming from a mobile device.  With this information, it is increasingly important to use an applicant tracking system optimized for mobile applications (i.e., VIVAHR).


ZipRecruiter free job postingYou’ve heard the radio spots and seen their ads on TV.  At the time of this writing, ZipRecruiter has raised over $219M to marketing, sales, and fuel their growth. There is a free offering with ZipRecruiter.  It is not much, but you can get 4-10 days (depending on the promo code you can find) of free job postings.  Once your job is live, it is pushed through their network of job sites.  However, the most powerful source of your applicants may come from ZipRecruiter’s job seeker audience.


free job posting flexjobsMany companies are hiring for remote or offer flexible job options to their employees.  This is a great option to get your jobs listed on FlexJobs.  They specialize in showing jobs with flexible schedules, part-time, or any other flexible working relationship you can think of.



Free job posting with learn4goodIf you’re hiring for positions which deal with education, learning-related position.  If you are one of the following, this is a good place to start posting your jobs; Private School, Art & Design School, Business & Management College, University Programs, Language Classes, Music School, High School, Middle / Elementary School, Preschool, Childcare Center, Camps, or other education-related programs.  You are allowed up to 20 job posting credits per six months.  After you have used your courtesy 20 credits, you’ll either need to pay $50 per job posting or wait six months to return and post again.


free job postings with jobisiteThis portal has free job posting offers.  It is ideal for small entrepreneurs and independent recruiters.  You will be encouraged to pay for their premium offering.  It does not keep your jobs from getting listed on their website if you do not pay for them.  You simply get a premium placement at the top of the job listings.


How to post your job for free

Many of the top job posting sites will allow you to create a free employer account to start posting jobs within their site.  This process can literally take days out of your schedule to go through the process of creating an account, employer verification, building the job posting to not appear as a duplicate from similar job descriptions (Maybe this is a good time to share our free job description templates for you to use at any time 🙂 and when you’re done with all of this process, you’re still left with the task for logging into each of these sites to collect all the applicants.  You’ll probably download all the resumes and find yourself with several resumes in folders that only you will understand.   This pain point has led to XML and API’s adaption from applicant tracking systems into these job boards.  This process can be done with technology and one click.

How to setup XML Feed for Job Postings

XML Feed for Job PostingsJob posting XML FeedAn XML job feed is the ability to share one URL to contain all the data about your job postings in a recognizable format for platforms to read.  An XML feed is the same language markup as a blog’s RSS feed.   Some job boards may ask you to share your pre-built XML feed with them so they can ingest your job postings daily without you having to log in to their platform and post the job.  Similarly, it is convenient to take down a job posting from one source, and it will update your entire job network.

If you’re using VIVAHR as your free applicant tracking system, you can log in to your settings, scroll down to your company info and see a pre-generated XML feed link.  When opened in a new browser window, this link will show the job details (title, description, location, compensation, etc.) in a format most systems can understand.  Each job posting site may have a few unique fields, but the XML feeds for job postings become standard for the most part.


How to Write a Great Job Posting

There is a common framework for writing a great job description.  To better understand what separates okay job descriptions from great job descriptions, you need to put yourself in your candidate’s shoes for a few moments.  Most companies posting jobs are attracting candidates who have no idea about your company. They have not heard of your brand and did not know before what purpose your business offers.  This is your time to create a connection.  The best job postings can offer a simple Who, What, and Why into the job posting.  Tell the candidate a bit more about WHO you are as a company.  Give them some context on the age and growth of the business.  The WHAT is your chance to introduce your IT factor.  What is your product or service they will be proud to get behind? Lastly, the WHY. This is the most important.  It’s your time to emotionally deepen the purpose of the business and build common ground.  Many companies introduce their core values and mission to the job seeker.

Find a completely free outline on how to write a good job description.

5 Tips For Your Job Posting To Stand Out

1 – Get Specific

You’ve heard the phrase, “vague expectations will get you vague results.” That becomes very true with job postings as well.  When you write a vague job description with little to no requirements, you’ll get yourself, candidates, all over the board.  At VIVAHR, we are advocates of created ideal candidate scorecards.  This is your time to map out the key metrics you’ll be judging the success of this employee by.  Next, you map out what it will take to accomplish these metrics.  Here, you now have a basic framework from which you can build a job description.  Share these insights.  Interview candidates around the framework.  Now you have a process that can be replicated repeatedly to help you consistently hire better employees.

