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Job Posting Sites For Landscapers
Job Posting Sites For Landscapers

Job Posting Sites for Landscapers

Thursday, December 3rd, 2020

Hiring new employees, especially landscapers, is easier when a company establishes an efficient hiring process. When every task in a hiring process is outlined, the job ads are flawless, the best hiring systems are utilized, and the interview techniques are precise, hiring landscapers is a clear-cut operation from beginning to end. VIVAHR understands the importance of hiring, but more importantly, we understand the value of hiring effectively with less difficulty. To help your landscaping company hire better and find your ideal candidate, we have gathered helpful tips and advice for hiring your company’s landscapers effortlessly. 

Not only does VIVAR have a remarkable Landscaping Hiring Software, but we also offer your company hiring resources to assist your landscaping company hire more thoroughly. For example, VIVAHR knows the value of having a job ad that attracts your business’s right candidates. If you need assistance on how to write a good job description, we have the right job posting structure to help you receive a great number of landscaper applications. Plus, we know the effectiveness of getting your landscaping job ads on job posting sites that reach your potential job seeker. Also, to make your company’s process of hiring landscapers even more organized and productive, VIVAR’s innovative applicant tracking system will help your company develop a manicured hiring approach for selecting the ideal candidates. If you are looking for help to hire the best landscapers, we are ready to help you hire in every way possible!

How to Hire the Perfect Landscaper

Before you start writing your landscaper job description, you will want to take some time to consider what aspects of your perfect landscaper candidate must have to be an essential part of your crew. Crafting an outline of certain skills and experience that you will want your next landscaper to have will help you write your job description and narrow down your applicants to move to the next stages of your hiring process. Consider these questions to get you started creating the essential aspects for your future landscaper employee.

These questions and more of your own for your company’s position can help you envision the type of landscaping candidate that will be a good fit for your landscaping business. Once you have thought about all the aspects that make up your ideal candidate, you now have the groundwork for forming the job ad with all the exact necessities you need in your landscaper candidate. It’s important to remember that your job ad and its information are your company’s seed to growing a great landscaping company and blossom with amazing landscaper employees.

Tips for Writing a Better Landscaper Job Description

A job ad with more than a list of responsibilities and qualifications has a greater potential of attracting the best candidates applying for a position than anything else. Think of your job ad as a sales pitch to your customers but to your future employee. Your landscaping company goes through extensive planning and points to sell your landscaping services to your customers; your job ad is not different from that process. Selling your landscaping company to your ideal candidates consists of the same approaches to entice them to apply for your company over your competition. Here are some areas to have in your landscaper job description to improve your ability to attract the best landscaping talent.

Relevant Job Titles

Getting the right landscaping candidates applying for your company’s open position, you will need to know what job titles they are searching for on job posting sites. When your company has an appropriate job title for your landscaper position, you increase your chances that your job ad will appear on your potential candidate’s search results. Use job titles that are typically found on a LinkedIn profile or a business card. Avoid additional phrases like Ninja or Rockstar Landscaper. Those are titles that are not being searched for on job boards. Also, don’t include extra information that does not apply to the title, such as bonus, FT/PT, or $ sings, because these are not keywords used to find available positions. 

Company Overview

Today’s new job seeker is not just looking for a company that provides a source of income; they are looking for a company that they want to work hard for and be part of their success. Providing your potential candidates with an insight into your company’s mission, core values, and what makes your company unique creates an emotional connection with your potential applicant. Speak on behalf of your company’s culture and how you treat your employees. Whatever information you can include in your job description about your landscaping company that establishes an alluring interest adds to receiving promising applicants.

Position Summary

In this section of your landscaper job description, it is valuable to paint a picture of the day and life of working for your landscape company. Describe what a typical day will include and the skills or attitude it will take to succeed in this position. It is also important to be transparent about any physical requirements or demand that your landscaper position will involve. You want to ensure that your potential applicant is aware of the certain conditions you expect them to have to be considered for the position. Provide your candidates with an idea of what it would be like to be employed by your company and what you are willing to provide for their hard work. Going the extra mile to sell your company’s landscaper position will support a better hiring process. 

Position Tasks

This section informs your candidates of the exact duties and responsibilities expected of them if hired by your company should be included in your job description. You can provide as much information regarding the daily tasks performed by your landscaper as you want. Remember that the more information you can provide job seekers with for a clear understanding of the skills needed to manage these responsibilities helps you receive high-qualified candidates’ applications. 

Role Requirements

A job ad qualifications, skills needed, or requirements for a position is typically one of the first sections that job seekers review before applying. Depending on the years of experience, educational prerequisite, or certification needed to be considered as a qualified candidate will affect the number of applications your company receives. This section of a job ad is completely up to your landscaping company, and you might be surprised to learn you have the constructive training techniques that can take any skilled level candidate and form them into your perfect employee. Take time to consider what skills, experience, and other qualifications your company is willing to hire in your next landscaper employee.

