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Cleveland Com Job Board Job Board

Wednesday, July 28th, 2021 Job Board review with pricing, key information, and FAQs.

Free Job Posting Sites Cleveland is top-notch information and news website in Ohio. It has 9.9 million users monthly. This site covers news from various topics, from news, sports, traffic, weather, etc. It’s also mobile-friendly and has a free app for Android and iPhone. So, this allows users to stay up-to-date with Northeast Ohio news.

Besides the expected section on their site, you can also find the place for job postings. Their Jobs section offers information about career advice, job news, and an option for both seeking and posting jobs.

This site offers opportunities for both job seekers and employers. Everyone who searches new job can find something on this local Cleveland job board. Also, it serves as a handy candidate resource for any employer within Cleveland. So today, we are going to provide you with a more detailed review of this local job board.

Review offers various options in job-related fields. Users can get guidance regarding careers, and everything job-related is placed on this local site. They have a blog section with many career tips. If you’re looking for Cleveland job market info, you can find that here too. The job search section looks on-point and sleek. So, you need to type in what you’re searching for. This site says it offers talent-finding assistance.


  • Resume advice
  • Tips for successful interviewing
  • Networking tips
  • Negotiation strategy advice
  • Talent reach with a 30-day job posting
  • Employment trends
  • Company expansions
  • Seeking job option
  • Posting job option
  • Job listings from Ohio and other states


  • It’s not free


We couldn’t find any information about this site’s reputation. seems like a reputable website with lots of features. But some users’ feedback could come in handy.

Cleveland Com Job Board
Cleveland Com Job Board
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Cleveland Com Job Board

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How to Post a Job on Job Board

If you wish to post a job on, go to their Jobs section, sign up and choose the “post a job” option. Job Board Pricing offers three types of packages. Check out what each of these offers includes.

Advance Ohio Basic Package – This offer comes at a $350 price and provides online 30-day job posting. It also includes:

Performance Package – As a medium offer, this one has a $475 price. It includes a 30-day job posting. But, it also comes with features such as:

Proactive Package – This is the most advanced option. It costs $595 and offers a 30-day job posting. It comes with: Job Board vs. Midtown Cleveland Job Board has an option for posting jobs within Ohio and other states. It provides people with quality info about any job-related topics. There are options for both job seekers and employers. On the other side, Midtown Clevland Job Board is more location-narrowed. It provides job searching and posting in certain areas. It covers Midtown, Ohio City, Tremont, and Greater Cleveland. Job Board vs. Engage Cleveland is an Ohio-located site with a job posting option. It connects job seekers and employers. On the other hand, Engage Cleveland is a non-profit company and job board. It takes care of economic growth and provides help for residents, property owners, and managers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to post a job on Job Board?

There are three job posting packages. The basic one starts at a $350 price, the medium is $475, and the advanced option costs $595. All three options offer a 30-day job posting option.

How often are jobs posted on the Job Board?

You can find three types of packages on All three provide 30-day job postings.

How do I create an account on Job Board?

When you go to this page, you will find sign-up options for both job seekers and employers. These options are separated. So, make sure to sign up correctly.

What kind of jobs are on the Job Board?

You can find various types of jobs on This site offers both full and part-time job options. So, it provides diverse choices for everyone.

Is Job Board good?

As is the primary news site and not a classic job board, we couldn’t find user ratings. But, given its reputation and a large amount of traffic, it should be a handy job board too.

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