7 Best Recruiting Strategies for Healthcare Clinics

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June 14, 2019

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7 Best Recruiting Strategies for Healthcare Clinics

It can be discouraging at times when striving to find quality candidates for your practice. Some candidates can nail an interview just to be fired six months later, ultimately wasting enormous quantities of both your time and your money. Recent studies show the cause being is a major disconnect between today’s workforce and hiring managers. Read on to uncover the 7 Best Recruiting Strategies for Healthcare Clinics and what the disconnect actually is.

The Problem

The first thing to be understood is that the workforce today is primarily millennials. What is the defining factor between your candidate choosing between you and your competitor? Studies show that the number one thing that the job seekers today value, is a good work/life balance. Compensation isn’t even on the list. Companies utilizing the latest technology barely matters. So, what does this mean?


7 Best Recruiting Strategies for Healthcare Clinics


In a nutshell, this study shows us that creating mutual understanding between employer and job seeker can prevent a lot of that wasted time and money, and ultimately build a lasting, functioning relationship. Address the core value to what job seekers are actually seeking.

How do we deliver what job seekers value in our recruitment strategy to get more applicants and recruit more A-Players along the way?

Strategy #1: Recruit to KPI – Not Functions

Lead with your Key Performance Indicator (KPI). Rather than writing a job description about how great the company is, lead with what it is that will measure success. Having a clear and defined objective, drive results and deserve a reward, which is exactly what a KPI is. This needs to be included in the job description so it is completely understood what objectives are needed to be overcome to achieve desired results.

Something you can utilize to best form a mutual understanding is a scorecard.


7 Best Recruiting Strategies for Healthcare Clinics

7 Best Recruiting Strategies for Healthcare Clinics


This way, the company’s objectives are clear, as well as how well your candidates’ skills, traits, and responsibilities for the position align with the KPI. This level of transparency is a major difference maker in converting candidates to applicants.

Strategy #2: SEO Job Description

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical for every business owner to fully understand. A core competency with SEO is to put yourself inside the head of your target audience (job seekers). No matter where your candidates are searching, you need to make sure your job title aligns with what your audience is searching for.



7 Best Recruiting Strategies for Healthcare Clinics


Notice that all the results align with the search title itself. Additionally, the job title is in the description multiple times. Everywhere you’re going to talk about the position, label it as your job title to get more keyword relevancy.

Strategy #3: Leverage Automation

Both Zapier and VIVAHR are one-to-many integration and automation software. This means that you can take your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or your job posting and create an automation. For example, every time you post a job inside your VIVAHR account, it will automatically push to various platforms including Facebook Groups and MailChimp.


7 Best Recruiting Strategies for Healthcare Clinics


Some job seeker-related Facebook Groups contain over 100,000 members, and that’s even specified to a specific location, like Phoenix.

You can use automation towards any email marketing platform, but for this example, we’re using MailChimp. When you post a job, automating a drip email using your existing database of customers or job seekers can also majorly help to increase impressions of your job ad and ultimately job applicants.

Strategy #4: Build Employee Evangelists


7 Best Recruiting Strategies for Healthcare Clinics


Knight Transportation is one of the largest logistics and truck driving companies around the country. They have over 120% annual employee turnover. That means every year they are entirely replacing 100% of their employees plus 20%!

Knight took a different approach to not only create employee retention but leverage our current employees to deliver a pipeline of great candidates. What they did was create social media accounts called Drive Knight, across all different platforms, and empower the drivers across the entire country to take photos of their vehicle and submit it to the organization.

If you are a part of the truck driver community and you start to see these beautiful pictures and company comradery all over social media, it’ll most likely drive your curiosity so say, “What is it they have that I don’t?”

This ultimately drove retention for Knight Transportation by creating alignment and a sense of purpose for the truck driver community as well as create a pipeline to get people to want to learn a little more about the company.

Strategy #5: Response & Nurture Automation

Take the time to create nurture automation. Whether you get two candidates or hundreds of candidates, over time, if you’re not hiring those candidates, it’s great to separate your candidate applications into two categories; not a good fit ever, and not a good fit right now.

Imagine one year from now you have a position open and you remember having a great candidate for this particular position but there wasn’t adequate experience at the time. It’s possible that a year later, they might still be interested in working for your company.

If we’re responding and nurturing to our database of job seekers, we can get those candidates to come back into our pipeline down the road as they acquire more skills and experience, working as a quick and easy way to drive more job seekers to your job as soon as you post it.


7 Best Recruiting Strategies for Healthcare Clinics


7 Best Recruiting Strategies for Healthcare Clinics

Strategy #6: Leverage Customers

If you have great customers, they will be excited about your growth. They may even recommend one of their friends to work for you.

Evernote is a great example of this. They openly promote their new hiring opportunities to all their existing customer database. They often send emails thanking their customers for being great, for aligning with the company’s core values and reach out to their customers by asking if they know anyone who has the following skill sets, to send them over! Additionally, they say if who you’ve recommended gets hired, you’ll receive a reward, like an Amazon gift card. This is called a referral pipeline that can be leveraged very quickly and ultimately creates a bond with customers.

Strategy #7: AI Advertising

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is driving every mechanism of marketing and advertising across the web. If you’re not utilizing this for your hiring, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity.


7 Best Recruiting Strategies for Healthcare Clinics


This image is showing detailed targeting with Facebook Ads Manager. This specifies what type of person we want to advertise in front of. This is saying that the candidate being sought after needs to have some sort of office manager experience or interest. We’re looking for a behavioral alignment that Facebook can identify with.

7 Best Recruiting Strategies for Healthcare Clinics

Also added in there are job titles that match with other various office manager positions, resulting in 33,000 people that match the criteria of a medical office manager, dental office manager, or physical therapist.

In a tight labor market, it’s important to get creative. We can leverage advertising platforms that can target based on specific behaviors or persona matching to deliver the right message.

A great example is UPS, hiring for an account executive. They showcase a wonderful employee and what she loves about the company, to evoke the emotion that you will too. UPS utilizes nurture ads and targeted ads to drive more candidates into their pipeline.

Three platforms that harbor the ability to leverage artificial intelligence of the software to deliver your job ad to a target audience are:



Where can I post job ads for free?

  2. Google
  3. Glassdoor
  4. Indeed
  5. ZipRecruiter
  6. Flexjobs
  7. Learn4Good
  8. JobiSite

To learn more about free job posting sites, click here.

Are there free job posting sites that don’t require a credit card?

Many free job posting sites will ask for a credit card to help with verifying you as a legitimate employer. VIVAHR, Indeed, and Google do not require a credit card to post a job.

How can I post a job online for free?

The quickest way is to use VIVAHR or Indeed. Each has a very fast approval process (during US business hours). Simply head to either website and then click on “Post a Job” for Indeed and “Get Started” for VIVAHR.

Are there free job posting sites that don’t require registration?

All free job posting sites require you to register and be verified as a legitimate employer. The exact requirements vary for each job board but the process can be completed in less than one day in most cases.

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