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Job Posting Sites For Pest Control
Job Posting Sites For Pest Control

Job Posting Sites for Pest Control

Monday, December 21st, 2020

A big, leading factor in the advancement and achievement of a pest control company’s goals is to hire dependable pest control technicians to improve their competitiveness and growth. To hire highly trained pest control technicians, your company will need to post a job description that draws the attention of the exact candidate your company requires. Before you start posting a job ad for pest control techs, it is important to take time to write a job description that entices the ideal candidate and make sure you are using a free job posting site that will reach the kind of job-seeking pest control technician you need to be part of your crew.

Creating a job description is valuable to engage your potential pest control job seeker to apply. Although it can be easy to use any pest control technician job description template you find online, it can help improve your odds of getting the right candidates by creating your own. One tip we at VIVAR advise businesses to remember is that copying and pasting job templates for their open positions can reduce their chances of receiving highly skilled candidates from job sites. There is a lot more involved in a job post than uploading it to a job board site and having the expectations your inbox will overflow with qualified candidates. One effective way to think about your job post is that it’s a sales pitch to your future employee. Your business has most likely created a sales pitch for your customers to choose your service over the competition; why wouldn’t your job post be any different. Your hiring intentions revolve around getting the best candidates, so provide a stellar job description that influences them to apply for your company over your competition. 

Another beneficial component to acquire for having a straightforward high process and a well-written job description is using an applicant tracking system that helps keep your hiring process organized. You can easily receive candidates that match your position’s requirements and parameters, sort through applicants easily and quickly and have the ability to create stages of your hiring process with a hiring pipeline.  Using an applicant tracking system for your hiring needs will improve your pest control company’s process and reduce many headaches from hiring. 

The option of finding the right job posting site for candidates to fulfill your pest control technician position is never-ending. The overall purpose of using pest control hiring software supports an improved and effective hiring process. Remember that a great benefit of using an applicant tracking system is posting your job ad to several jobs with just a few clicks. VIVAHR applicant tracking system was created to complete that exact goal to make every business hiring process easier and faster to hire the best talent available. 

The Ideal Pest Control Technician Outline

Whether if you are hiring for the first or hundredth time for your pest control company, structuring an outline of the aspects, you are seeking in your next hiring will support the entire hiring process to be effective. Indicating the type of candidate you are looking for will help you write a great job description and help you narrow down qualified applicants. Commit some time in considering the skills, experience, and other needed qualifications to be a successful pest control technician to your company. Ask yourself and your hiring team these helpful questions about the traits your ideal candidate should attain. 

Use these questions and a few of your own to craft an outline for the type of candidate your company you are looking to hire and a structure to base your job description on. 

There is more to having an attractive job description that doesn’t just list the needed skills and qualifications you want applicants to have to apply. Typically, this kind of job description leads not to receive a great number of highly skilled candidates. VIVAHR advises that job descriptions not be one-sided where it’s all about what the company needs but what you are willing to provide in exchange for your employee’s time and effort. Not just in terms of compensation, yet reasons to work hard and for a long time. Take some time to consider the reasons why working for your pest control company is not about gaining income; it’s about being part of a great company that values its employees. This is your sales pitch for attracting your ideal candidate and your main source of receiving an application from them.

Write Your Pest Control Technician Job Description

Several elements of a job description can be included to attract the attention of your next technician found in the job title, job overview, qualifications, and overall perks and benefits of the job ad. Here are some points and explanations of areas you should consider adding to your job post to be more compelling.

Relevant Pest Control Job Title

Job titles must be appropriate or similar to titles found on a business card or a LinkedIn profile. Refrain from using titles like “Ninja Pest Control Techs or Rockstar Pest Control Technicians. A tip to consider is to use titles you know that your potential candidates are using to searching for available positions on job board sites.  

Company History

Give your potential applicants some background of your company. You won’t sell your company service to your customers without giving them a little background about your company, so you should also implement the same approach to selling your position to your future employee. 

Position Overview

Provide an insight into how the day and life of your technician will contain. Let your potential employee know the expectations they will be committed to and what attitude or traits they will need to succeed in this role.


In this section of your job description, you will want to list the responsibilities and duties your future technicians will have daily. Be as transparent as possible, so there is no confusion. Provide a much detail on these responsibilities as you wish, but the more you can specify, there isn’t a lot left to the imagination. One tip we at VIVAHR believe supports a well-written job description is to list these responsibilities in bullet points as it helps job seekers review the things performed in the position easier. 


This section is the first place most job seekers look at before anything else. Reviewing the years of experience, certifications, or education needed to be considered for a position will affect if a candidate will apply or not. If you require an experienced pest control technician, then include the exact requirements and qualifications in your job description to improve receiving the right candidate.

