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Contractor Job Description Template

Contractor Job Description Template

Friday, March 12th, 2021

Contractor Job Description Template

Contractors have a responsibility to coordinate building projects and oversee all their aspects. They arrange everything from materials and equipment to workers and services needed for completing a particular project. Contractors also guarantee project completion in an adequate and timely manner. Because their duties differ depending on the project’s size and scope, contractors need to be reliable, experienced, and highly qualified to perform the job. 

If you’re looking to hire just the employee we described above, use our Contractor Job Description Template. In it, you’ll find all the duties and responsibilities for the role, but you can also customize it to reflect your company’s culture and specific demands. You can download and post our template on hiring websites for free and use VIVAHR software for easy applicant tracking. 

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Contractor Job Description Template (Free)

We are seeking a reliable and highly skilled Contractor to join our construction crew. As a contractor, you’ll be responsible for overseeing building projects from beginning to end and handling various other construction duties. In this role, you’ll speak with subcontractors on behalf of clients, apply for building permits, manage personnel and other resources, visit worksites, and more. Thus, we need a skilled and hardworking individual with excellent communication and problem-solving skills. If this sounds like you, don’t hesitate to apply for the position. We are waiting for you!

Contractor Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Plan construction projects from beginning to end 
  • Estimate the cost of materials, labor, machinery, equipment, and predict other expenses to formulate an accurate bid price
  • Prepare presentations to illustrate a timeline of each particular project.
  • Work with other contractors and team members to ensure better working performance.
  • Follow industry laws and regulations.
  • Ensure the safety of employees and other workers on the job site 
  • Visit job sites and inspect buildings and other elements to ensure everything is up to code.
  • Inspect the quality of work and motivate employees to follow deadlines and deliver quality work 
  • Complete the necessary paperwork regarding building projects, including financial reports 

Contractor Requirements:

  • High school diploma required; bachelor’s degree in construction management preferred
  • Valid contractor license
  • Minimum 2 years of experience in the construction field
  • Hands-on experience with residential construction and renovation projects
  • Strong business and communication skills
  • Ability to work under pressure and meet all industry regulations
  • Experience using project management software
Contractor Job Description Template
Contractor Job Description Template
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Contractor Job Description Template

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Sample Interview Questions For Contractors

Here are some sample interview questions for Contractors you can use to manage the applicants and pick the most suitable one for your company:

What are the Educational Requirements For Contractors?

The minimum educational requirement for Contractors is a high school diploma. However, there’s an increase in the need for a bachelor’s or associate degree in construction management. Although experience in the industry is still the most crucial requirement, Contractors who want to advance in their careers usually have to achieve a higher level of education. 

How Much To Pay Contractors When Hiring

Based on the job and the experience, the range will vary quite a bit. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median income for Contractors in 2019 was $45.80 per hour or $95,260 a year. Over the next ten years, the job market for Contractors looks to grow by 8%, which is much faster than average. Compensation and pay can vary based on your local city and state.

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