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Cosmetologist Job Description Template

Job Description Template

Cosmetologist Description Template

September 6, 2021

Cosmetologist Job Description Template

We know that writing a good job description that will attract candidates can be hard and very demanding. This is why we decided to make this process as easy as possible for you. Our Free Cosmetologist Job Description Template has everything you need, from duties and responsibilities to the skills one needs to be a successful Cosmetologist.

With our applicant tracking system, you can use this Cosmetologist Job Description Template to attract qualified candidates, hire the employees you see fit, and save a lot of time.

Feel free to add whatever duties and other responsibilities you need for this job description and post them to job posting sites.

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What is a Cosmetologist?

A cosmetologist also known as a beautician, beauty operator, manicurist, or hairdresser is someone who works with skin, hair, nails, and make-up.

However, they may focus on one area such as skin, which includes skin cleaning, treatments, or skin hydration.

When you’re interviewing candidates, try and look for cosmetologists who have great knowledge of beauty trends and are always looking to improve their skills.

Avoid candidates who lack customer service skills and pay no attention to detail.

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The Top Cosmetologist Skills

Skill Why it's important

As a cosmetologist, your creativity should come to you naturally. Always keep an eye out for new trends and new approaches and possibilities of doing different tasks. This is the key to having a great career. You should always be prepared to recommend new hairstyles and makeup styles, and know how to give a client their desired look.

Customer Skills

This is one of the most important skills a cosmetologist should have. Your clients should mean everything to you. The better experience they have the more likely they will come back. Cosmetology is also about creating trust and relationships with clients. Your job is to help them achieve their desired look while also feeling comfortable and relaxed. Always pay attention and listen to your client’s needs.

Physical Stamina

This position requires you to stand a lot and move fast. Good stamina is needed in order to perform well and in a timely manner.

Cleanliness and Organization

After using certain equipment, you should always sanitize it and prepare it for the next client. Staying well-organized and clean will help you operate faster and perform your duties better. Taking health and safety seriously will make your clients trust you and feel like they are in good hands. Clients should always feel comfortable.

Time Management

As a cosmetologist, you will also be required to schedule appointments for clients. This is why it’s good to have great time management skills. You should know how long it takes you to complete certain tasks such as a manicure or makeup styling so you don't overbook your day.

Cosmetologist Job Description Template (Free)

We are currently looking for someone creative and innovative to join our team as a Cosmetologist. You will be responsible for helping our clients get all the treatments and services they need such as hairstyling, facials, manicures, and makeup styling. Your duties will also include scheduling appointments and answering phones, as well as taking care of inventory and organizing it.

To be successful at this job, you must demonstrate great customer service skills and organizational skills. You should also be innovative, creative, and passionate about acquiring new skills and embracing new trends. Our ideal candidate is someone who has a state license and great dexterity skills.

Cosmetologist Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Shampooing, cutting, dyeing, coloring, and cutting hair
  • Using all relevant equipment such as curlers, scissors, straighteners, and clippers to perform the tasks written above
  • Creating wigs and hairpieces and selling them
  • Giving customers skin treatments such as massages, scalp treatments, and facials, and using different lotions and creams on customers to treat their skin or scalp
  • Providing lash lifting and brow lifting as well as eyebrow shaping and trimming
  • Putting makeup on clients and giving them advice and demonstrations on how to use certain makeup
  • Caring for cuticles, and nails and applying nail polish and nail treatments.
  • Keeping the work area sanitized, clean, and organized
  • Performing other tasks such as scheduling appointments and answering phones
  • Following and developing new beauty trends

Cosmetologist Requirements:

  • High School diploma or GED
  • Certificate from a cosmetology school that is certified and recognized
  • The license in the state where you operate
  • Strong communication skills, customer service skills, and listening skills
  • Pays attention to detail
  • Excellent creative skills
  • Dexterity in hands and fingers

Accounting Specialist Interview Questrions

Sample Interview Questions for a Cosmetologist

When you pick out the candidates you would like to interview, feel free to use these sample interview questions for a Cosmetologist, and if you feel like these aren’t enough, check out our ultimate list of interview questions.

  1. Why did you want to become a cosmetologist?
  2. Are there any skills you would like to learn?
  3. What area of cosmetology do you thrive the most in?
Human Resources
  1. What would you do if a client is insisting on a haircut that will not suit them?
  2. Have you ever had a problem with a client or colleague?
  1. How do you manage your schedule?
  2. Are you well organized?
  3. What equipment and techniques are you familiar with?
Technical Skills and Knowledge
  1. What skin treatments do you find are most effective?
  2. What are some of your favorite beauty trends currently?
  3. What would you recommend to a client who has dry hair and scalp?

What are the Educational Requirements for a Cosmetologist?

To become a cosmetologist you must at least have a high school degree or GED after which you should enroll in cosmetology school, complete your training hours, and pass the state license exams.

Completing the course usually takes 9–15 months.

How Much to Pay a Cosmetologist when Hiring

Hearing aid specialists can earn between $9 and $19 per hour.

Their median annual salary is $27,501, meaning $13 per hour.

The wages can depend on the workplace, educational history, and prior expertise.

Percentile 10% 25% 50%
75% 90%
Hourly Wage $9 $11 $13 $16 $19
Annual Wage $18,522 $22,801 $27,501 $33,801 $39,537

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Frequently Asked Questions about Cosmetologist


What qualifications should a cosmetologist possess?

A cosmetologist should have completed a state-approved cosmetology program and obtained a cosmetology license.

They should also possess strong communication skills, creativity, attention to detail, and knowledge of the latest trends and techniques in cosmetology.

What services can a cosmetologist typically provide?

Cosmetologists offer a wide range of services including hair cutting, styling, coloring, and treatments, as well as nail care such as manicures and pedicures.

They may also provide skincare treatments, makeup application, and hair removal services like waxing or threading.

How important is sanitation and hygiene in the cosmetology profession?

Sanitation and hygiene are paramount in the cosmetology profession to ensure the safety and well-being of clients.

Cosmetologists must adhere to strict cleanliness standards, including proper sterilization of tools and equipment, disinfection of workstations, and maintaining personal hygiene practices to prevent the spread of infections and diseases.

How can a cosmetologist stay updated with the latest trends and techniques?

Continuous learning and professional development are essential for cosmetologists to stay current with industry trends and techniques.

They can attend workshops, seminars, and trade shows, enroll in advanced training courses, follow industry publications and online resources, and participate in peer learning networks to enhance their skills and knowledge.

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