2- Give Them The Money

You are not applying for a job for the thrills of being employed.  You are applying for a job to make money.  Now, it’s time to describe compensation.  Do not overestimate the power of spelling out the compensation in the job description.  If you are only paying minimum wage but getting applicants expecting a nice big salary with bonus and benefits…you’re wasting both the candidate’s time and your own.  It’s okay to say DOE (depends on experience), but give them a taste of a range on what to expect.

3- Optimize Your Title

Get your title right.  There’s nothing more important than a good job title when publishing your job.  This will be a major factor when job seekers are searching for your position.  Maybe you have fun job titles.  Awesome! Save that for after your candidate is in the door and you’re giving them the official job offer.  We have a position called Happiness Chief. It’s our director of customer service.  It describes what they are held accountable to, happiness for our clients.  There is no way we would have the person in this position today if we posted the job titled Happiness Chief.  No one would think to search that phrase.  So, we build the job description with the title, Director of Customer Success.  We knew our ideal candidate has been in customer success.  We wanted someone with experience and looking to advance their career.  The title matters in your job listing.

4- Create Urgency

This is an opportunity most job postings lack.  If you’ve ever come across a sale in a store or online, there is a “limited time remaining” surrounding every sale.  It creates urgency.  If you want to enhance your conversion rate, map out a timeframe for which candidates must apply by.  Get them to jump in right now while reading the job description.  My favorite phrase to creating urgency spells out the interview process is beginning this week and will be moving first-round applicants to meet with hiring directors within 7 days.  It shares insight. Shows timelines are important.  It makes the candidate feel that if I don’t apply right now…I might miss out.

5- Promote your job through all networks

Posting your job on all job boards is great.  It will attract many job seekers who are actively looking for work.  Sometimes, your ideal candidate is happily employed and not actively looking. You need to get that job in front of them.  This can often be done by encouraging all your employees to have a hiring link in their email signature.  It can sign in to your storefront.  We are big fans of leveraging the power of referrals through social share.  Use free social automation tools like Hootsuite or MeetEdger to promote your open positions regularly.  Use this as a chance to showcase your company culture.  Growing is contagious.  Promote your growth!

Job Posting FAQs

How can I post a job for free?

Many of the best job posting sites have a free employer registration option.  You can register as the employer and begin the job posting process for free with your job description and details ready to submit.  To find a free job posting sites list, or you can use a service like VIVAHR to automate your job posting to many of the job posting sites for free.  Candidates will then apply to your job and keep all the resumes centralized in one location.

What are the best free job posting sites?

Out of the thousands of free job posting sites, there are a few top job sites.  VIVAHR is recognized as the top job posting site with a built-in applicant tracking system.  We highly recommend posting your job to the job sites listed above.

Is posting on Glassdoor free?

Post your job on Glassdoor is free.  You’ll be required to build an employer account. There are some premium options to promote your job to the top of their search results, but it is not required to get your job live on their website.

Is ZipRecruiter free to post jobs?

ZipRecruiter has a free promotional period in which you can post your job.  This promotional period is based on the promo code, URL, and timing.  You can post your job and get a sense from that posting during the trial to see if the job traffic is worth the cost.  We recommend starting your trial period on a Monday morning.  Most job seeker traffic occurs on Mondays.

Where can I post job opportunities for free?

You can post your job opportunities on any of the free job posting sites listed above.  There are many job boards with a niche audience that might be a good fit for your hiring needs.  The more niche the candidate, the more probability posting that job on a niche site becomes.

Can you post jobs on Linkedin for free?

You can get your job posted on Linkedin for free.  This is done by sharing your job information directly in your feed to your network, company pages, and groups who may be a good resource to help you share the opportunity.  There is a 30-day Linkedin job posting option.  This pricing is based on the geographical location of the job.  When you load the job details into their job posting tool, it will populate a price.