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Executive Administrative Assistant Job Description Template

Job Description Template

Executive Administrative Assistant Job Description Template

September 29, 2023

Executive Administrative Assistant Job Description Template

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What is an Executive Administrative Assistant?

Executive Administrative Assistants are professionals who work in various office settings and provide administrative and clerical support to executives and senior management.

They oversee office functions and ensure the smooth operation of office activities,

Executive Administrative Assistants are responsible for answering phone calls, taking messages, and managing daily schedules.

They also arrange meetings, events, appointments, and travel arrangements, maintain paper and electronic documentation and spreadsheets, and monitor and order office supplies.

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The Top Executive Administrative Assistant Skills

Skill Why it's important
Organization Executive Administrative Assistants need excellent organizational skills to be able to manage daily tasks and stay on track with their responsibilities. Organizational skills help them handle multiple tasks, manage documentation and schedules, and don’t fall behind. Also, this skill enables them to be more efficient and complete their duties professionally.
Communication Communication is crucial for Executive Administrative Assistants because they interact with executives, other employees, clients, and suppliers regularly. Strong communication helps them receive and understand instructions, convey important details and information, and build and maintain professional relationships. Communication is also essential for explaining tasks, deadlines, and other duties.
Technology It is fundamental for Executive Administrative Assistants to stay current on technology developments and know how to use electronic tools and software that suit their role. Various tools and systems help them perform their duties more efficiently, manage spreadsheets, schedule meetings and appointments, and maintain client and company information.
Attention To Detail Executive Administrative Assistants should be detail-oriented in order to remain professional and avoid any potential mistakes. Attention to detail helps them keep the company’s documentation up to date and accurate, ensure all information and data are correct and precise, and provide relevant information to appropriate departments, executives, and clients.
Strategic Planning Strategic planning for Executive Administrative Assistants represents the ability to plan, manage, and coordinate daily office activities and operations. They use this skill to allocate office resources appropriately, plan events and meetings, and actively participate in relevant company projects, endeavors, and events.

Executive Administrative Assistant Job Description Template (Free)

Our company is hiring an organized and experienced Executive Administrative Assistant to assist our executives in daily tasks. Your primary job in this role will be to oversee office functions and activities and ensure smooth office operations. You will be responsible for answering phone calls, taking messages, handling correspondence, and arranging and managing meetings, appointments, and events. You will manage requests and monitor office supplies.

Additionally, you will welcome visitors and direct them to appropriate departments, create and maintain paper and electronic documentation, make travel arrangements and itineraries, build professional relationships with suppliers and clients, and perform basic bookkeeping and accounting duties.

As a successful Executive Administrative Assistant, you should have outstanding organizational, communication, technology, attention to detail, problem-solving, and strategic skills.

Executive Administrative Assistant Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Provide administrative support to executives and oversee office functions
  • Answer phone calls, take messages, and manage daily schedules and calendars
  • Arrange and manage meetings, appointments, and events
  • Handle and manage correspondence, requests, and inquiries from clients
  • Create and maintain spreadsheets, databases, and other paper and electronic documents
  • Monitor inventory levels and order office supplies
  • Greet visitors and guide them to the relevant department
  • Organize efficient communication between executives and clients
  • Make and handle travel arrangements and travel itineraries
  • Negotiate and build professional relationships with suppliers, vendors, and clients
  • Review, analyze, and sort incoming documentation
  • Perform basic bookkeeping and accounting duties

Executive Administrative Assistant Requirements:

  • High school diploma or GED certificate
  • Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in a business-related field is an advantage
  • 2+ years of working experience in similar administrative positions
  • Working knowledge of MS Office, database systems, organizational tools, and software
  • Comprehensive knowledge of office management processes and protocols
  • Outstanding verbal and written communication
  • Excellent multitasking and organizational skills
  • Strong planning and office management skills
  • Attention to detail

Accounting Specialist Interview Questrions

Sample Interview Questions for an Executive Administrative Assistant

Once you gather up all the received applications, you can use these sample interview questions for Executive Administrative Assistant.

  1. How would you briefly describe your personality?
  2. What activities do you enjoy when you’re not working?
  3. Is there any skill that you would like to acquire or improve?
Human Resources
  1. Have you ever worked as an assistant before?
  2. What qualities or skills make you a better candidate for this position than others?
  3. What specifically attracts you to this company?
  1. Could you describe your previous experience providing support to C-suite executives?
  2. How would you handle and secure sensitive and confidential information?
  3. What strategies do you use to anticipate the needs of your executives and stay updated on changes and developments?
Technical Skills and Knowledge
  1. Are there any advanced features and functions of MS Office that you are particularly skilled at?
  2. What tools and systems do you use to efficiently manage database systems and spreadsheets?
  3. What is your process for creating and formatting a professional-looking document?

What are the Educational Requirements for an Executive Administrative Assistant?

Being an Executive Administrative Assistant doesn’t require any specific education or requirements.

However, a certain level of education can open up more opportunities for advancement.

An Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in a business-related field, such as office administration or business administration can provide valuable skills and knowledge for this role.

Also, acquiring certifications in project management, computer applications, or office management can enhance the candidates’ ability to prospect in their careers.

How Much to Pay an Executive Administrative Assistant when Hiring

Executive Administrative Assistants earn between $26,880 and $79,000 per year.

Their median annual salary is $58,524.

Hourly rates range from $14 to $38.

The median hourly rate is $28.

Percentile 10% 25% 50%
75% 90%
Hourly Wage $14 $22 $28 $34 $38
Annual Wage $26,880 $45,000 $58,524 $70,500 $79,000

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Frequently Asked Questions about Executive Administrative Assistant


What do Executive Administrative Assistants do?

Executive Administrative Assistants provide administrative and clerical support to executives and senior management in the workplace.

They answer phone calls, take messages, schedule meetings, appointments, and events, handle schedules and calendars, create and maintain electronic and paper documentation, and monitor office supplies.

What skills should Executive Administrative Assistants have?

Executive Administrative Assistants should have outstanding organizational, multitasking, communication, attention to detail, and strategic thinking skills.

Who do Executive Administrative Assistants report to?

Executive Administrative Assistants usually report to one senior executive within the organization.

Depending on the organizational structure, they can directly report to the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, etc.

Where do Executive Administrative Assistants work?

Executive Administrative Assistants can work in office settings in various industries, such as corporate, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, education, etc.

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