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Monster Review

Monster Review

Wednesday, July 14th, 2021

Monster pricing, features, and FAQs


What is Monster? Monster Review is a website that matches job seekers and employers in North America, Western Europe, Latin America, and Australia who are involved in the employment process.

Monster provides services for employers to build careers websites for their business; post job openings directly online; search resumes and portfolios of candidates on Monster; send pre-hire assessments to qualified candidates, among many other offerings.

Once introduced by an employer or recruiter contact, the candidate will complete an evaluation to specify precisely what type of position they are looking for based on skillsets and experience. This information will then be forwarded to prospective companies with open jobs that match the specifications entered into the assessment – potentially resulting in fruitful results for both parties!

For job searchers, Monster has an extensive database of open positions. Monster delivers a vast database of resumes for potential workers to companies. Monster also connects companies with individuals with various educational backgrounds, ranging from high school diplomas to master’s degrees. Monster is a global leader in using its job board to link individuals with employment. Monster’s sophisticated technology is free for job seekers, but companies must pay to advertise job openings.

With over 15 million monthly visitors and (as of press time) 2.8 million employers, the site is an excellent place to find your next opportunity or hire someone for a vacant position. Enjoy the effects of Monster’s variety of search tools to help you find exactly what you’re looking for in terms of companies, salaries, industries/professions/skills — or people!


Monster has three price options, each with a monthly membership charge. Even though each plan’s pricing is quoted monthly, invoicing is done in 30-day increments.

Each package begins with a four-day free trial to allow you to evaluate the service.

The following are the available plans:




Cancellation Policy

You can cancel a monthly plan at any time, and you will be able to use the service if any days are remaining in the current 30-day billing cycle.


Monster is a well-known job search engine that specializes in international positions. Their cutting-edge recruiting technology links businesses with qualified candidates. Employers pay to list positions, while job seekers may submit their resumes and apply for opportunities for free. It is a multinational corporation with operations in more than 40 countries. Monster gives job searchers the option of publishing their resumes online to be contacted by possible employers, in addition to the standard service of applying for jobs online. is a career site that offers advice as well as job listings. It has many notable features, including a company rating tool that allows you to find how good an employer each company listed on the site is for potential employees. This rating system can be broken down into three categories: work-life balance, public recognition from peers and management, and salary rank.

Monster is a global online job search engine for job seekers and businesses looking for top talent. Innovation is at the heart of their success and our future: With new technology, tools, and techniques, they’re altering the way people think about work and assisting them in actively improving their lives and workplace performance.

Highlights is an extensive database for applicants and employers to post jobs, which is beneficial for those who don’t have access to websites that provide the same service. The website even “guarantees” your salary listing will be available on their site so you can better control your offer.

  • There is a pay-per-click job posting option.
  • Make contact with a global workforce.
  • Monster, as well as hundreds of local news sites, disseminate job postings.
  • The ability to start and cancel job ads at any moment is included.
  • Filters for advanced candidate matching are provided.
  • Each plan consists of a different number of resume views.
  • Email job alerts are sent to candidates.
  • Candidates can be contacted directly using built-in text and email capabilities.
  • There are possibilities for greater exposure and employer branding.
  • Social media exposure on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn is included in job advertisements.

Monster Limitations

Depending on how many posts are currently listed or features offered, the search functionality may be difficult to maneuver through. And without relevant qualifications posted, this could mean an employer won’t find what they’re looking for with just one quick visit (which means they’ll probably keep scrolling).

  • There are no free plans available.
  • Extra fees apply for employer branding and greater job posting visibility.
  • On all premium subscriptions, resume views are restricted to various degrees.
  • The Starter package does not include syndication to other sites to increase visibility.
  • Application notifications by email are only available on the more costly Standard and Premium subscriptions.


On Trustpilot, Monster has a 2.4 rating. After signing a contract, expired or irrelevant job notifications, poor customer support, and subpar resume building software are all common complaints. Monster’s extensive job search database has received positive feedback.

Monster Review
Monster Review
Joshua F.
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Monster Review

"The best recruiting platform on the market! VIVAHR allowed us to create a dashboard and applicant experience like no other!!"

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How to Post a Job on Monster

Step 1 – On the front page, click “For Employers.”

Monster 1

Step 2 – Choose “Job Posting.”

Monster 2

Step 3 – Select a strategy for posting.

Step 4 – Sign up for a Monster account or log in.

Step 5 – Fill out the form with your billing details.

Monster vs. Ziprecruiter

Monster and ZipRecruiter are distinguished because Monster offers a robust worldwide job search engine, while ZipRecruiter syndicates job postings to over a hundred additional international job sites. Monster has a pay-per-click option and paid plans starting at $279.00 a month for a single post, whereas ZipRecruiter’s pricing starts at $249.00.

