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Truck Driver Job Description Template

Job Description Template

Truck Driver Description Template

November 28, 2021

Truck Driver Job Description Template

You are in search of a truck driver? Well, this can be tough. Because of this, we are here to help you out. You’ll be well on your way to hiring a new team member if you use VIVAHR’s Free Truck Driver Job Description Template.

It’s critical to have the right team on your side in your journey of recruitment and candidate seeking. If you trust us throughout the process, the results should be fast and easy.

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What is a Truck Driver?

Typically, truck drivers transfer supplies and commodities between production, distribution, and retail facilities.

Some people work in sales and customer service as well. Other responsibilities include assessing their cars for technical concerns that might jeopardize their safety and doing simple repairs.

Create an ad that attracts exceptional drivers to your organization by using our free job description template below.

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The Top Truck Driver Skills

Skill Why it's important
Safe Driving

Truck drivers and the firms for which they work place a high focus on safe driving. It's critical to keep everyone on the road safe, especially while operating such a massive truck. The right strategies for maneuvering the vehicle are learned via a lot of practice. You'll get the formal knowledge you need to operate a truck thanks to extensive business training and certifications.


A competent truck driver is responsible and plans ahead of time for their journey. This involves making sure you have enough food, inspecting your truck, and familiarizing yourself with your map. You are ready to drive and finish your responsibilities if you take responsibility.

Organizational Skills

Because of the paperwork, you must fill out as a truck driver, organizational abilities are crucial. Logging in for work and submitting travel information are two instances. Truck drivers are frequently required to keep extensive records by their employers to guarantee that they are driving safely and responsibly, and these records also help you stay accountable.


A clean truck demonstrates that you are a responsible driver and a courteous employee. You spend a lot of time in the vehicle as a truck driver. It is critical to maintain it clean and orderly by eliminating garbage and emptying personal belongings regularly. Keep a broom on hand to brush away any dirt that accumulates over time.

Mechanical Knowledge

Most likely, you're on your own on the road. Mechanical expertise allows you to solve difficulties without the need for outside support. This prevents your delivery from being delayed and your journey time from being extended.

Truck Driver Job Description Template (Free)

We’re searching for a licensed Truck Driver who will be responsible for delivering products and other trade items to our clients in a safe and timely manner. You’ll be responsible for driving and servicing the vehicles allocated to you, as well as collaborating with our dispatchers to plan routes and track deliveries.

It is necessary to have a Class A CDL or commercial driver’s license. Candidates must have a clean driving record and pass a drug and alcohol test to be considered.

Truck Driver Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Deliver items to clients over large distances.
  • Refuel and clean the vehicle.
  • Report any accidents on the route to the dispatcher.
  • Follow the rules of the road.
  • Examine vehicles, keep track, and report any defects.
  • Adhere to the accident protocols.
  • Keep track of your activities and hours.
  • Maintenance professionals should be notified of any mechanical issues.
  • Plan routes by using a GPS device.
  • Deliver the items on schedule to the customer.
  • Maintain a cheerful attitude when dealing with clients.
  • Maintain a current commercial driver’s license.

Truck Driver Requirements:

  • A commercial driver’s license, also known as a CDL.
  • TWIC card in use.
  • A drug and alcohol test must be passed.
  • A clean driving record is required.
  • A current MVR must be provided.
  • A medical certificate is required.
  • A high school diploma is required.

Accounting Specialist Interview Questrions

Sample Interview Questions for a Truck Driver

Once you’ve acquired all of the apps, you may utilize these sample interview questions for a Truck Driver.

  1. How would you define yourself in three adjectives?
  2. Are you willing to travel for a week or more?
  3. Why do you believe you’re the perfect person for this job?
Human Resources
  1. What talents and qualities do you possess that qualify you for this position?
  2. What is the furthest distance you’ve ever traveled in your professional life?
  3. Do you have experience coping with shipment delays?
  1. What are your thoughts on altering your work schedule?
  2. Do you consider navigation abilities to be a crucial part of your job?
  3. How do you prepare for a long-distance journey?
Technical Skills and Knowledge
  1. What are your options for slip-seating arrangements?
  2. How can you build and maintain solid professional connections with your customers?
  3. Are you familiar with the paperwork that comes with working in the trucking industry?

What are the Educational Requirements for a Truck Driver?

Technically, becoming a truck driver does not need any formal schooling.

Although a high school diploma or GED is often recommended, a college degree is not required.

Any approved truck driving school can also provide you with a certificate of completion.

How Much to Pay a Truck Driver when Hiring

Truck drivers often earn from $21,500 to $74,500 per year, and their median annual salary is around $50,909.

The hourly wages go from $11 to $36, and the median hourly pay is $24.

Percentile 10% 25% 50%
75% 90%
Hourly Wage $11 $17 $24 $29 $36
Annual Wage $21,500 $36,000 $50,909 $60,000 $74,500

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Frequently Asked Questions about Truck Driver


What qualities should we look for in a candidate for the truck driver position?

Ideal candidates should demonstrate strong communication skills, reliability, and the ability to work independently.

They should also have a keen attention to detail, excellent problem-solving abilities, and a commitment to safety.

How important is familiarity with electronic logging devices (ELDs) for prospective truck drivers?

Familiarity with ELDs is increasingly vital due to regulatory requirements.

Candidates should ideally have experience using electronic logging systems to record driving hours accurately and ensure compliance with hours-of-service regulations.

What measures do candidates take to maintain the integrity and security of transported goods?

Candidates should have a clear understanding of cargo handling procedures, including proper loading and securing techniques to prevent damage or loss during transit.

They should also demonstrate vigilance against theft and unauthorized access to cargo.

How do candidates stay updated with industry regulations and best practices relevant to the truck driving profession?

Prospective truck drivers should showcase a commitment to ongoing professional development, such as participating in training programs offered by reputable organizations or staying informed about regulatory changes through industry publications and online resources.

Additionally, membership in professional associations can indicate a dedication to staying abreast of industry trends and standards.

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