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Why It 039 S Vital To Always Have A Talent Pool

Why It’s Vital to Always Have a Talent Pool

Friday, September 17th, 2021

Talent Pool Benefits

Benefits of consistent recruitment and ways to maintain it

It’s no secret that many companies send numerous rejection letters daily. But is that the proper way towards talent pool retention? It seems not to be.

Why it’s essential to have a broad talent pool? This is the question many companies ask, and it’s a good one! Having talent pools even when you aren’t actively hiring can bring numerous benefits to your business. So, talent pooling should become one of your recruitment strategies.

That’s why, in today’s article, we will cover two essential hiring topics:

  1. Benefits of consistent recruitment
  2. Ways to recruit consistently

Why it’s significant to maintain your talent pool?

A talent pool is a group of people that may become potential candidates. It’s crucial to actively maintain your list of potential employees and create a broad talent pool. This way, when the actual hiring time comes, you will have various candidates to choose from. If you don’t take care of your talent pool all the time, you might get into a situation where there is no right candidate available when you need them the most.

3 Benefits of Consistent Recruitment

1. More suitable applicant experience

When actively talent pooling, you skip “the rejection” part and keep candidates around instead. So, before you reject an applicant, think twice. That’s not a tactical thing to do. Just like candidates need companies, companies need candidates too. This means telling your applicants they are not the right fit for the ceratin role instead of telling them they are not the right fit for the entire business. This way, you leave an open communication for possible future collaboration.

2. More diversity

If you want to have a thriving company, make sure to include candidates from various backgrounds. Having a broad talent pool brings in numerous talented applicants. So, this way, you avoid the traditional hiring method and create a place for diversity.

3. Shorter hiring and lower cost-per-hire

If you do the talent pool management well, you should have easier hiring and expect a shorter process. By having various candidates already in your database, you can contact them directly. This shortens the overall hiring length. The other essential thing, you could save some money. Spending less on job posting promotions is easier when you have a few candidate options within your talent pool.

Why It 039 S Vital To Always Have A Talent Pool
Why It 039 S Vital To Always Have A Talent Pool
Joshua F.
Redline Electric & Solar
Why It 039 S Vital To Always Have A Talent Pool

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Tips to Recruit Consistently

Always look ahead of hiring

Even when you don’t have an open position, you should actively look for a candidate. To achieve this successfully, try creating a list of desirable candidate traits. Try answering these 3 easy questions:

  1. What education and skills does a candidate need to have?
  2. Do you expect a candidate with specific values?
  3. How much experience do you need a candidate to have?

If you spot an applicant that matches your criteria, try creating a position that can benefit both your company and a candidate.

Interview regularly

If you want to have successful hiring, you need to interview daily. Create a list of interview questions and pick a time during the day to get to know interested applicants. Find out what value they can bring to your team and also describe what you can offer them. By getting to know a potential employee, you can write down a list of pros and cons for their employment.

If you spot on more pros, find a way to offer a position to that candidate. So, even if not currently hiring, find a way to make a position for a person you find valuable for your company.

Consider ATS

Applicant Tracking System is a crucial tool for easier hiring and talent pool maintenance. Our VIVAHR software can attract talented candidates for you and help you broaden your talent pool. You can also easily stay in touch with current and past candidates. So, this can positively impact your hiring reputation and bring better conversion rates. Plus, you won’t need to search for applicants as our system can choose A-Players for you so that your talent pooling thrive.

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