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Free Job Posting Sites

The best list of free job posting sites in 2019 to post a job     Free Job Posting Sites 2019 Free job boards allow employers to post jobs for free to create a win-win environment.  Often times the job board is going to make money on up sales, ads and data.  The more jobs […]

4 Company Culture Hacks To Boost Engagement in 2019

Company culture is not an expensive investment, rather an attention to engagement. Here are some tips to boost your company culture on a budget.

What is Google AI Job Search

Recently Google announced a new a featured related to jobs inside Google Search.  This is arguably the biggest news in recruitment marketing in several years.  Not only is the technology going to revolutionize the convenience of searching for a job, its implications on how job boards operate with change forever. What is Google AI Job […]

Employee Handbook Template

Employee Handbook Template A company’s employee handbook communicates and clarifies its mission, policies, and expectations.  Employees are given the handbook when first hired, and are expected to read and refer to it when questions or incidents arise.  A well done handbook can give a new employee confidence in understanding the company. Your handbook should be […]

Free Applicant Tracking Systems and Reviews

Free Applicant Tracking Systems Explained An applicant tracking system is a tool to centralize all applicants who have applied to work for your company.  Many small businesses will post their jobs on job board and on their website only to keep candidates organized in spreadsheets, email folders or a shared hard drive.  This is a […]

Non-Robots and Your Bottom Line

  It’s a commonly asked question: “How do I get more out of my employees?” Well, like any good employment guru, I say that you are asking the wrong question. The right question is, “How do I make my employees happy?” A happy employee translates to a happy customer. Happy customers mean more revenue. It’s […]

How These Core Values Could’ve Prevented Bachelor in Paradise Collapse

  ABC’s hit show, The Bachelor, has been filming it’s fourth season of the popular spin-off, Bachelor in Paradise.  Recently, Warner Bros. was notified of a show producer filing a complaint of misconduct.  The allegations of misconduct on the set led to this producer feeling uncomfortable.   TMZ reported the field producer was uncomfortable allowing […]

17 Business Books To Read in 2017

Reading more seems to top a lot of my friends annual goals. However, most don’t know which books to read. Here’s a list of my favorite business books to read in 2017.

8 Lessons For Employers to Learn From Steve Jobs

The biggest technology icon is Steve Jobs. There are many failures and successes we can learn from Steve. Here is a list of the biggest lessons learned.