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Job Posting Sites For Cleaners
Job Posting Sites For Cleaners

Job Posting Sites for Cleaners

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020

It is a proven point that hiring effectively significantly influences how successfully a company runs its operations. When every step in the hiring process is conducted with precision, the results support higher retention of qualified employees and an improved organization. Knowing how to write a good job description provides a valuable asset to receiving the right, and skilled candidates apply for your cleaning company position from the beginning of hiring new employees. Your cleaning technician job description is your company’s sales pitch to attract the ideal candidates you seek to join your team. Another critical factor to include in your hiring process is placing your job description on the appropriate job posting sites to reach your candidates. Using job posting sites for cleaners will get your job ad in front of those right applicants you need for your business. Also, to ensure that your hiring process is actively proficient, an innovative applicant tracking system will help keep a structured method for reviewing and selecting candidates. These few vital hiring methods can start your cleaning company off in the right direction to recruiting suitable employees to further your business growth.

Writing a Good Job Description

When you need to hire new employees, you need to begin with your job description that provides your potential employee with information about the company, job responsibilities, and what type of individual will be the best fit for the position. Here are some important components to include in your job ad to help you have a great job description.

Outline for the ideal candidate

Before you begin to craft your company’s cleaning technician job description, you need to have a sound perception of the type of candidate you desire to apply for your available position. Ultimately, recognizing the perfect candidate for your company makes it less difficult to write your job description. Take time to consider the soft and hard skills, qualifications, and other requirements needed to be a successful addition to your company. Take time to look at the soft and hard skills, credentials, and other requirements needed to thrive. Consider asking these questions and creating your own to pinpoint the ideal candidate.

Relevant Job title

Although you might have a great idea for your job position title, you want to ensure that the title will be searched for by your ideal candidate on the job posting site for cleaners. The best way to validate that your job title is relevant, conduct a simple search on a job posting site and think like how your candidate would when looking for open positions. Also, avoid using any titles that may seem like a great way to attract amazing applicants, such as Rockstar Cleaners or Marvelous Cleaners. Remember to use titles that would be seen on a business card or a LinkedIn profile.

About the Company

Providing your applicants with some information about your company adds value to your job description that adds a personal touch. Today, more people are searching for a company that they want to be part of not just for employment but for a long-lasting career. Describing your company’s purpose, the values you instill, and any other information that gives job seekers insight into the type of business you run is an added benefit towards selling your position to your perfect candidate.

Position Outlook

Before you start listing the position duties and responsibilities, give your potential candidate an idea of it takes to be successful in this role. Describe the type of skills you believe are essential to have to perform well every day. You can also include details of what it is like in your cleaning technician’s day and life. Paint a picture of it would be like working for your company, not just with the routine tasks but also with being a team member. In this section, you are providing job seekers a glimpse into your company culture.

Position Details

In the part of your job description, you will want to provide the details of the task needed to be performed for a typical day for your cleaning technician. Transparency is important to remember when listing the duties and responsibilities that your employee will be accomplishing. You can include as much information as you would like about the position task but ensure they are clear and reasonable for the expectation you will need your employees to conduct. Note that these duties and responsibilities appear pleasing in a job description if formatted with bullet points.


This section of a job description tends to be the first area that job seekers reviewing. Depending on the years of experience, education, or certifications needed for this position will be a major factor if a job seeker will apply to the position or not. If you are hiring for an experienced cleaning technician, please include any specific requirements in your job description to attract the ideal applicant.

Further Company Info

Add another section about your company to increase the attraction of working for your company. This would be a great opportunity to discuss what your company promises to do in treating your employees. Although you are a place for employment, what do you offer in the sense of being an essential component of the business? Describe more about the company culture and any other details that will make job seekers want to work for you over the competition.

