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Claims Adjuster Job Description Template

Job Description Template

Claims Adjuster Job Description Template

August 17, 2022

Claims Adjuster Job Description Template

This is the perfect time to start searching for your new team member. If you are looking for a Claims Adjuster, take our FREE Claims Adjuster Job Description Template as the first step in your recruitment process.

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What is a Claims Adjuster?

Claims Adjusters are professionals who evaluate insurance claims and survey damages to property, automobiles, homes, and personal injuries.

They determine if a client is liable to be compensated by interviewing witnesses, reviewing police reports, investigating the circumstances of insurance claims, and visiting damage sites.

They also negotiate claim settlements, determine the amount of money that should be paid and ensure claims are fully paid to the policyholder.

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The Top Claims Adjuster Skills

Skill Why it's important
Communication Claims Adjusters are required to have excellent communication skills. They deal with all kinds of people, from witnesses and clients to the police and investigators. They need to carry out important conversations in order to get valuable information from every individual they encounter.
Industry Knowledge Successful Claims Adjusters possess extensive knowledge of the industry. They must be able to comprehend detailed insurance policies and claims and apply them to specific situations. This is not the skill Claims Adjusters gain overnight. They must continuously work on their education and gain experience through various cases.
Time Management Claims Adjusters able to manage their time effectively and stay organized are certainly more successful. Time is precious and unpredictable for Claims Adjusters, and they often have to multi-task, set daily goals, and prioritize their duties to minimize work-related stress and complete all duties successfully.
Empathy and Emotional Intelligence Claims Adjusters work with people who experienced major catastrophes and losses in their life. They are often angry, devastated, and under a lot of pressure. Claims Adjusters should recognize and sympathize with clients’ emotions, provide support and excellent customer service, and do whatever they can to ease clients’ situations.
Attention to Detail Immaculate attention to detail can distinguish outstanding Claims Adjusters. This skill is essential for Claims Adjusters because they use their keen eye for detail to accurately analyze, review, and create insurance reports. Having this skill also decreases the number of mistakes that can be detrimental to the business.

Claims Adjuster Job Description Template (Free)

We are hiring an experienced Claims Adjuster to join our insurance company. As a permanent part of our team, you will be responsible for investigating and evaluating the nature and cause of damaged property, automobiles, and personal injuries. You will interview and collaborate with witnesses, engineers, doctors, architects, and lawyers to gather evidence and other necessary information. Based on all the available information, you will determine the amount of money the client should be paid.

Successful Claims Adjusters are able to comprehend complex insurance policies and apply them to situations in real life. As a Claims Adjuster, you should have strong industry knowledge and the ability to research and examine police reports and video footage. You should also have amazing communication, attention to detail, and time management.

Claims Adjuster Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Investigate and evaluate the nature and cause of damaged property, automobiles, and personal injuries
  • Interview witnesses to understand the background of the accident and gather necessary information
  • Examine police reports, video footage, and previous insurance claims
  • Create accurate reports about the events and related damage
  • Contact and collaborate with engineers, doctors, architects, investigators, and lawyers for additional information if needed
  • Review clients’ insurance policies to determine what should be compensated
  • Research how much the repairing of the damage will cost
  • Decide the amount of money the insurance company should pay
  • Negotiate claim settlement and conditions
  • Ensure the clients are paid the full amount of money
  • Ensure the damage is timely repaired

Claims Adjuster Requirements:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in finance, insurance, or a related field
  • Previous working experience as a Claims Adjuster or Insurance Agent
  • Outstanding analytical skills and attention to detail
  • Excellent communication, collaboration, and negotiation skills
  • Strong writing skills
  • Time management
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Solid computer skills

Accounting Specialist Interview Questrions

Sample Interview Questions for a Claims Adjuster

Once you gather up all the received applications, you can use these sample interview questions for Claims Adjuster. These can help you narrow down your choices and pick the most suitable candidate for the job.

  1. Could you introduce yourself in a few sentences?
  2. How did you become interested in the insurance field?
  3. How do you like to enjoy your day when you are not working?
Human Resources
  1. What does your regular day as a Claims Adjuster look like?
  2. What do you expect your salary to be in the first 3 months?
  3. Why did you quit your previous position?
  1. How do you handle stressful situations and don’t let them affect your work?
  2. How do you negotiate with upset clients who do not accept your terms and adjustments?
  3. Would you be available to work nights, weekends, and holidays if needed?
Technical Skills and Knowledge
  1. How do you ensure the accuracy of information before submitting a report? Do you double-check your work?
  2. When reviewing a police report of a fire on the property, what information do you look for?
  3. How much money would you estimate for a mild car accident?

What are the Educational Requirements for a Claims Adjuster?

Claims Adjusters usually need a Bachelor’s degree in finance, insurance, or a related field.

Independent Claims Adjusters are often required to obtain a state license or certification.

Public Claims Adjusters, i.e. Claims Adjusters who work for insurance companies, don’t need an individual license because they work under the company’s license.

How Much to Pay a Claims Adjuster when Hiring

Claims Adjusters earn between $22,500 and $71,500 per year.

Their median annual salary is around $51,618.

Hourly wages range from $11 to $34.

The median hourly pay is around $25.

Percentile 10% 25% 50%
75% 90%
Hourly Wage $11 $20 $25 $29 $34
Annual Wage $22,500 $41,000 $51,618 $60,500 $71,500

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Frequently Asked Questions about Claims Adjuster


Who do Claims Adjusters work with?

Claims Adjusters frequently collaborate with Cost Estimators and Cost Analysts to determine the appropriate amount of money that should be paid to a client.

They also collaborate with witnesses, engineers, doctors, architects, investigators, and lawyers to gather necessary information and understand the background of the situation.

Are there different types of Claims Adjusters?

The most common types of Claims Adjusters are:

Where do Claims Adjusters work?

Claims Adjusters typically work in various types of insurance companies, but they can also work in state and federal government, and for other insurance-related activities.

How much do Claims Adjusters earn annually?

Claims Adjusters typically earn between $22,500 and $71,500 per year.

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