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Creative Consultant Job Description Template

Job Description Template

Creative Consultant Job Description Template

December 12, 2022

Creative Consultant Job Description Template

Looking for a Creative Consultant to hire? Let us help you find and recruit the most suitable candidate for your business! We designed a FREE Creative Consultant Job Description Template that you can use as a guide throughout your hiring journey!

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What is a Creative Consultant?

Creative Consultants are professionals who provide unique and creative ideas and solutions for various projects and campaigns.

They serve as creative advisors who coordinate with clients to understand their goals and offer proposals, creative solutions, and design briefs.

Creative Consultants collaborate with project managers, copywriters, and other professionals on developing and executing engaging marketing campaigns that focus on brand awareness and improving sales and business performance.

They discover new opportunities for business growth by staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends.

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The Top Creative Consultant Skills

Skill Why it's important
Creativity Creative thinking is the foundation for Creative Consultants’ job. Creativity helps them brainstorm and implement innovative and attractive marketing ideas and solutions for their clients. Creative thinking involves imagination, uniqueness, and thinking outside of the box, which are all useful for Creative Consultants and their tasks.
Communication Creative Consultants must have immaculate communication skills because they regularly interact with clients, stakeholders, and other professionals. Communication helps them convey their vision and ideas, as well as make recommendations and answer questions about their work. Communication also allows them to effectively collaborate with other professionals on developing campaigns.
Marketing Thorough understanding of marketing and advertising principles is necessary for Creative Consultants. Creative Consultants with strong marketing knowledge are able to create effective brand identities and develop attractive messages and advertisements. Marketing knowledge also involves the ability to create online content, brochures, and other promotional materials.
Research Research is essential for Creative Consultants because the range of their clients can be huge. In other words, they must use research skills to familiarize themselves with various industries, audiences, and products. Research helps them identify industry trends and other details that will help them develop ideas and suitable campaigns for clients.
Project Management Creative Consultants should be able to plan and supervise different projects for clients. Project Management involves the understanding of project specifications, requirements, and final goals. Creative Consultants can also implement their creative ideas to improve and elevate project performance and make it more successful.

Creative Consultant Job Description Template (Free)

We are looking for a talented candidate to join our innovative team as a Creative Consultant. As a part of our company, you will be responsible for developing and implementing creative ideas, solutions, and campaigns that match our clients’ goals and objectives. You will meet with clients to understand their needs, provide creative consulting online or in person, and provide marketing proposals, offers, and design briefs.

As our Creative Consultant, you will also conduct market research to discover and identify new opportunities for business growth. In general, your goal will be to help our clients build their brand identity, increase brand awareness and revenue, and improve business performance by providing them with professional and thorough creative advice and ideas.

In the end, the ideal candidate should have in-depth knowledge of marketing principles, as well as an exceptionally creative mind, communication, teamwork, project management, and research skills.

Creative Consultant Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Meet with clients to understand and discuss their goals and propose offers, design briefs, and creative solutions
  • Provide creative counseling online or in person
  • Identify shortcomings in design and projects and suggest improvements
  • Schedule meetings with clients to advise them on how to successfully market their products and services
  • Develop and implement creative ideas and concepts for products and advertising campaigns based on the client’s goals and objectives
  • Discover new opportunities for business growth through market research and analysis of industry trends
  • Recommend changes and adjustments to existing products and services to improve their sales and performance
  • Recommend resources and tools to clients that they can use in future projects
  • Focus on brand awareness by creating engaging marketing campaigns
  • Coordinate with project managers, copywriters, and other professionals
  • Review and approve the final design of the campaign
  • Provide creative support for events, workshops, conferences, etc

Creative Consultant Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, art, design, or a related discipline
  • Previous working experience as a Creative Consultant, Creative Assistant, or another role in the marketing environment
  • A portfolio of prior creative projects may be required
  • Familiarity with Adobe Photoshop Elements, Illustrator, and AutoCAD
  • Knowledge of project management software, such as Jira or Trello
  • In-depth knowledge of marketing principles and techniques
  • Exceptional communication and collaboration
  • Highly creative mindset
  • Excellent research and problem-solving

Accounting Specialist Interview Questrions

Sample Interview Questions for a Creative Consultant

Once you gather up all the received applications, you can use these sample interview questions for Creative Consultant.

  1. How would you shortly describe yourself?
  2. In what instances do you express your creativity?
  3. What do you like to do for fun?
Human Resources
  1. Could you tell us about your prior experience in similar roles?
  2. What would you be your goals if you got this job?
  3. What is your preferred salary range?
  1. How do you perform under pressure when you have a deadline or a target to hit?
  2. Which creative fields are you most comfortable in?
  3. How would you help a client who has a general idea of what they want to achieve, but doesn’t know how to realize that?
Technical Skills and Knowledge
  1. What is your experience with project management software and design editing software?
  2. How would you develop a campaign that has an engaging younger audience as a final result?
  3. What social media platform do you think is the most effective when it comes to marketing?

What are the Educational Requirements for a Creative Consultant?

A Bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, design, art, or a related discipline is a minimum educational requirement for Creative Consultants.

A Master’s degree in these programs is a requirement for some companies.

Creative Consultants typically need a few years of working experience in similar positions in a marketing environment, such as creative assistant.

They need to demonstrate exceptional marketing knowledge and usage of project management software, as well as an innovative and creative mindset.

How Much to Pay a Creative Consultant when Hiring

Creative Consultants earn between $16,000 and $125,000 annually.

Their median annual salary is $63,899.

Hourly wages range from $8 to $60.

The median hourly wage is $31.

Percentile 10% 25% 50%
75% 90%
Hourly Wage $8 $15 $31 $45 $60
Annual Wage $16,000 $31,000 $63,899 $93,500 $125,000

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Frequently Asked Questions about Creative Consultant


Where can Creative Consultants work?

Creative Consultants usually work in advertising agencies, public relations firms, marketing departments, and corporate communications departments.

Some Creative Consultants work freelance.

They determine their own working hours and work from home.

Who do Creative Consultants work with?

Creative Consultants collaborate with clients to understand their goals and objectives.

They also work with project managers, copywriters, contractors, and other professionals on developing and executing projects and campaigns.

How much do Creative Consultants earn per year?

Creative Consultants earn between $16,000 and $125,000 annually.

What are the crucial skills for Creative Consultants?

Other than strong marketing expertise, Creative Consultants must also have outstanding communication, collaboration, creativity, research, and problem-solving skills.

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