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Seo Specialist Job Description Template

Job Description Template

SEO Specialist Description Template

July 26, 2021

Seo Specialist Job Description

We have created this Free SEO Specialist Job Description Template to make your hiring process easier and help you attract just the right candidates for you and your company.

You can customize this template to your needs and add any duties and responsibilities you see fit or extra job requirements.

Our VIVAHR software lets you customize this template and post it to relevant hiring websites, you can also track and maintain applications.

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What is a SEO Specialist?

A Search Engine Optimization, better known as an SEO Specialist, is someone who maximizes website traffic by implementing strategies within search engines to improve page ranking.

They are also in charge of analyzing and reviewing metrics for websites they are working on optimizing.

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The Top SEO Specialist Skills

Skill Why it's important
Critical Thinking

It is important for an SEO to look at data and understand what happened, why it happened, and what can be done about it. These are basic measurements that require problem-solving skills as well as analytical skills. Being capable of identifying causation and correlations is the key to being a great SEO Specialist.

Speaking and Writing

Doing your own keyword research is part of the job. When writing articles for websites, you should know what keywords to use in order to optimize trafficking. This is why SEO Specialists should have good speaking and writing skills, you need to present your ideas, understand how to write them and how to implement them into your strategy.

Analytical Skills

Knowing how to use Adobe and Google Analytics can save you a lot of time. You should have a good understanding of KPIs to have a good SEO strategy. It is good to be Google or Adobe certified, this gives you greatly in-depth knowledge and assures your clients you know what you are doing.


Search optimization engines require a well-planned budget to reach your client’s goals. Knowing how much money to put on certain web pages and understanding how SEO budgeting works is crucial.

Time Management

Some SEO Specialists work as freelancers, so you will have multiple clients. It is your job to make sure each client gets the same amount of attention. That’s why having a clear and well-planned working schedule is good to have in this line of work.

SEO Specialist Job Description Template (Free)

We are searching for someone to join our team as an SEO Specialist. The duties and responsibilities for this position are: optimizing content, collecting and analyzing data, managing campaign expenses, and identifying new trends. We are looking for a creative, critical thinker, who understands the importance of generating more page traffic.

To be successful in this position, you should always be on top of new trends and innovations. As an SEO specialist, you should know all the technicalities for optimization and value quality content. If you have an outstanding ability to think creatively and strategically and have previous work experience in a similar field, then this job might be the right fit for you!

SEO Specialist Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Research keywords and implement SEO recommendations
  • Perform keyword optimization and discovery
  • Read KPIs and create progress reports
  • Create and optimize budgets
  • Identify new trends, analyze data while achieving maximum ROI
  • Track and monitor reports with website analytics
  • Research and identify competitors
  • Create clear strategies and implement link building
  • Recommend changes and improvements in websites and content as well as linking techniques

SEO Specialist Requirements:

  • Bachelor degree in business, marketing, or similar area of study
  • Prior experience in marketing or SEO
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Knowledge of Google Ads and Google Analytics
  • Ability to think creatively and strategically
  • Proficiency in reading metrics
  • Strong analytical and time management skills

Accounting Specialist Interview Questrions

Sample Interview Questions for a SEO Specialist

Once you gather all the received applications, you can use these sample interview questions for a SEO Specialist.

  1. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  2. What is your five-year plan?
  3. Why did you leave your last job?
Human Resources
  1. Are you a team player?
  2. How would you approach an issue with a colleague?
  1. How do you manage your workday?
  2. How would you describe your approach to keyword research?
Technical Skills and Knowledge
  1. How would you optimize a website?
  2. How do you measure success?
  3. What SEO Tools do you use?

What are the Educational Requirements for a SEO Specialist?


Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Communications, or Related Field

Foundational knowledge in marketing principles and digital communications provides a strong basis for understanding SEO concepts and strategies.

SEO Certification or Training Courses

Specialized training or certification demonstrates proficiency in SEO techniques, tools, and best practices, ensuring the specialist is equipped to optimize websites effectively.

Strong Understanding of Search Engine Algorithms

A deep understanding of search engine algorithms enables the specialist to optimize content strategically, stay updated on changes, and adapt strategies to improve website visibility and rankings.

How Much to Pay a SEO Specialist when Hiring

SEO Specialists earn between $34,500 and $90,000 per year.

Their median annual salary is $67,388.

Hourly rates go from $17 to $43.

The median hourly rate is $32.

Percentile 10% 25% 50%
75% 90%
Hourly Wage $17 $25 $32 $36 $43
Annual Wage $34,500 $53,000 $67,388 $75,000 $90,000

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Frequently Asked Questions about SEO Specialist


What is the role of an SEO Specialist?

An SEO Specialist is responsible for optimizing website content, improving search engine rankings, and increasing organic traffic through strategic keyword research, on-page optimization, and link building.

What qualifications should an ideal SEO Specialist possess?

An ideal SEO Specialist should have a bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Communications, or a related field, along with SEO certification or training courses.

Additionally, they should possess a strong understanding of search engine algorithms and analytical skills.

What tools and technologies should an SEO Specialist be familiar with?

An SEO Specialist should be proficient in using various SEO tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SEMrush, Moz, and Ahrefs.

They should also have experience with content management systems like WordPress and knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

How can an SEO Specialist contribute to business growth?

An SEO Specialist can contribute to business growth by increasing website visibility, driving qualified traffic, and improving conversion rates.

By optimizing content and implementing SEO strategies, they help businesses reach their target audience, enhance brand awareness, and generate leads.

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