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August 12, 2019

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Houston, Texas packs a punch not only in personality and attractions, but also in population, jobs, and a major contributor to the U.S. economy. Coming in as the 5th largest metropolitan area in the U.S., the Greater Houston area spans 9 counties, and a dozen plus municipalities.  Houston provides an abundance of employment opportunities, and boasts of 21 fortune 500 company headquarters. Due to so many companies calling Houston home, it may be difficult to find and attract the right talent to your company. We suggest posting your jobs to both national job boards and local Houston sites.  When it comes to posting jobs online, casting a wide net is always a good idea. Check out our guide to these free job posting sites in Houston, Texas. 

Top 10 Job Posting Sites in Houston, Texas

RankJob Posting SiteDetails
1LocalWork.comFree plans to post your jobs in Atlanta. A local focused job board that gets strong search results in Google for local jobs.
2Technology Association of GeorgiaFree and Paid options available to access a network of Tech jobs in Georgia. Atlanta is the center of the tech action.
3Georgia Department of LaborA great resource for posting your job and attracting talent.
4Dice.comTech Talent focused. Paid options.
5Patch.comA multi-faceted website that includes all kinds of job listings, Atlanta locals can find your jobs here.
6indeed.comFree and paid options available.
7flexjobs.comSpecializing in remote, freelance, and flexible positions. Free and paid options available.
8Google Jobs Optimize your careers page to allow for indexing and search inside Google results. Free.
9glassdoor.comFree and paid options available.
10Atlanta Job PostLocally focused for all industries. Free and paid options.

Houston Job Posting FAQs

What Job Fairs are there in Houston?

There are many job fairs in Houston routinely.  There can be a range in price for employers to attend and advertise jobs, anywhere from $350-$1000.  A list of upcoming job fairs can be found here.

Where can I post my job for free in Houston?

Many of the options listed above have free job posting options.  Alternative options include classified sections and career service centers who offer free employment marketing resources. The most common resources to post your jobs for free in Houston is working with the Texas Workforce Commission

How can I promote my job in Houston for free?

Many of the local media outlets, Click2Houston and ABC13 offer employment related social postings.  Send your announcement of employment offerings to their news desk to be added to the weekly social media announcements.  Pro Tip – Show the impact of your hiring on the local community. How many new jobs, families these positions will impact.  Mention anything unique about the job that may stand out.

What are the Houston employment statistics?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Houston counts just over 3 Million in the workforce.  As of June 2019, it’s unemployment rate was 3.8%.

What are the top employment cities in the Houston Metro Area?

Houston – population: 2,242,193

The Woodlands – population: 116,278

Sugar Land – population: 118,118

Baytown – population: 83, 274

Conroe – population: 82,286

Top counties surrounding Houston regarding population are as follows:

Harris County – population: 4,092,459

Fort Bend County – population: 585,375

Montgomery County – population: 455,746

Brazoria County – population: 313,166

Galveston County – population: 291,309

Liberty County – population: 75,643

Waller County – population: 43,205

Chambers County – population: 35,096

Austin County – population: 28,417

Top reasons for employment growth in Houston?

Booming Economy

Houston has welcomed all kinds of businesses, and is very friendly to companies.  Only 2nd to New York City, Houston houses the most number of Fortune 500 companies.  The top industries in this large Metro area are: Energy, Aerospace and Aviation, Distribution, Manufacturing, and Medical/Life Sciences.  People all over the country are moving to Houston, and jobs are a huge pull for them. As of 2017, it’s estimated that Houston ranks #4 in the nation for GDP.

Cost of living

The cost of living in Houston comes in at under 2% than the national average.  A gallon of milk is $1.68, a carton of eggs is $1.57. While Utilities do run a little high compared to other cities nationwide, low cost of gas, healthcare, and groceries balances out.


The median home price in Houston is $363,000 with average monthly rent about $1139.  Being such a large area, Houston offers many housing options. The closer you live to the city, you will generally pay more.

Houston Job Market Statistics

Job Growth: 2.8% year over year

Median Annual Salary: $63,802

Top Employment Sectors: Energy, Aerospace and Aviation, Distribution, Manufacturing, and Medical/Life Sciences


How do I get started posting my job?

Start with creating a job description using our guide here.  We’ve also got many specific job description templates that may prove useful.  Once you’ve got a nice job description, you can post to the above websites and resources to attract the talent you need.



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