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The State Job Board

The State Job Board

Friday, July 30th, 2021

The State Job Board reviews pricing, key information, and FAQs.

CityWhat is The State Job Board?

The State is a local media outlet based in Columbia. This website covers news from various fields and reaches a broad audience. These newspapers have a goal to inform people about trending topics. Besides the news section, the State also has a job posting opportunity on its site. Given the popularity and daily traffic this site has, it might be the right place for a job posting. So today, we’re going to review what job posting options this site offers, as having the right job board is essential for every business.


The State job board offers many possibilities. This software has partnered up with the popular job posting sites, such as Indeed, Glassdoor, and ZipRecruiter. So, your posting will be automatically uploaded to these platforms too. The State gives you an option to track all the candidates and evaluate them. It also collaborates with the MaxRecruit network.

The State job board can distribute a job posting to more than 30 job posting sites. There is also an option to promote postings on social media sites, such as Facebook and Linkedin. Plus, there is help from CareerBuilder. The State offers a 30-days posting option and promotion of your job posting.


  • ATS option – Applicant tracking system to help out during the hiring process
  • Applicant rating – Automated candidate rating system based on a job description
  • Unlimited logins for users – Add as many users on one account with no additional cost
  • Job board links on a company’s website – Opportunity to include job listings on your website.
  • Application source support – Option to create job posting landing page and track the recruitment
  • Job posting tracking – Track everything about job postings, views, clicks, and applicants.
  • Mobile-friendly – Track the hiring process from a smartphone, tablet, or PC


There is no specific information regarding limitations. However, there is a list of job posting rules. So, be sure to check this list, as it offers a detailed explanation about posting a job on the State. But, it’s worth noticing that this job board is:

  • The job board is not free and is a bit pricey
  • Doesn’t have a free trial option


There is no users review about the State job board. However, given the web traffic, it should be a handy place to post a job.

The State Job Board
The State Job Board
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The State Job Board

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How to Post a Job on the State Job Board

You can sign up and post a job on the State’s official job posting site. After you enter the site, you should find the “post job now” option.

The State Job Board Pricing

The State job board offers three pricing options. So, take a look at the detailed list.

Basic – This plan costs $398 and is meant for positions that easily attract applicants. Here are the benefits it gives:

Advanced – This offer comes at a $573 price and is recommended for attracting more applicants. Here are the benefits:

Premium – This is the priciest option. It costs $877, and it’s a handy choice for jobs in need of broad market reach. Here are its benefits:

The State Job Board vs. Engage Cleveland Job Board

The State job board gives an option to share job postings on trending sites, and it offers a job posting to more than 30 job posting sites. The site is based in Columbia. It includes social media sharing and CareerBuilder assistance. On the other side, Engage Cleveland is a job board partnered up with more than 150 high-end companies in Northeast Ohio. This job board offers part and full-time jobs, internships, etc.

The State Job Board vs. Job Board

The State job board has an ATS option, so you can effortlessly evaluate and keep track of the applicants. It has a MaxRecruit network that adjusts cost-per-click for the job postings. is Ohio based news site with the job posting option. So, these two sites are similar as they are both news sites. They both offer 30-day posting too.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to post a job on the State Job Board?

There are three pricing options on the State job board. Depending on the package, the prices go from $398 (basic), $573 (advanced), $877 (premium).

Note: All the costs are per job. That means you get the package benefits, but you can post only one job posting for that price.

How often are jobs posted on the State Job Board?

Every package offers a 30-days posting on the State job board. More advanced packages also give better visibility for local applicants.

How do I create an account on the State Job Board?

When you enter the State job board page for job posting, you would see a “post a job now” option. When you click on it, there will be a field for your email address. There will be two other options displayed too. You should check the ” I am a new customer” option.

What kind of jobs are on the State Job Board?

There are various job categories on the State job board. Employers can post jobs and attract applicants in the following fields:

However, this site only offers job postings for paid jobs. So, there is currently no option for unpaid internship programs.

Is The State Job Board any good?

The State job board seems like a handy job posting site. However, it only gives an option to post on 30+ job posting sites. If you’re looking to expand your job posting visibility, check out VIVAHR software.

Our system offers job posting options on 50+ job posting sites. It also provides candidate management, reporting analytics, customizing team cultures. This way, you don’t have to worry about losing your best applicants during the hiring process.