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Garage Door Apprentice Job Description Template

Job Description Template

Garage Door Apprentice Description Template

September 29, 2021

Garage Door Apprentice Job Description Template

We know it’s not easy writing a creative job description. It can be time-consuming and frustrating, especially if you don’t know where to begin. This is why we’ve created this Free Garage Door Apprentice Job Description that will help you find just the right candidate who holds all the duties and duties and responsibilities one needs to be a successful Garage Door Apprentice.

With our Garage Door Hiring Software, you can hire and attract the best talent for your garage door company.

You can adjust this template to your needs and create an amazing job description that you can then add to job posting sites.

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What is a Garage Door Apprentice?

A garage door apprentice helps a garage door technician in installing, maintaining, and fixing garage doors for residential and commercial customers.

What garage door technicians and their apprentices do is install exterior and interior garage doors that are automatic with hydraulic and mechanical components.

When looking for candidates make sure to keep an eye out for someone with great time management, who is responsible and efficient.

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The Top Garage Door Apprentice Skills

Skill Why it's important
Listening Skills

You are an apprentice to a garage door technician. Most of the time the technician will ask for your help in handling something or they will give you instructions. You must listen to those instructions to perform the task well and finish the job required.

Communication Skills

In this position, you will be interacting with clients and work colleagues daily. You should always be polite, and professional, and have a friendly demeanor, making sure you leave clients' homes and offices clean and make sure everything works properly.

Physical Stamina

A garage door apprentice needs to have a lot of strength. As you will be building, moving, and fixing different parts of the garage door, you should be prepared to be on your feet for a long time and use your hands a lot to complete the job.

Time Management

This job requires you to travel by car a lot from client to client. It is crucial to stay on top of things, be on time, and know how long certain tasks will take you to finish efficiently. With good time management, this job will be easier for you.

Administrative Skills

You will be required to answer the phone and schedule appointments, as well as, maintain client records and send and collect invoices. This is why it is important that you are familiar with and confident in handling all administrative skills.

Garage Door Apprentice Job Description Template (Free)

We are currently looking for a highly motivated and attentive Garage Door Apprentice to join our growing team. In this position, you will be expected to help our garage door technicians with installing custom garage doors as well as fixing and maintaining them. You will also be required to travel to various locations to provide your services and you will be interacting with clients daily.

To be a successful apprentice you must have great listening skills as well as excellent communications skills. A good garage door apprentice demonstrates respectful behavior and is efficient, making sure that all the tasks and problems are done and resolved on time.

Garage Door Apprentice Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Document activities
  • Schedule installation appointments and create schedules
  • Assist the garage door technicians with replacing springs, slats, and sections
  • Prepare equipment for repair by disassembling it
  • Collect payments and send invoices for your services
  • Maintaining good customer relationships
  • Help the garage door technician in lubricating equipment
  • Explain the use of the door to clients and teach them how to use it
  • Fabricate components and parts
  • Ensure everything functions properly before handing the key or system to the client

Garage Door Apprentice Requirements:

  • High school diploma or GED
  • Great physical stamina
  • Excellent communication skills (both verbal and written)
  • Previous work experience as an apprentice
  • In-depth knowledge of the tools needed to perform these services
  • Very reliable and self-motivated
  • Ability to work flexible hours, overtime, after hours, and on weekends
  • Valid driver’s license

Accounting Specialist Interview Questrions

Sample Interview Questions for a Garage Door Apprentice

Once you gather all the applications you’ve received, you can use these sample interview questions for a Garage Door Apprentice to help you pick the right candidates.

You can also take a look at our garage door sales interview questions for more inspiration.

  1. Why do you want to become a garage door apprentice?
  2. Where do you see your career path going?
  3. Can you name one of your best traits?
Human Resources
  1. How would you handle an unsatisfied customer?
  2. Have you ever argued with your boss?
  3. Do you prefer to work in a team or alone?
  1. Are you good at managing your weekly schedule?
  2. Would you say you can fix or install a garage door on time?
  3. How do you handle having multiple clients throughout the day?
Technical Skills and Knowledge
  1. What previous technical experience do you have?
  2. Have you ever been an apprentice before?
  3. Are you familiar with all the tools that are used by garage door technicians?

What are the Educational Requirements for a Garage Door Apprentice?

To become a garage door apprentice all you need is a high school diploma or GED and a passion for learning and helping.

Previous experience with equipment and tools is always a plus. This job, however, is mostly about learning along the way.

There are some programs you can apply to and finish but most garage door apprentices have on-the-job training.

How Much to Pay a Garage Door Apprentice when Hiring

The salary of a Garage Door Apprentice varies based on the previous job experience and education. Compensation and pay can vary based on location.

Percentile 10% 25% 50%
75% 90%
Hourly Wage $16 $19 $22 $25 $27
Annual Wage $34,162 $39,681 $45,742 $51,565 $56,867

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Frequently Asked Questions about Garage Door Apprentice


What qualifications or skills are required for the Garage Door Apprentice role?

Candidates should ideally possess basic mechanical aptitude and a willingness to learn. Prior experience with hand tools and a valid driver’s license may be preferred but not always necessary.

What responsibilities can a Garage Door Apprentice expect to undertake?

Duties may include assisting experienced technicians with installing, repairing, and maintaining garage doors and related systems.

This can involve tasks such as lifting heavy materials, operating machinery, and following safety protocols.

Is there room for growth within this role?

Yes, this position often serves as an entry point into the garage door industry.

With dedication and skill development, apprentices can progress to become fully qualified technicians, and supervisors, or even start their businesses in the field.

How is the training structured for Garage Door Apprentices?

Training typically involves a combination of on-the-job learning alongside experienced technicians and formal classroom instruction.

Apprentices may also have access to online resources and certification programs to enhance their knowledge and skills over time.

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