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Plumber Technician Job Description Template

Plumber Technician Job Description Template

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020

Plumber Technician Job Description Template

Do you need to hire a Plumber Technician for your company? Here is a free Plumber Technician Job Description Template that you can use to make your hiring process easier, and you can spend your time reviewing qualified candidates to fulfill your company’s available position. You can add any additional information specific to your company’s and your plumber technician’s role to enhance your job description and draw the attention of top applicants.

Plumber technicians install, repair, and service plumbing fixtures in a residential or commercial setting. The Plumbing Technicians also work on other domestic appliances related to cooling, heating, and sanitation systems. An average workday for a Plumbing Technician involves installing and repairing pipes transporting liquids and gases to and from residential and commercial properties. Plumbers perform the inspection and testing of installed pipe systems and pipelines, troubleshooting any systems that are not working correctly, and determine the correct technique and tools needed to meet customers’ plumbing satisfaction. Due to economic growth, the demand for plumbers increases as construction continues and needs to install, maintain, and repair plumbing systems.

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Plumber Technician Job Description Template (Free)

We are actively seeking a dedicated and detailed oriented Plumber Technician to be part of our team. Our Plumber Technician will perform routine plumbing tasks, including installing, maintaining, and repairing plumbing fixtures for customers. A Plumber Technician is required to facilitate installing and repairing water and gas lines, sanitation units, heating systems, and related appliances and fixtures to the customer’s property. Our company wants to hire a Plumber technician who will effectively work independently and properly diagnose and solve plumbing issues for our customers and reinforce our company’s quality standards.

Plumber Technician Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Installing, maintaining, and repairing plumbing fixtures, pipes, and water, air, and gas systems.
  • Install supports before installation of pipes, equipment, and fixtures.
  • Perform various house appliances fitting and repairs tasks
  • Defining property blueprints to evaluate layout for plumbing installations and other systems
  • Performing cutting, welding, and assembling of pipes, tubes, fittings, and fixtures.
  • Perform a thorough inspection and testing of plumbing systems for safety, functionality, and code compliance
  • Professional handling of customers plumbing requests
  • Collaboration with contractors, construction workers, and electricians to meet plumbing requirements

Plumber Technician Requirements:

  • Valid driver’s license
  • High school diploma, GED, or suitable equivalent
  • Education from college, trade school, or military
  • Reliable, detailed oriented, highly organized, and capable of handling several tasks
  • A thorough understanding of the plumbing industry and code compliance
  • Ability to read and interpret blueprints
  • Efficient skills and knowledge in using plumbing tools and equipment
  • Excellent written, verbal, and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work after hours, over weekends, and on public holidays with short or no notice
Plumber Technician Job Description Template
Plumber Technician Job Description Template
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Plumber Technician Job Description Template

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Sample Interview Questions For Plumber Technicians

These questions can you find the ideal candidate for your opening for a Plumber Technicians:

What are the Educational Requirements For Plumber Technicians

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS),  most plumbers have trained through apprenticeships and technical schools. Most plumbers learn their trade through a 4- or 5-year apprenticeship. Most Plumbers tend to have experience from on-the-job training.

How Much To Pay Plumber Technicians When Hiring

Based on the job and the experience, the range will vary quite a bit. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, plumbers’ median income in 2018 was $26.52/hour or $55,160 a year. The job market for Plumbing Installers over the next ten years looks to grow by 4%. Compensation and pay can vary based on your local city and state.

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