Addition info about your company

If you can include additional insight and details about your company, appeal to a candidate’s intention to apply, then add another section to your job description. Use this section to create an emotional connection with your potential candidate. This is a great opportunity to reveal things about your company culture and how you show your employee that you value them.

Compensation and Benefits

These sections are entirely optional, but including compensation can help increase the number of applications you receive. It can be useful to have a compensation range that your company is willing to provide. This range will eliminate spending time on applicants who are expecting more compensation than you can offer. If your company offers benefits, it can be helpful to include them in your job description. If you provide other attractive perks such as a cell phone plan, company truck, uniform reimbursement, free lunches, etc., don’t forget to add them to your job description.

Work Hours

If you need your pest control tech position will require them to work outside of the normal 9-5 hours, Saturdays, or even on holidays, let your applicant know this requirement. Providing the required working hours will eliminate time wasted on candidates who cannot commit to these hours.

Once you have developed your Pest Control Technician job description, the next step is to post your job description on job posting sites for Pest Contol techs to start your company’s hiring process.

Top Job Posting Sites for Pest Control 

VIVAHR – Well, yes, we had to include our hiring solution. VIVAR is an excellent choice for a job posting site for pest control companies. Our system pushes your job post out to all the free job board sites with just a few clicks. VIVAHR includes an innovative applicant tracking system that helps small businesses hire effectively and faster by easily organizing candidates’ resumes, establishing custom hiring pipelines, and communicating with skilled candidates.

Job Posting Sites for Electricians




 – This is a job board that is exclusive to the pest control industry. Job seekers looking for positions in their area can search for companies that are currently hiring. Pest control companies can post a job ad to find candidates looking directly in the pest control industry.

Job Posting Sites for Pest Control


 – A job posting site created to help attract the best talent for a company with a culture first approach. A pest control company that uses this job posting site to hire technicians can save time and money with Localworks syndication to 50 plus job boards.


Job Posting Sites for Pest Control







SimplyHiredA job posting site that helps employers post job descriptions to other popular job board sites. Pest Control companies of any size can receive qualified candidates from the major job sites in one area. This site helps pest control employers hire technicians simply and promptly.

Job Posting Sites for Pest Control






Betterteam –  A job posting site that permits employers to post a job ad and send it to all the other major job postings sites.  The site is for any business size and any industry. Pest Control companies can use this job posting site to help with their hiring process. 

Job Posting Sites for Electricians








Indeed –  A popular site for job postings of all kinds. Indeed is a highly rated job posting board site that helps employers find their next hires. Pest Control companies can post their technician job ads and find potential applicants.

Job Posting Sites for Electricians







ZipRecruiter – Another well-known job posting site that allows employers from any industry to post job ads and allows job seekers to find employment in different industries. ZipRecruiter is an excellent choice for pest control companies to post a job ad.

Job Posting Sites for cleaners






Glassdoor – A job posting site that allows companies to shape their brand and engage with talent. Pest control companies can sign up on Glassdoor and influence candidates with their brand story. Many companies of all kinds use Glassdoor to help them hire great candidates.

Job Posting Sites for Pest Control







Job Posting Sites Best Practices for Pest Control 

If your company is actively hiring and seeking an effective process to ensure you are hiring the right candidate, you must use the best methods when facilitating a job posting site. Here are some practical approaches to recognize in your job posting structure. 

Job Posts

Getting the most out of any job posting site all correlates to your company’s job posts to draw your ideal pest control candidate’s attraction. We can’t stress it enough; your job description is key to establishing an effective hiring process. Don’t dismiss the value of your job description as a sales pitch to your future employee. Receiving many decent and qualified applications depends on how exceptional your job ad reaches the job seekers’ job. Keep in mind that any job posting site for pest control technicians is only as good as the job posts you create. 

Read Reviews and Research 

It can be beneficial to read online reviews from various sources and conduct your own research on a particular job posting sites for pest control. You may find a popular used site might not cater directly to your industry or even the size of your company. It may be better for your company and hiring intentions to use a job posting site that fits your overall objection and company structure. 

System Navigation 

It is wise to become familiar with any software to get the most out of its capabilities. No matter if you choose to use a job posting site for pest control or an applicant tracking system, taking adequate time to familiarize yourself or your team with the software will help enhance your hiring experience. Reach out to the site’s support and take advantage of any demos or helpful links to better understand how to operate the system correctly.

Policy and Guidelines

Every job posting site for pest control has policies and guidelines to ensure those job seekers are protected from any job scams or fraudulent activity. Be sure that your company follows job posting guidelines and policies to make sure your ad meets every standard to ensure that the post stays active and doesn’t get flagged. Not meeting certain policies and guidelines will hurt your hiring process.

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