Monster vs. Glassdoor

Glassdoor has 56 reviews and a rating of 4.1/5 stars. Monster, on the other hand, has a 3.8/5 star rating based on 59 reviews. The score for each product is generated using real-time data from verified user reviews to assist you in choosing between these two alternatives and determine which is ideal for your company’s needs. Reviewers found Monster easier to use, set up, and administrate when comparing the two options. Overall, reviewers liked doing business with Monster. Monster, according to reviewers, better satisfies the demands of their company than Glassdoor. When it comes to continuous product support, reviewers believe Monster is the better option. Our reviewers favored Monster’s approach over Glassdoor’s in terms of feature upgrades and roadmaps.

Monster vs CareerBuilder

With 35 reviews, CareerBuilder Job Board has a rating of 3.5/5 stars. Monster, on the other hand, has a 3.8/5 star rating based on 59 reviews. The score for each product is generated using real-time data from verified user reviews to assist you in choosing between these two alternatives and determine which is ideal for your company’s needs. Monster, according to reviewers, better fulfills the demands of their business than CareerBuilder Job Board.
When it comes to continuous product support, reviewers believe Monster is the better option. Our evaluators favored Monster’s approach over CareerBuilder Job Board’s in terms of feature upgrades and roadmaps.

Monster vs. Indeed

Monster and Indeed both have big, global job search engines. Indeed has a free unpromoted job listing alternative, but both ask companies to pay for promoted job postings. Monster’s cost for a single post starts at $279.00 a month, and it also includes a pay-per-click option, whereas Indeed provides pay-per-click choices. Indeed Hiring Platform, according to reviewers, better serves the demands of their organization than Monster. When it comes to continuous product support, reviewers believe Monster is the better option. Indeed and Monster earned comparable marks from our reviewers when it came to product direction.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of Monster?

Monster’s pricing starts at $279.00 for a single job post.

Is Monster a job board?

Yes, it is. is a global employment website.

Who started Monster?

Monster was founded in 1994 by Jeff Taylor. It maintained a relationship with AOL until 2009 and has since grown into one of the world’s largest job sites.

Where is Monster’s corporate office located?

Weston, Massachusetts, United States.

Is there a cost to use Monster after the free trial?

Monster will charge the payment method you specified upon registering. By logging into your account, you may suspend, cancel, or alter your membership at any time.

How do I cancel my Monster subscription?

  1. Click on the name at the top right and choose ‘Account Settings.’
  2. Click on the ‘Cancel membership’ link.
  3. Click ‘yes’ on the summary/review page.
  4. Click on the button ‘Cancel Your Account.

What is the length of Monster’s free trial?

You can post up to five jobs for free with a Premium subscription.

Does it cost money to try out Monster?


How does Monster work for employers?

Monster has several tools for potential employers to search and post job opportunities. Monster Jobs lets U.S.-based companies fill open job positions in their organization with a single click of a button on an instantly generated, password-protected web page that’s tailored to the employer’s specifications. Monster offers free membership for the exclusive use of searching for candidates; free customized portal, including team leads, HR managers, and human resource representatives at no charge.

How do you contact Monster?

Call 1-800-MONSTER (1-800-666-7837) and talk to a Customer Service Representative.

How does Monster make money? was the very first job-search website. It began by listing job advertising from newspapers with authorization from the firm and later evolved into an independent platform. It was the first website to provide job postings and notifications.

What is the cost to add your job posts at the top of the results with Monster?

Monster has three main subscription options:

Is Monster legit?

Yes, is legit. Monster has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and has been in existence since 1994.

Monster was founded in 1994 by Andrew McKelvey to help U.S. employers find workers when unemployment exceeded 10%. He built the site on the premise that many job seekers were not successful in their searches and concluded that there needed to be a comprehensive website dedicated solely to employment opportunities, including job openings from thousands of small- and medium-sized companies.

Is Monster an ATS?

Yes, Monster does have an applicant tracking software that starts at $279 a month for only 1 active job. HoweverVIVAHR makes it easier than ever before to hire great employees at an affordable price! You can post jobs on 50+ job boards with one click from your dashboard.

What job boards does Monster post to?

Is Monster any good?

Monster has a 2.53-star rating based on 80 reviews, suggesting that most consumers are disappointed with their purchases. Customer service and job search issues are among the most common complaints about Monster. Monster is the 52nd most popular job search site.

Who is Monster owned by?

In August of 2016, Monster announced its acquisition by Randstad Holding. This deal provides a new dimension for the company and allows it to expand its services in Europe.

How to delete my Monster Account?

  1. Select Account Settings from your name in the upper right corner.
  2. Choose the Cancel membership option.
  3. On the summary/review page, choose Yes.
  4. Choose Cancel Your Account from the drop-down menu.