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Best Months and Days to Post Jobs

Tuesday, January 24th, 2017

When it comes to jobs, it’s a seller’s market. Talent wars are happening all over the country, especially in tech. As an employer, it is important to carefully evaluate all factors when posting available positions to the market. Having a well written description, researching competitive pay and benefits, and keeping your employer reputation healthy are all great starts. But WHEN you post your job openings has been proven to matter as well in getting maximum exposure.

What Months Are Best?

Believe it or not, there are months that are better than others. According to LinkedIn, job applicants are more active in September and October than any other time of year, leading to a large group of new hires that start in January. This means there is a slow-down in January and February, as shown in the graph below. If you have an urgent need in February, obviously you can’t wait seven months to post it, but pay attention to these peak months when possible.



What About Days of the Week?

To get the most out of your job postings, testing becomes essential.  Rather than paying for the data, you can post your job to a list of free job posting sites and gather the data from custom tracked URLs.  This will help you make better job posting decisions for your company.

Most people look for jobs online through job posting websites like Monster, Glassdoor and LinkedIn. Through the magic of data analytics, we can know the most popular days of the week to look for a job. LinkedIn has found that on their platform, the day when the most job seekers look for work and submit applications is on Monday.

However, according to TIME, the most popular day to apply to a job is Tuesday. And research from eQuest says that job seekers are most active on Wednesday. The take-home message? The early part of the week is the best time to post job ads, and Friday and Saturday are the worst. Often people who are not content with their jobs get respite on the weekends and push off their unhappiness until the next week. Then Monday comes and they realize again how much they want a change.

You might ask, “if the job stays on the job board, why does it matter when I post it?” Well, many job boards post their listings from newest to oldest. Also job seekers purposely sort their search results according to newest as well. So if you post your ad on Friday and most job seekers don’t even look until Monday-Wednesday, it is likely to get lost at the bottom of the list before being seen. Get to the top of the list for maximum exposure; post on Sunday evening.