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Employee Relations Specialist Job Description Template

Job Description Template

Employee Relations Specialist Job Description Template

June 29, 2023

Employee Relations Specialist Job Description Template

Whether you’re searching for an efficient way to find and recruit new team members or seeking comprehensive and helpful business resources, we got what you need! Primarily, let’s take a look at this FREE Employee Relations Specialist Job Description Template, an article that will help you learn about the essential skills, requirements, and responsibilities of this role.

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What is an Employee Relations Specialist?

Employee Relations Specialists are HR professionals who perform a variety of duties to establish and promote employees’ welfare, resolve human resources issues, and hire and onboard new personnel.

They provide counseling and support to employees to resolve their work-related problems and concerns, gather and analyze their data, perform background checks, and track and evaluate employees’ performance.

They also participate in interviewing, onboarding, and recruiting new hires, organize and schedule training sessions, explain the company’s compensation and benefits programs, and create and update medical, retirement, and other types of personnel files and records.

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The Top Employee Relations Specialist Skills

Skill Why it's important
Technical Knowledge Employee Relations Specialists must have in-depth knowledge and understanding of employment laws, regulations, and company policies. This knowledge helps them ensure compliance with industry laws and standards, provide guidance, and mitigate legal risks. This also helps them avoid legal issues and maintain a fair working environment.
Communication Communication skills are crucial for Employee Relations Specialists because they help them build and foster positive relationships with employees, provide accurate explanations of policies and benefits, and actively listen to employees’ concerns and problems. Communication also helps them establish trust with employees and other departments.
Problem-Solving Problem-solving abilities are highly important for Employee Relations Specialists because they encounter various issues and challenges in this role. Problem-solving helps them identify and provide quick solutions to compliance, legal, and work-related problems, analyze situations that led to those problems, and implement strategies to avoid them in the future.
Emotional Intelligence Since Employee Relations Specialists work with employees daily, they must have well-developed emotional intelligence. This skill helps them sympathize with employees and understand their work and personal issues and concerns. In the long run, emotional intelligence helps them handle sensitive matters and provide support.
Analytical In the end, strong analytical skills are also necessary for Employee Relations Specialists. Analytical mind helps them properly gather, assess, and analyze employee information when performing background checks or performance evaluations. Analytical skills help them ensure they handle accurate information and create professional recruitment reports.

Employee Relations Specialist Job Description Template (Free)

We are hiring an Employment Relations Specialist for our HR department. In this role, your main job will be to foster trusty and positive relationships with employees and provide them counseling and support regarding their work-related issues and concerns. You will explain the company’s compensation and benefits packages, such as medical, insurance, and retirement, organize and monitor training sessions for new hires, and participate in the interviewing, recruiting, and onboarding processes.

Additionally, you will gather and analyze employee information, maintain accurate employee databases, perform background checks, and evaluate their performance. You will also arrange employees’ physical examinations, design and implement orientation programs, and ensure compliance of the company’s processes with industry laws and regulations.

As an ideal candidate for us, you should have strong technical knowledge, along with exceptional communication, emotional intelligence, analytical, and problem-solving skills.

Employee Relations Specialist Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Foster trusty relationships with employees and provide counseling and support
  • Communicate with employees to understand and resolve their work-related issues and concerns
  • Explain the company’s benefits and compensation programs, such as medical, insurance, retirement, etc
  • Organize, schedule, and monitor technical, management, and interpersonal skill training sessions
  • Participate in interviewing, onboarding, recruiting, and firing processes
  • Gather and analyze employee information to create employee accounts
  • Prepare and update medical, retirement, insurance, and other personnel files and records
  • Perform audits on benefit accounts and records to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations
  • Track and evaluate employee performance on a regular basis
  • Gather and verify employee information and perform background checks
  • Arrange employee physical examinations
  • Identify and resolve issues and misunderstandings between employees and departments
  • Design and implement orientation programs for new hires
  • Regularly review the company’s policies and regulations to ensure they align with industry best practices

Employee Relations Specialist Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in human resources, psychology, sociology, labor relations, or a similar area
  • Demonstrated work experience as an Employee Relations Specialists or a similar HR role
  • In-depth knowledge of employment laws, regulations, and rights
  • Strong knowledge of employee policies, benefits, and compensation packages
  • Exceptional communication and counseling skills
  • Outstanding problem-solving and conflict-resolution skills
  • Analytical mindset
  • Critical-thinking

Accounting Specialist Interview Questrions

Sample Interview Questions for an Employee Relations Specialist

Once you gather up all the received applications, you can use these sample interview questions for Employee Relations Specialist with Scorecard.

  1. Would you be able to describe your personality in three words?
  2. What was your ideal career path while you were growing up?
  3. What achievement in your life are you the proudest of?
Human Resources
  1. Could you tell us more about your major and why did you choose it?
  2. Was there anything specific that made you quit your previous job?
  3. Based on your previous work experience, what would be your ideal salary?
  1. What is your process of effectively managing conflicts between employees?
  2. What is your approach to promoting a positive atmosphere among employees in the company?
  3. Could you provide us with an instance where you successfully handled a challenging employee situation that required confidentiality?
Technical Skills and Knowledge
  1. What information should you carefully consider when performing an employee background check?
  2. What are the common steps involved in a disciplinary action or termination process?
  3. How do you ensure the success of technical and management training sessions?

What are the Educational Requirements for an Employee Relations Specialist?

A common educational requirement for Employee Relations Specialists is a Bachelor’s degree in human resources, psychology, sociology, labor relations, or a related field.

Some employers prefer candidates with a Master’s degree in some of these fields since it provides in-depth and advanced knowledge of HR principles, employment law, and other valuable areas.

Additional credentials can prove candidates’ dedication to professional development and enhance their job prospects.

The Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) offers the SHRM Certified Professional (SHRM-CP) and SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP) certifications.

Both credentials demonstrate advanced knowledge and expertise in HR practices.

How Much to Pay an Employee Relations Specialist when Hiring

Employee Relations Specialists earn between $35,000 and $99,500 per year.

Their median annual salary is $71,061.

Hourly rates range from $18 to $48.

The median hourly rate is $34.

Percentile 10% 25% 50%
75% 90%
Hourly Wage $18 $28 $34 $38 $48
Annual Wage $35,000 $57,500 $71,061 $80,000 $99,500

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Frequently Asked Questions about Employee Relations Specialist


What do Employee Relations Specialists do?

Employee Relations Specialists foster trusty and positive relationships with employees, identify and resolve their work-related issues, and present and explain the company’s benefits and compensation programs.

They also participate in interviewing and recruiting new hires, organize training sessions, evaluate employee performance, and perform background checks.

What skills are essential for Employee Relations Specialists?

Employee Relations Specialists must have strong technical knowledge, as well as outstanding communication, analytical, emotional intelligence, and problem-solving skills.

Who do Employee Relations Specialists work with?

Employee Relations Specialists mostly work with members of the HR department and external stakeholders.

Who do Employee Relations Specialists report to?

Employee Relations Specialists typically report to an HR Manager, Director of HR, or Chief Human Resources Officer.

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