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Job Posting Sites in Charleston

Monday, June 28th, 2021

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About Charleston, South Carolina City

Charleston, South Carolina, is a city of rich history and diversity. It’s also home to a thriving economy. The Charleston area is the economic engine of the Palmetto State. This region’s workforce totals more than 300,000 people with an annual payroll exceeding $15 billion, according to the most recent data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (QCEW). In addition to being ranked as one of America’s Top 10 Best Places for Businesses & Careers by Forbes magazine in 2016, it was also named one of “America’s Coolest Cities” by Travel + Leisure magazine in 2017 due mainly to its flourishing culinary scene.

Charleston’s unemployment rate is among the lowest in the country at 4.2%. This figure indicates many jobs available in Charleston for those seeking employment or looking to start their own business. The lack of competition means that job seekers need not worry about having a hard time finding work, and companies looking to hire more employees can find plenty of qualified applicants to choose from.

A city with over 10 million visitors annually, Charleston is a historical treasure that’s worth visiting. The second-largest port in the country and one of America’s top tourist destinations has been home to many important events, such as being founded by British colonists in 1670 named Charles Towne on the coastline near present-day Harbor Street. Seven hundred twenty-seven thousand people call this place their hometown today!

Top Job Posting Sites in Charleston, South Carolina

When a company is looking to fill an open position, it can be difficult to find qualified candidates. The best time of the year for hiring new employees in South Carolina seems to come during October and November when college students begin their job search while they’re still living on campus with their parents or, if not, then perhaps one semester before graduating school. While this might seem like too long ago, there’s no need to worry as we’ve compiled three top sites that have been helpful resources for companies seeking skilled workers.

Job Posting Site


A premier online network of quality jobs in Charleston, South Carolina.

SC Works is part of the American Job Network center. 

Charleston Jobs is the original Job search board serving to help Job Seekers and Employers.

The site gives you a complete look at everything in South Carolina, with the largest and most comprehensive online database available.

Created in 1857, it’s the biggest newspaper in Charleston, South Carolina.

Employment Statistics

Employment by Occupations

Most Common Occupations

The most common jobs held by residents of Charleston, SC, are

Most Specialized Occupations

Charleston, SC, has more residents working in legal occupations, health diagnosing and treating practitioners, and other technical occupations than the national average. The city also has an exceptionally high number of workers in the arts, design, entertainment, sports, and media occupations category.

Highest Paid Occupations

Charleston is home to many professionals in the legal, computer programming, and architectural engineering fields, all well-paid. The highest-paid job in Charleston that isn’t a legal occupation is Computer and Mathematical Occupations (with an average income of $72,700). Lastly, the highest-paying job in architecture and engineering is Architectural Engineers ($69,000 per year).

The Top 5 Employment by Occupations



Sales & Related Occupations


Management Occupations


Office & Administrative Support Occupations


Educational Services


Education Instruction & Library Occupations


Employment by Industries

Most Common Industry

The most common industries in Charleston are:

Most Specialized Industries

Charleston has a strong and diverse workforce that offers opportunities in many industries. Some of the most common sectors are professional, scientific, technical services; accommodation and food service industry; real estate development/rental leasing sector.

Highest Paying Industries

The median income of workers and executives is $29.79 per hour — three times the federal minimum wage and one of the highest in the state. Some of the highest paying industries are Management of Companies & Enterprises ($48.16 per hour), Professional, Scientific & Technical Services ($42.23 per hour), and Manufacturing ($38.09 per hour).

The most sought-after industries in Charleston, SC by annual salary are:

The Top 5 Employment by Industries



Health Care & Social Assistance


Accommodation & Food Services


Professional, Scientific. & Technical Services


Educational Services


Retail Trade


Charleston Job Posting FAQs

What Job Fairs are there in Charleston?

One of the best ways to find job applicants is by focusing on attending as many different events in Charleston or upstate South Carolina! You can find a list of upcoming Job Fairs right here. Remember that some fairs may charge anywhere from $350-$1000 per table, ensuring you have enough money set aside before committing to an event. Good luck with your search and if you are looking for career fairs!

Where can I post my job for free in Charleston, South Carolina?

Posting jobs is a tedious task. While you can pay to advertise on sites like Monster, Indeed, Hired, The State, and CareerBuilder, it’s not necessary if free job posting services are available in your area. In Charleston, for example, the South Carolina Department of Labor offers this service, which includes online postings and hard copy ones that get mailed out to employers looking for qualified candidates – all at no cost!

The easiest way to find and hire the best talent for your company is by posting jobs on job boards such as Monster  and Grouper or websites like LinkedIn Jobs or even Craigslist. Many companies do not take advantage of these because they’re too busy with other tasks or don’t have a system to track their candidates.

How can I promote my job in Charleston for free?

Many local media outlets can help you promote your job openings. For example, Charleston, SC is Hiring, a Facebook group with more than 15,200 members; it’s an excellent resource for finding new hires. Another great way to advertise job opportunities is working with local news outlets like Live 5 News and ABC News 4. They offer regular social postings related to employment news — connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

What are the Charleston employment statistics?

The unemployment rate for Charleston, SC plummeted from 9.4% in 2010 to 6%. The decrease is attributed to the success of various projects undertaken by the South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce, as Project Empower, designed for unemployed or underemployed people with jobs skills development workshops job-search coaching.

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Charleston, South Carolina Economy

Charleston’s unemployment rate is low, and it has experienced a net gain in jobs over the last year. This means that you are likely to find more employment opportunities here than elsewhere, which could be ideal for someone who wants to start their career out of college or relocate from another area with high levels of joblessness.

The job market there continues to grow as they see a 0.7% increase in jobs over the last year while the US average for unemployment stands at 6%. Charleston’s forecasted future growth rate was 35.9%, higher than that found across America at 33.5%.

Charleston, South Carolina Housing and Living

Home Value

Charleston is a hidden gem for people looking to buy homes. The median home cost in Charleston on Zillow was found at $387,445. The appreciation of home value is 39.9% over the last ten years and 7.4% in 2017 alone! Renters make up 41.6%, so if you want space without breaking your bank account, this might be the place for you!

The average household income per capita has increased by 3%. In addition, renters are becoming more common, making up 41.6% of all households instead of 27 percent two decades ago.

Household Income

The median household income in Charleston, SC, is $64,599. Compared to the median national average of around $53000 per year for a family with two earners and one child under 18 years old.

Charleston has more employees than homeowners, which tells us fewer people own their homes here than renting them out or living off Airbnb rentals.


The average commute in America is longer than ever before — 26.4 minutes per one-way trip. However, it’s a figure that doesn’t hold across the country: commuters in Charleston typically travel for only 22.1 minutes to work each day.

Transportation Statistics


Overall, 91.8% of the population in Charleston has some form of health coverage. 55.6% of people in Charleston have health coverage through an employee, while 9.71% have Medicare, and 15.3% have it on the non-group market.

In Conclusion

If your company is looking for skilled workers, you may want to visit these sites mentioned in this blog post. These job boards will be a great first stop on any job search, so don’t wait until it’s too late! And if all of this sounds intimidating and you want help enacting these principles, let us know.

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