Compensation and benefits

Both of these parts are totally voluntary, but compensation used will boost your number of applicants. It may be beneficial to provide a compression range of what the company is willing to offer. Providing a compensation amount helps eliminate wasted time on applicants that are expecting hiring compensation wages. If your cleaning company offers health, dental, or retirement benefits, make sure to provide these benefits in your job description. Additionally, if you offer other attractive benefits like a company vehicle, cell phones, uniform reimbursements, etc., these are great aspects of boosting applying interests.

Work Hours

If you require your cleaning technicians to work outside of the normal 9-5 hours, Saturdays, or even on holidays, you must let your applicant know this requirement. Providing this requirement will eliminate wasting time on candidates who cannot commit to these hours.

Job Posting Sites for Cleaners

There is an endless option of job posting sites that can help your cleaning company hire cleaning technicians. The ultimate goal of using a cleaning company hiring software helps make the hiring process run seamlessly and efficiently. The overall purpose of using a cleaning company hiring software helps to make the recruiting process smooth and effective. Remember that applicant tracking systems create a hiring process simple to post job ads to the top job boards within a few quick steps. VIVAHR applicant tracking software was created to perform exactly that purpose to make the hiring processes extremely easy and efficient to hire the best candidates possible.

VIVAHR – Of course, we had to mention our software! VAHR is an outstanding job posting site to find cleaning technicians. Our software sends your job ad to all the job boards with one simple click. VIVAHR provides a groundbreaking ATS to make it easy for small business to recruit candidates, organize resumes, build custom hiring pipelines, and connect with interested applicants.

Job Posting Sites for Electricians – This is a job posting site typically used to find caregivers for child care, school support, senior care, and housekeeping. This site also allows small businesses to recruit individuals for those types of services for their company. A cleaning company can use this site to find specifically targeted candidates looking for employment.

job posting sites for cleaners – A job posting site designed to find house cleaners looking for employment in a particular area. This site is used by cleaning companies to reach out to cleaning professionals looking for employment in the country and on a global scale.

Job posting sites for cleaners

Betterteam – This job positing platform helps employers post job descriptions to pushes it to all the other available job boards. The website is great for all types and sizes of businesses. Cleaning companies can use this site to attract potential job seekers.

Job Posting Sites for Electricians

SimplyHiredAnother job posting site that permits employers to upload their job ads to common job sites. Job seekers can search for the company’s currently hiring in their areas, and employers can attract qualified applicants to their open position quickly and easily.

Job Posting sites for Electricians

Indeed – A top job site that is used globally for both job seekers and employers. This site is used by thousands of users looking for work in various industries. Cleaning companies can find many types of job seekers currently seeking employment.

Job Posting Sites for cleaners

ZipRecruiter – Another well-known job posting site that serves employers of all sizes and job seekers looking for employment in different sectors. ZipRecruiter is a good option for a job posting site to find cleaners to join your company’s team.

Job Posting Sites for cleaners

Monster – A leading job posting sites that assist employers and job seekers in meeting their employment objectives. Monster provides similar job posting features like other major job posting sites to help hire the right employee.

Job Posting Sites for Electricians

CareerBuilder – A pioneer for job posting sites that have helped many companies and applicants be their hiring solution. Like the other job board sites, this site can help any cleaning company find the needed employees seeking to be part of their company.

Job Posting sites for Electricians

Applicant Tracking Systems for Cleaners

With all the available job posting sites for cleaners, the best way to get the most of a job posting site and improve your hiring process is to use an applicant tracking system. An applicant tracking system or ATS is perfect for reaching your ideal candidate and having a centralized system to keep your hiring process organized. Most applicant tracking systems allow users to create their job descriptions, publish the job ads to all the major job posting sites, provide a platform to monitor the inflow applications, and create their own unique hiring method to move applicants through their hiring process. More importantly, an effective ATS eliminates posting to each job posting site individually. With a few simple steps for creating your cleaning companies open position, an ATS will push the job ad to all the top job sites increasing the visibility to reach qualified cleaning candidates. Here are some best features and the main advantages of using an applicant tracking system during a company’s hiring process.

Best Features of an ATS

ATS Advantages for Cleaners

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