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Digital Strategist Job Description Template

Job Description Template

Digital Strategist Description Template

January 8, 2022

Digital Strategist Job Description Template

Are you having trouble finding the perfect Digital Strategist for your business? As an employer, you should have a detailed and comprehensive job description template for the job title you are looking for. We are here to support and help you in your hiring process. That is why we created this FREE Digital Strategist Job Description Template which contains all the information needed.

The best thing about this template is that you can customize and change it according to your special requirements, responsibilities, and criteria.

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What is a Digital Strategist?

A Digital Strategist works with various departments and individuals to identify the gaps in the organization and develop a strategy to address their needs.

The Digital Strategist will also help develop and implement a plan to meet the goals of the strategy. They usually work with business teams and collaborate on marketing campaigns.

They raise brand awareness, help integrate digital strategies and assets, and measure the effectiveness of digital platforms.

Digital Strategies closely follow trends and understand people and the way they react to digital media content.

They also analyze web traffic, collect feedback, and provide solutions to sustain web presence.

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The Top Digital Strategist Skills

Skill Why it's important
Knowledge of Digital Practices

The knowledge of digital marketing and digital practices is a core skill for a Digital Strategist. They are required to know how to use and implement search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). Any additional practice or tool is a great advantage for a Digital Strategist.

Data Analysis

There are many online tools for measuring data across various platforms that Digital Strategists should be familiar with. Data analysis helps them make relevant decisions and focus on data that is only important for achieving their business goals.

Content Creation and Creativity

Business in the digital world revolves around content on digital platforms and how well that content is executed. Digital Strategists need to understand how important it is to have amazing and creative visual content because that is the way to reach the target audience and eventually achieve the goals set.

Communication Skills

When it comes to communication skills, Digital Strategists have to be excellent in both oral and written manner. They need to be able to spread the message across social media and connect with the audience, as well as build trusted relationships with their teammates.

Research Skills

Last but not least are strong research skills. Every decision that a Digital Strategist makes is a product of thorough and detailed research. When a Digital Strategist combines research findings with knowledge, experience, and strategy, the final aim is likely to be successful.

Digital Strategist Job Description Template (Free)

Our marketing company is looking for an experienced and qualified candidate who will take the position of Digital Strategist. The primary goal of our new Digital Strategist will be to coordinate different digital platforms and collaborate in reaching the company’s goals. You will be responsible for identifying needs and opportunities for the increase of brand awareness and developing and managing digital campaigns for that purpose.

A Digital Strategist plays a pivotal role in business growth, customer satisfaction, and user experience. Our ideal Digital Strategist should be innovative, broadly knowledgeable about digital strategies and practices, creative, and analytical. Excellent research, communication skills, a friendly personality, and being a team player are all huge advantages that we cherish. Don’t waste time and apply now! We are looking forward to meeting you!

Digital Strategist Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Use web technologies to achieve the company’s business goals
  • Discover gaps and oversights in the business
  • Solve and fix problems and gaps and provide relevant solutions
  • Identify new opportunities for the increase of brand awareness
  • Analyze existing digital campaigns and collect data and customer feedback
  • Set digital marketing strategies, plans, and techniques
  • Research new trends, strategies, and tools
  • Assess and implement new trends and strategies based on the research
  • Engage with clients, customers, and teammates and build a loyal and trusty relationship
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest technology and ideas

Digital Strategist Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, advertising, or relevant
  • Experience with developing various marketing campaigns
  • Experience with SEO/SEM
  • Knowledge of The Adobe suite and The Microsoft suite
  • Excellent research and data analysis skills
  • Communication skills

Accounting Specialist Interview Questrions

Sample Interview Questions for a Digital Strategist

Once you gather up all the received applications, you can use these sample interview questions for a Digital Strategist. These questions could assist you in narrowing down your choices and picking suitable applicants.

  1. What are your most valuable qualities?
  2. How did you decide to enroll in the digital marketing industry?
  3. If you weren’t in this interview, what would you be doing right now?
Human Resources
  1. Why do you think you are ideal for this position?
  2. What do you like and do you dislike in digital marketing?
  3. How do you motivate yourself and others in critical moments?
  1. How would your digital knowledge and experience benefit our business?
  2. What were your best results business-wise?
  3. What does your typical working day look like?
Technical Skills and Knowledge
  1. What is a successful digital campaign for you?
  2. Which programs and tools are you most skillful with?
  3. In your opinion, what are the three things you would immediately change in our business?

What are the Educational Requirements for a Digital Strategist?

The position of a Digital Strategist generally requires a degree in marketing, communication, advertising, public relations, or equivalent.

Employers usually expect 3-5 years of experience in similar positions and working on various projects and campaigns.

Digital Strategists acquire many of their skills and experience by learning and working on the spot.

That is why industry knowledge is valued in this role.

How Much to Pay a Digital Strategist when Hiring

Digital Strategists usually earn between $34,500 and $111,000 annually.

Their median annual pay is around $72,238.

Their hourly wages go from $17 to $53.

The median hourly wage for a Digital Strategist is $35.

Percentile 10% 25% 50%
75% 90%
Hourly Wage $17 $26 $35 $38 $53
Annual Wage $34,500 $54,500 $72,238 $80,000 $111,000

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Frequently Asked Questions about Digital Strategist


What are the qualities of a good Digital Strategist?

A successful Digital Strategist is someone who has a broad knowledge of digital marketing, social media platforms, and techniques on how to improve the overall business and sustain success.

A Digital Strategist should be analytical and innovative, with great research and communication skills.

What are the most common examples of digital strategists?

Digital strategies include content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, SEO, SEM, etc.

What is the average annual salary for a Digital Strategist?

Digital Strategists approximately earn $72,238 annually.

What are the working hours of a Digital Strategist?

Digital Strategists generally work from 9 am – 5 pm, Monday to Friday. However, they may work overtime depending on deadlines or expectations.

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