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Product Manager Job Description Template

Job Description Template

Product Manager Description Template

November 12, 2021

Product Manager Job Description Template

Looking for a hardworking product manager? We designed a strategy to make recruiting easier, as it may be difficult at times, especially when searching for a certain person for the role. Getting the best results may be a lot of fun when you work with us. This Free Product Manager Job Description Template might help you find a qualified and reliable candidate.

We tried to make this procedure more convenient because it isn’t everyone’s favorite.

We personalize the hiring process for you by giving you a template that you can use with VIVAHR software to publish your job postings quickly.

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What is a Product Manager?

The Product Manager is responsible for product planning and execution, including gathering and prioritizing product and customer needs, establishing the product vision, and working closely with engineering, sales, marketing, and support to accomplish revenue and customer satisfaction goals.

The Product Manager’s responsibilities also include ensuring that the product aligns with the company’s broader strategy and objectives.

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The Top Product Manager Skills

Skill Why it's important
Communication Skills

Product managers spend a lot of their time communicating in some way. These professionals must routinely talk or write in a way that expresses their aims and priorities in an easy-to-understand manner, from product meetings to presentations to interacting with clients on their goals and expectations. Product managers must also engage with their teams regularly to give direction and guidance, as well as to ensure that product development is on track. Product managers won't be able to accomplish many of their responsibilities efficiently unless they have good communication abilities.

Technical Expertise

Product managers who work with virtual goods, such as software and applications, require a basic level of technical understanding, if not more. They must be able to collaborate with their team's engineers to detect performance issues and guarantee the product's functionality, design, and user experience are all up to pace.

Business Skills

To accomplish their jobs well, many product managers must have a basic understanding of business skills. A product manager, for example, should understand how earnings, budgeting, cash flow, and profit-and-loss all play a role in the product development project while designing a product strategy. Product managers may also need to talk with clients about existing and future revenues and build a case for a product development budget.

Research Skills

These experts do thorough market research daily to establish what kind of items their customers want, as well as where the competition stands with respect to your company. Product managers with strong research and data analysis abilities can stay on top of marketing opportunities and risks, laying the groundwork for a successful product.

Analytical Skills

For product managers, analytical and research talents go hand in hand. Following the completion of marketing research, product managers must assess and use the information to make informed product decisions. Good product managers know how to use the information they've gathered to solve problems and create solutions that will lead to a successful product.

Product Manager Job Description Template (Free)

We are searching for multi-skilled applicants for the Product Manager position. Have strong interpersonal skills? Read on! Product managers, among other things, enhance customer experiences, produce new product ideas, and establish precise product strategies. This means you will have an opportunity to broaden your knowledge and experience.

As a product manager in our company, you will be responsible for a variety of teams ranging from engineering to marketing, which will necessitate a solid technical background as well as outstanding interpersonal skills. If you would like to join our inspiring working environment and contribute with your exceptional talent, apply today! We are looking forward to meeting you!

Product Manager Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Identifying the features that are required.
  • Investigating customer requests and experiences.
  • Improving customer satisfaction.
  • Creating a comprehensive product plan.
  • Managing cross-functional teams is a difficult task.
  • Keeping track of product roadmaps and releases.
  • Understanding the benefits of a product.
  • Detecting and addressing product flaws.
  • Inventing fresh product concepts.
  • Creating price and positioning strategies for products.
  • Collaborating with engineering teams.
  • Managing product introductions in collaboration with PR and marketing departments.

Product Manager Requirements:

  • A bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering, or a closely related subject is required.
  • Previous product development or management expertise is preferred.
  • Ability to design products that have been proven.
  • Technical background with software development or web technologies experience.
  • Good problem-solving skills and attention to detail.
  • Interpersonal skills are exceptional.
  • Communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • Leadership abilities that are second to none.

Accounting Specialist Interview Questrions

Sample Interview Questions for a Product Manager

You can check out and use our sample interview questions for a Product Manager once you’ve gathered all of the applications.

  1. What is your main motivation for your future career?
  2. What would your ex-boss think of you?
  3. Can you tell me your advantages and disadvantages?
  4. What aspects of your present employment do you enjoy the most/least?
  5. Why are you interested in working here?
Human Resources
  1. Tell me about a difficult problem you had or a difficulty you overcame.
  2. Tell me about your customer/user interactions.
  3. Discuss how you overcome product failures, hurdles, and negative comments.
  4. Tell me about a moment when you had to sway someone’s opinion.
  1. What parts of product management fascinate you the most?
  2. Tell me about a period when you needed to encourage or establish a team.
  3. What do you imagine a typical day in the life of a Product Manager would be like?
Technical Skills and Knowledge
  1. What is the tool you use to prioritize your work?
  2. How did your knowledge improve through your career?
  3. What technical expertise do you have?

What are the Educational Requirements for a Product Manager?

A bachelor’s degree in business or a similar subject is usually necessary to apply for any product management role.

This position often requires knowledge in communications, economics, marketing, statistics, public relations, advertising, and management.

How Much to Pay a Product Manager when Hiring

Product managers usually earn from $31,000 to $135,000 annually, and their median yearly pay is around $94,704.

The hourly wages go from $16 to $65, and the median hourly wage is $46.

Percentile 10% 25% 50%
75% 90%
Hourly Wage $16 $35 $46 $55 $65
Annual Wage $31,000 $72,000 $94,704 $113,500 $135,000

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Frequently Asked Questions about Product Manager


How can a product manager maintain a competitive edge? 

Because of technological advancements, the function of a product manager is changing nowadays.

During the employment process, a potential product manager who keeps up with technological advancements will have an edge.

In the IT industry, product management jobs are among the most paid.

What kind of businesses hire product managers? 

Product managers are employed by a variety of sectors to create and implement innovative concepts, including:

What other jobs are comparable to product managers? 

Job titles that are comparable to product manager include:

What are the responsibilities of a product manager daily?

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