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Assistant Editor Job Description Template

Job Description Template

Assistant Editor Job Description Template

November 9, 2022

Assistant Editor Job Description Template

Are you looking for a suitable platform and resources that will help you find new team members? You’ve come to the perfect place! Let’s start with this FREE Assistant Editor Job Description Template.

Our mission is to provide you with assistance and guidance on how to find and recruit the best candidates for your business.

In order to attract qualified candidates, you will need a precise and comprehensive description of the position you are looking for.

You can easily customize this template to turn it into a professional and eye-catching job offer ready for further distribution!

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What is an Assistant Editor?

Assistant Editors mainly work in the publishing industry under the supervision of the Editors in Chief.

They are responsible for planning and implementing daily, weekly, and monthly written content and assisting in publishing and editing operations in the company.

Assistant Editors also check the written content for grammatical, spelling, punctuation, and syntax errors and make sure the style, sense, and tone match the company’s image and idea.

They collaborate with other employees and assign tasks to staff members and freelance writers and follow trends and popular topics.

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The Top Assistant Editor Skills

Skill Why it's important
Editing and Proofreading These two skills are the core of successful Assistant Editors. They are necessary when Assistant Editors check the written content for grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors. Furthermore, Assistant Editors must edit and check written pieces in terms of style, accuracy, consistency, and readability and ensure they meet other professional standards before publishing.
Attention To Detail Attention to detail allows Assistant Editors to perform their duties precisely. This skill helps them notice and correct different mistakes and errors in the written content and ensure it is accurate and consistent. In addition, this skill also helps them select and implement suitable material, such as illustrations and images.
Communication Assistant Editors need strong communication skills to interact and collaborate with their supervisors, other editors, authors, clients, and staff members. Through effective communication, they are able to convey information and ideas, provide suggestions and explanations, and delegate tasks to staff members.
Organization Assistant Editors usually have a lot on their plate during the day. They may be responsible for several tasks at once, so great organizational skills are a must. They must keep track of written pieces, schedules, and deadlines. Also, Assistant Editors can be responsible for managing budgets and spreadsheets.
Creativity Creativity is the ability that helps Assistant Editors think outside of the box and come up with new, fresh, and innovative ideas. Creativity allows them to collaborate with other creative individuals on the same level and produce articles and other written pieces that will keep the audience engaged and interested.

Assistant Editor Job Description Template (Free)

We are looking for an organized and motivated individual to join our company as an Assistant Editor. Your main responsibilities include collaborating with other editors, developing daily, weekly, and monthly content, and editing and proofreading written content before publishing. You will ensure the written content is free of grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors and that it aligns with the company’s tone and image.

As our Assistant Editor, you will manage and monitor schedules and deadlines and ensure all projects are completed on time. Furthermore, you will suggest improvements and make adjustments to written content and research and implement the latest trends, ideas, and popular topics.

If you have outstanding communication, editing, creativity, organization, and attention to detail skills, we can’t wait to meet you!

Assistant Editor Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with other editors to develop daily, weekly, and monthly content
  • Review and edit content for grammatical, spelling, punctuation, and syntax errors
  • Review content for accuracy, sense, style, and readability
  • Select supporting material, such as images, graphs, and illustrations to complement the content
  • Assign articles and projects to staff members and freelance writers
  • Monitor schedules and deadlines to ensure projects are completed on time
  • Collaborate with authors, editors, publishers, and other employees to ensure projects are completed successfully
  • Suggest improvements and adjustments to the written pieces
  • Conduct research to follow current trends, ideas, and popular topics
  • Utilize social media and SEO to draw attention to articles
  • Write and proofread articles and other written pieces that cover relevant topics of the company

Assistant Editor Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in English, journalism, communication, or public relations
  • Prior working experience as an Assistant Editor or other similar position
  • Experience with publishing processes, techniques, and tools
  • Extensive knowledge of social media platforms and SEO
  • Exceptional editing and proofreading skills
  • Great command of the English language
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Excellent written and oral communication
  • Creativity and organization

Accounting Specialist Interview Questrions

Sample Interview Questions for an Assistant Editor

Once you gather up all the received applications, you can use these sample interview questions for Assistant Editor.

  1. Could you briefly introduce yourself?
  2. What is your greatest motivation in everyday life?
  3. What is a moment from the past that you would like to relive again?
Human Resources
  1. How long have you been working as an Assistant Editor?
  2. Why did you apply for a job in our company in particular?
  3. Are there any career-related goals that you strive to achieve in the future?
  1. Do you always double-check your work and do you think it is important to do so?
  2. Do you have experience working with freelance writers?
  3. How do you feel about working overtime to meet deadlines?
Technical Skills and Knowledge
  1. What editing tools are you most experienced with?
  2. What do you think indicates popular topics and the latest trends in the publishing industry?
  3. How do you accurately check a fact from several different sources?

What are the Educational Requirements for an Assistant Editor?

Assistant Editors typically have a Bachelor’s degree in English, journalism, communications, public relations, or a similar field.

Some employers look for applicants with a Master’s degree in some of these fields.

Candidates for this position would usually need a previous working experience in the publishing industry in related positions.

However, they would receive on-the-job training from more experienced editors to learn about the job specifics, preferred writing style, and other details.

How Much to Pay an Assistant Editor when Hiring

Assistant Editors earn between $19,500 and $62,500 per year.

Their median annual salary is $43,826.

Hourly wages go from $10 to $30.

The median hourly wage is $21.

Percentile 10% 25% 50%
75% 90%
Hourly Wage $10 $16 $21 $25 $30
Annual Wage $19,500 $33,500 $43,826 $53,000 $62,500

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Frequently Asked Questions about Assistant Editor


What are the duties of an Assistant Editor?

Assistant Editors are responsible for developing daily, weekly, and monthly content for publishing, reviewing, editing, and proofreading the written material, checking the content for accuracy, consistency, and readability, and suggesting improvements and adjustments to content.

They also manage schedules and deadlines and select supporting material, such as images and illustrations.

Who do Assistant Editors work with?

Assistant Editors collaborate with other editors, authors, freelance writers, supervisors, clients, publishers, and other professionals.

How much do Assistant Editors earn per year?

Assistant Editors earn between $19,500 and $62,500.

What qualities make a successful Assistant Editor?

Successful Assistant Editors must have exceptional written and oral communication, organization, and editing skills, as well as strong attention to detail and creativity.

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