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Insurance Agent Job Description Template

Job Description Template

Insurance Agent Job Description Template

August 13, 2022

Insurance Agent Job Description Template

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What is an Insurance Agent?

Insurance Agents, or Insurance Sales Agents, are professionals who sell, negotiate, and recommend life, property, automobiles, healthcare, and business liability insurance protection to clients based on their needs and budgets.

They help clients manage potential risks and losses caused by accidents, illnesses, and other life-threatening situations by purchasing the most suitable policy or coverage if such events occur.

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The Top Insurance Agent Skills

Skill Why it's important
People Skills and Communication People skills and effective communication are primary characteristics of Insurance Agents. They need to put their clients first, listen to their needs, and empathize with their situations. Only by doing so Insurance Agents can put together and offer an insurance policy that best fits clients’ situations.
Customer Service Insurance Agents must possess exceptional customer service skills since they work directly with clients. Being attentive, helpful, and informative as an Insurance Agent is a must, as well as responding to inquiries, emails, and phone calls timely. Insurance Agents need to ensure their clients feel appreciated at all times.
Sales Skills Insurance Agents are salespeople. They need to have a strong and persuasive selling style to increase profits. Their ability to negotiate helps them make more sales and meet the company’s goals. This skill only makes sense if Insurance Agents are honest and not too aggressive when trying to make a sale.
Product Knowledge Wide knowledge of insurance-related products is crucial for Insurance Agents. They must understand the products and services they sell and easily describe and explain them to clients. Depending on clients’ situation, Insurance Agents should offer the most suitable solutions that best fit clients’ needs.
Technical Knowledge Insurance Agents are more than just salespeople. They must be skilled in financial planning, tax, and budget preparation and understand the legal aspects behind every decision. Once they master the technical knowledge, they will be more likely to deeply understand their client's financial situation and therefore provide the best offers and solutions.

Insurance Agent Job Description Template (Free)

Our insurance company is looking for a qualified and analytical Insurance Agent to join our team. You will be working directly with customers, face-to-face or via phone to help them select and understand the most suitable insurance policy for their personal needs and financial abilities. You will also calculate risk management that fits clients’ risk profiles, and assist in developing and implementing marketing strategies for insurance products.

As an Insurance Agent, you should be focused on providing exceptional customer service to clients, which means explaining, recommending, assisting, and educating clients on insurance coverage, policies, and financial resources. Every successful Insurance Agent must have excellent communication, customer service, sales, and technical skills, as well as a strong knowledge of current insurance products and services.

Insurance Agent Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Evaluate business and individual customers’ financial needs and status
  • Recommend and propose protection plans that meet clients’ needs
  • Deliver risk management strategies that fit clients’ risk profiles
  • Promote and sell insurance products and services
  • Explain and educate clients on different types of insurance coverage
  • Assist in developing and implementing marketing strategies for insurance contracts, products, and services
  • Provide prompt, accurate, and relevant customer support
  • Meet with customers to discuss existing insurance coverage and financial resources
  • Suggest adjustments and updates in clients’ existing insurance policies
  • Put together customized insurance policies according to clients’ needs
  • Gather and maintain paper and electronic reports, files, and other documentation
  • Coordinate and monitor insurance claims
  • Ensure all necessary paperwork is filled out

Insurance Agent Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in economics, finance, sales business, or a related field
  • Prior working experience as an Insurance Agent or a similar position
  • Strong knowledge of different types of insurance plans (automobile, life, health, property, etc)
  • Computer proficiency and statistical analysis
  • Excellent verbal and written communication
  • Ability to sell, recommend, and explain various insurance policies and coverage
  • Outstanding customer service skills

Accounting Specialist Interview Questrions

Sample Interview Questions for an Insurance Agent

Once you gather up all the received applications, you can use these sample interview questions for Insurance Agent. These questions might assist you in narrowing down your options and selecting the best candidate for the position.

  1. What would your friends briefly say about you?
  2. What would be your dream vacation destination if you could go anywhere in the world right now?
  3. Do you play any sports?
Human Resources
  1. What qualities do you think make you a good Insurance Agent?
  2. How long have you been working at your previous position as an Insurance Agent?
  3. What do you know about our insurance company so far?
  1. How would you negotiate unprofitable contract terms?
  2. On a scale from 1 to 10, how would you rate your communication skills?
  3. Do you prefer working with clients face-to-face to via phone calls?
Technical Skills and Knowledge
  1. Most clients often refuse to buy insurance policies for the first time around. How do you keep clients interested and persuade them to make a purchase?
  2. What are the most important questions you should ask a client when finding out about their needs?
  3. What is your experience using specialized software and work-related programs?

What are the Educational Requirements for an Insurance Agent?

Insurance companies prefer to hire candidates with a Bachelor’s degree in economics, finance, business, or sales.

Some employers may consider hiring a candidate with a high school diploma with good qualifications and sales experience.

Insurance agents must be licensed by the state in which they operate.

They need to possess separate licenses for life, property, health, and casualty insurance.

Insurance agents typically have to complete pre-licensing courses and then pass state examinations.

How Much to Pay a Position when Hiring Insurance Agent

Insurance Agents typically earn between $19,000 and $83,500 per year.

Their median annual salary is $50,707.

Hourly wages range from $9 to $40.

The median hourly pay for Insurance Agents is $24.

Percentile 10% 25% 50%
75% 90%
Hourly Wage $9 $15 $24 $28 $40
Annual Wage $19,000 $32,000 $50,707 $57,500 $83,500

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Frequently Asked Questions about Insurance Agent


What are the differences between Insurance Agents and Insurance Brokers?

These two professionals both work to select the best insurance policy for clients, but they have different responsibilities.

Insurance Agents work for insurance companies to sell and represent their insurance policies.

On the contrary, Insurance Brokers represent clients and they don’t work directly for the company.

They identify clients’ needs and reach out to Insurance Agents to select the best option and complete the final transaction.

What are the different types of Insurance Agents?

There are many different types of Insurance Agents based on their field of work.

There are Life Insurance Agents, Captive Agents, and Independent Insurance Agents.

There are also Insurance Agents who specialize in selling and representing automobile, property, health, and casualty insurances.

What are the essential skills for Insurance Agents?

Insurance Agents must have great communication, customer service, sales, technical, and organizational skills.

How much do Insurance Agents earn annually?

Insurance Agents typically earn between $19,000 and $83,500 per year.

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