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Sales & Support: +1 (480) 360-6463
Vivahr 039 S Guide To Small Business Hiring

VIVAHR's Guide to Small Business Hiring

Hiring Guide Ebook

Small businesses play a vital role in the American
economy. They create jobs, spur innovation, and help
local communities to prosper.

But any small business owner knows that running a
business is no cakewalk. From managing finances to
marketing your product or service, there are a million
things to keep track of.

This hiring guide will help you navigate these challenging
hiring times and discover how to increase your chances
of attracting A-Players for your company!

What you’ll take away:

  • Learn how to write engaging job descriptions that drive candidate conversions
  • Discover essential elements for a successful hiring process, such as company culture, talent pooling, employee referral programs, hiring for diversity, and much more…
  • Get tips for easy onboarding
  • Find what mistakes to avoid when hiring

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