Company Culture

Adding more information about your company and the culture that you provide can not be overdone in a job description. Expand more about what it is like to work for your landscaping company and further develop an emotional connection with your candidates. If you provide any additional aspects for employee appreciation, motivation, or career development, let your possible applicant know what you offer when they work for your company.

Perks & Hours

Again, you can provide any information that you feel comfortable indulging in your job ad, but remember, the more you are willing to give leaves little to the imagination. If your landscaping company offers any additional job perks beyond the basic benefits of health insurance, 401k, or paid time off, inform your potential job seeker of the things they will receive if hired by your company. If your landscaping company requires that your landscaper work outside the normally 9 to 5 hours, inform the job seeker of this necessity. This information will eliminate spending time on candidates that cannot work your company’s hours.

Now that you have a structure to improve your landscaper job description, you can create a job ad that will attract the best applicants and uploaded your job ad to the right job posting sites to reach those candidates.

Job Posting Sites for Landscapers

When your landscaping company has a great job description to hire the best landscapers, your company will want to post your job ad to job board sites that will reach and attract job seekers who are highly qualified to apply for your position. Here is a list of job posting sites for landscapers to help you hire the best easier.

VIVAHR – Yes, us!  Our system is an excellent job posting site for hiring your next landscaper. VIVAR takes your landscaping job ad and pushes it to 50+ free job posting sites. You will reach more top-rated candidates easier, faster, and you will have a system that allows you to have an organized hiring process. 


Job Posting Sites for HVAC Companies






Landscape Industry Careers –  A job posting site that allows both landscape employers and job seekers to search for jobs and candidates in the landscaping industry. This job posting site provides landscaping jobs in various positions, from landscape labor to landscaping Crew leader.

Job Posting Sites for Landscapers







iHireLandscaping – This is a job posting site that is dedicated solely to the landscaping industry. This site brings landscaping jobs and landscaping job seekers together to make successful employment possible.

job posting sites for landscapers



 – A job posting site is designed for people and companies who are a real part of the landscaping industry. This posting site connects quality landscape job seekers with growing, quality landscaping companies.

job posting sites for landscapers


– This is a job posting site dedicated solely to the Horticulture, Landscape, and Green industries. Landscaping companies can create an account and post a job ad to find candidates looking for work in the industry.

job posting sites for landscapers






Betterteam –  A job posting site that provides landscaping employers the ability to post a job ad and send it to other job postings sites.  The site is for any business size and any industry. Landscaping companies can use this job posting site to help find candidates. 

Job Posting Sites for Electricians








SimplyHiredA site that allows employers to post job descriptions to other popular job board sites. Landscaping companies of any size can find qualified applicants to apply through other job sites.

Job Posting sites for Electricians







IndeedUsing Indeed as a source to post your landscaper position and get your job ad out in front of thousands of job seekers. This is a commonly used job posting site that allows many job seekers to find jobs and employers to hire candidates. 

Job Posting Sites for Plumbers









ZipRecruiterA job posting site that thousands of job seekers every day. ZipRecruiter reaches all types of potential job seekers and allows various companies to post job ads and find qualified applicants waiting for employment.

Job Posting Sites For Landscapers





CareerBuilder – An original job posting site that helps people find career opportunities and employers find people to hire to grow their business. This site is equivalent to other job sites that help landscaping companies post their job ads and find candidates.

Job Posting sites for Electricians






Job Posting Site for Landscapers Best Practices

Using a job posting site is the best approach to reaching qualified landscaping candidates effectively. It is important to know the most promising practices for using a job posting site to receive a great number of applications and improve your landscaping company’s hiring process.

Applicant Tracking Systems for Landscaping Companies

As a landscaping company, you have many options for job posting sites to find your next landscaper. If you seek to gain more than a job posting sites to improve your hiring process, using an applicant tracking system is one efficient way to enhance your entire hiring practice. 

An applicant tracking system or ATS is suitable for reaching your ideal landscaping candidate and having a centralized system to keep your hiring process organized. Many applicant tracking systems allow employers to create their job ads and have the ads pushed to all the major job posting sites. Users are provided with a platform to monitor job applications’ inflow and create a custom hiring pipeline to progress applicants through their hiring process. The most appealing aspect of an ATS is that it eliminates the hassle of posting to each and every free job posting site individually. With a few simple steps for creating your landscaping company job ad, an ATS, like VIVAHR, will push your job ad to all the top job sites increasing the visibility to reach qualified landscaper candidates. Here are some advantages of using an applicant tracking system for hiring your landscaper employee.

Final Thoughts

There are many options for finding the right job posting site for landscapers to fulfill your landscaping company’s open position. The ultimate objective of using landscaping company hiring software helps make your hiring process run efficiently and smoothly. Remember that applicant tracking systems make the hiring process easier to post job ads to all the major job posting sites with just a few easy steps. An ATS also provides your landscaping company with an online and app system to review, track, sort, and progress candidates through an innovative platform. VIVAHR applicant tracking software was designed to perform exactly that purpose to make the hiring processes extremely simple and quickly hire better talent.

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