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Non Sponsored Versus Sponsored Job Postings
Non Sponsored Versus Sponsored Job Postings

Non-Sponsored versus Sponsored Job Postings

Monday, December 28th, 2020

When your company is ready to hire, you want to ensure that you are doing everything possible to find your ideal candidate and get them hired quickly. Your first step is to craft a job post that obtains the necessary responsibilities, requirements, and benefits related to your open position. You must write a great job description as a job post is your company’s essential component to reaching your perfect candidate and captivating them to apply. The next step in the hiring process is taking your job posting and uploading them to your applicant tracking system or job posting site to start receiving job applications from potential job seekers.

If you are using an applicant tracking system, like VIVAHR, to better support your hiring process, you will notice a step in your job posting set-up that allows you to “Boost” your job posting. If you are unfamiliar with a job posting “Boost,” or if you have reached this step and you’re confused by this option, don’t worry. This information will help you understand everything you need to know about non-sponsored and sponsored job postings. 

Job seekers are using job posting sites every day to find job opportunities that best fit their career interests. In most job board sites, candidates have the ability to search for available positions based on job titles, keywords, company name, in a specific location, and more. 

Once a job seeker has typed in their search query in the job board sites search bar, the search results they receive will have a combination of non-sponsored job postings, also known as “organic” job postings, and sponsored jobs, also known as a paid job posts. These job postings search results are matched to the search terms and are sorted by relevance and the date when the job ad was posted. So, what is the difference between non-sponsored and sponsored job postings? 

A great way to understand both sponsored and non-sponsored job postings can be easily related to your own experience using Google or other search engines. When you type in your search query in a search engine search bar, and the results page appears, you will notice the first few results at the top of the page will have the term “Ad” next to the URL of a company selling a service or product relevant to your search. Below all the “Ad” URLs, you will see companies that match your search query that is not an “Ad” but appear in the results page based on organic keywords. Sponsored and non-sponsored job postings are the same as the experience you receive using search engines. Job seekers will receive job ads based on their search queries, and the sponsored job postings will be the first to be seen at the top and bottom of the search results. Following the sponsored job postings, a job seeker will receive the job postings that match their search query organically, and those postings are non-sponsored. 

What are Non-Sponsored Job Postings and How Do They Work? 

Non-sponsored job postings are jobs that are combined by a job board’s site’s search engine or posted for free by employers. New job postings are added to job board sites every day, and as these newer job postings pop up, non-sponsored job postings move further down the search results pages. 

Knowing that newer job postings are appearing rapidly, it is essential to optimize your non-sponsored job ad to reach those candidates you want to apply to your open positions. How can you ensure that your job posting is optimized and relevant to your candidate’s search queries?

First, it is valuable to make sure that your job postings are following the job postings guidelines. The standards for top-quality job postings require things such as having your own and detailed job description content (copy and pasting other job descriptions is not recommended) and refrain from using any offensive or discriminating content. 

Any job postings that do not meet these standards could be reviewed and required to provide additional information. Plus, all job postings that are misleading or compromise the job seeker experience can be removed from the search results.

What are Sponsored Job Postings, and What are the benefits?

Sponsored job postings on job board sites is an approach that is made available to make your open job position stand out. The hiring employer promotes these sponsored job postings, and these job ads stay in the top results within the search results pages. Since these sponsored job postings reach job seekers first on the page results, they appear at the top and bottom of the page results, earning up to 5 times more clicks. Compared to job postings that are non-sponsored, which move lower in the search results as new non-sponsored job ads are published. 

The major benefit of sponsored job postings is that it increases your job posting visibility. A sponsored job ad shows up more frequently in the job boards search results and does not get drowned out over time like non-sponsored job postings. If you are in a competitive industry and need to hire quickly, a sponsored job posting is a great benefit to consider to speed up your hiring process. With a sponsored job posting, you have more stamina and a higher chance of receiving applications from more qualified candidates than you would with a non-sponsored job ad that is not optimized. 

When Should I Sponsor My Job Postings?

If you have a stellar job posting and you are confident that you will attract your ideal applicants, then you most likely will not need to sponsor your job ad. However, you might be surprised to see even more of an improvement with receiving highly qualified candidates with promoting your job ad. Every hiring situation is different. Regardless if you need to have your job posting sponsored or not, if you desperately need to hire a candidate quickly, the option to sponsor your job post can make a significant difference. 

Considering asking yourself or your hiring team, these questions to know if you need to sponsor your job posting.

How to Sponsor My Job Posting with VIVAR?

If you are ready to create your job posting and are considering the option to sponsor your job ad, VIVAHR offers you the ability to sponsor your listing easily and effectively. We will walk you through the sponsoring process and provide you with additional information to help you gain the most out of your sponsored job posting. 

Once you have added the necessary information for your job posting (details, description, hiring team, pipeline, and scorecard), you have arrived at the “Boost” process. You most likely are unsure of what this section means for your job postings. It can be a bit alarming to get to this step in the job posting set up and see all these price options for the various job posting sites. Don’t panic! This Boost set up is VIVAHR’s option for you to sponsor your job postings.



Sponsored and Non-Sponsored Job Postings



As you can see in the above image, VIVAHR offers different options for you to sponsor your job listings. You can select to have your job posting exclusively sponsored on any one of these job posting sites provided on the Boost setup page. These options can be ideal if you know that one of these sites is a better fit for your job posting to be sponsored. One amazing option to choose from is VIVA Select for your job ad to be sponsored on the job posting platforms instead of just one. It is a great deal and will guarantee results to receive highly qualified candidates for a 30-day duration. The VIVA Select Boost is a simple process that is optional to sponsor your job posting. Every time you create a new job, you will have these Boost options to sponsor that particular job post. Of course, you can opt-out of this Boost setup process by clicking the next button to proceed to the publishing step in the job posting process. You can always come back to your job posting after it has been published and Boost can be added to your job posting at any time.