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Lawn Care Specialist Job Description Template

Job Description Template

Lawn Care Specialist Description Template

July 28, 2021

Lawn Care Specialist Job Description

To help you find the best candidate, we have created a Free Lawn Care Specialist Job Description Template.

It includes all the duties and responsibilities, as well as all the qualifications a lawn care specialist should have.

The goal of this template is to make creating and posting your job temple as easy and as fast as possible.

You can do this by using our VIVAHR’s recruiting software. Our applicant tracking system helps you have a more efficient hiring process.

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What is a Lawn Care Specialist?

Lawn care specialists are in charge of mowing grass, applying fertilizers and pest controls and well as trimming hedges and trees, and planting flowers.

They are required to maintain their clients’ lawns at places such as private homes, hospitals, corporate properties, and schools.

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The Top Lawn Care Specialist Skills

Skill Why it's important
Attention to Detail

Having a great eye for detail can help you identify if a plant is not healthy or if the grass needs work, or hedges need trimming. Paying great attention to the yard you are in charge of, means you’ll never be too late to act on a crisis.

Customer Service

Customer service is an important skill to have. Being friendly and helpful to your clients makes them feel like they can trust you. Good customer service means you are ready to answer any relevant questions, offer help and excellent services and build a strong relationship with a client.


Modifying visible features within the garden and making the overall garden beautiful and inviting is also a skill. You should have a good sense of what flower, grass, a tree should be planted where and why. A good landscaper is also a good visualizer.

Time Management

You should be able to know how long certain tasks will take, whether it’s trimming hedges or planting flowers and fertilizing them. It’s good to have a sense of how much time you need for each task, in order to plan out your day accordingly.

Driver's License

Driving is a necessary skill to have because you will be required to deliver certain plants and plant them and carry a lot of equipment with you. Having a driver's license will make doing this easier for you.

Lawn Care Specialist Job Description Template (Free)

We are searching for a Lawn Care Specialist to join our team. The responsibilities for this position include maintaining the client’s yards, mowing grass, and trimming hedges as well as applying pesticides, and ensuring the yard keeps its aesthetic.

A successful lawn care specialist works well in a team and on your own, has great knowledge of plants, all the lawn care tools, and equipment, and has good stamina and strength. Our ideal candidate is someone with previous experience and a high school diploma with a great eye for detail.

Lawn Care Specialist Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Maintaining grass by mowing and identifying yard needs
  • Helping clients with maintaining or creating their yard
  • Trimming trees and hedges
  • Fertilizing lawns and flowers
  • Cleaning walkways during winter from snow and ice
  • Applying pesticides and handling chemicals
  • Checking up on client’s yards

Lawn Care Specialist Requirements:

  • High school diploma or GED.
  • Bachelor’s degree in landscaping or horticulture
  • Great communication skills
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Knowledge of lawn care tools and equipment

Accounting Specialist Interview Questrions

Sample Interview Questions for a Lawn Care Specialist

Once you gather all the received applications, you can use these sample interview questions for a Lawn Care Specialist.

  1. How did you start landscaping?
  2. Could you name a few projects you’ve worked on so far?
  3. What would you say is your best trait?
Human Resources
  1. Are you a team player, or do you like to work alone? Why?
  2. How important is customer service to you?
  3. Did you ever have an issue with an employer? How did you resolve it?
  1. Did you do any project that involved multiple landscapers to collaborate?
  2. How would you describe a successful project?
  3. How much input from the client on a project do you like to receive?
Technical Skills and Knowledge
  1. Do you have any experience with handling chemicals and pesticides?
  2. How do you maintain the aesthetic appeal of a client’s garden?

What are the Educational Requirements for a Lawn Care Specialist?

To become a lawn care specialist, a person doesn’t need much more than a high school diploma, but having a degree in landscaping or horticulture or having some previous experience is a plus.

How Much to Pay a Lawn Care Specialist when Hiring

The average pay for a lawn care specialist is $31,730 per year, meaning $16 per hour.

This can vary anywhere between $11 and $24 per hour, based on place of employment and previous experience, and background.

Percentile 10% 25% 50%
75% 90%
Hourly Wage $11 $14 $16 $19 $24
Annual Wage $22,800 $27,060 $31,730 $38,930 $48,310

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Frequently Asked Questions about Lawn Care Specialist


What qualifications are required to become a lawn care specialist?

Lawn care specialists typically need a high school diploma or equivalent, along with relevant experience or training in landscaping or lawn maintenance.

What tasks are typically performed by lawn care specialists?

Lawn care specialists are responsible for tasks such as mowing, trimming, fertilizing, watering, and aerating lawns

What equipment and tools are commonly used by lawn care specialists?

Lawn care specialists commonly use equipment such as lawn mowers, trimmers, edgers, blowers, spreaders, and sprayers, along with various hand tools for gardening and landscaping.

How can employers ensure they hire a skilled lawn care specialist?

Employers can ensure they hire a skilled lawn care specialist by conducting thorough interviews to assess the candidate’s experience, knowledge of lawn care techniques, familiarity with equipment operation, and commitment to safety and quality work.

Additionally, requesting references and checking past work experience can help validate a candidate’s skills and reliability.

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