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Assistant Buyer Job Description Template

Job Description Template

Assistant Buyer Job Description Template

December 15, 2022

Assistant Buyer Job Description Template

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What is an Assistant Buyer?

Assistant Buyer is a professional who provides direct support and assistance to the Buyer in retail, fashion, and other industries.

They help Buyers make purchasing decisions and other aspects of the buying process.

They are responsible for placing and monitoring purchase orders, researching new potential vendors and suppliers, and coordinating with existing suppliers to ensure fair trading and timely delivery of supplies.

Assistant Buyers also manage budgets for shipping and other purchasing expenses, prepare reports of market research, product performance, and customer feedback, and assist in preparing pricing strategies.

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The Top Assistant Buyer Skills

Skill Why it's important
Communication Many Assistant Buyers’ tasks involve a certain level of communication and collaboration with suppliers, clients, and other employees. Communication helps Assistant Buyers in relationship-building and negotiation processes, allowing them to effectively close deals and share information. Communication also involves writing skills which are necessary for writing reports on feedback and performance.
Analytical Skills Assistant Buyers use analytical skills in some aspects of their job, such as market research and analyzing customer feedback. Analytical skills are important because they help them make informed decisions and therefore increase the company’s revenue. Strong analytical thinking also allows them to select appropriate suppliers for collaboration.
Research Assistant Buyers are typically in charge of finding information and data about products, materials, and other supplies for their company. Research skills help them discover prospective suppliers, products, and services that best fit their company’s style and needs, as well as learn about their benefits and features.
Organization Assistant Buyers need effective organizational skills to maintain success in their workplace. Organization helps them keep track of orders, shipping, product numbers, prices, and other information. Assistant Buyers must also be organized to manage budgets and expenses, maintain inventory, and keep track of reports and other documentation.
Negotiation Negotiation is a primary skill to have when dealing with suppliers and vendors. Assistant Buyers must have excellent negotiation skills to communicate prices, arrangements, and conditions of the purchase. They should be able to save money by closing the most suitable deals for their company but still getting fair conditions and benefits.

Assistant Buyer Job Description Template (Free)

We are looking for an organized Assistant Buyer to join our company. In this position, you will be working directly with the Buyer providing assistance with purchasing decisions and other aspects of the buying process. You will be responsible for placing, tracking, and monitoring purchase orders, maintaining inventory levels, and performing quality checks on products, materials, and other goods. Additionally, you will assist in preparing pricing strategies and prepare budgets for labor costs, shipping, and other expenses.

Your job will also be to build professional relationships with our suppliers and vendors, negotiate suitable purchasing conditions, and research new potential suppliers that fit our company’s profile and needs. You will ensure the timely delivery of products and goods and write reports on market research, product performance, and customer feedback.

Ultimately, our ideal Assistant Buyer should have outstanding communication, negotiation, research, analytical, and organizational skills.

Assistant Buyer Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Support the Buyer in the company’s purchasing decisions and other aspects of the buying process
  • Research new suppliers, vendors, and products and make recommendations to the Buyer
  • Place, track, and monitor purchase orders
  • Assist in preparing pricing strategies
  • Oversee and maintain inventory levels
  • Manage budgets for labor costs, shipping, and other expenses related to the purchase
  • Negotiate prices and conditions with suppliers to ensure staying within budget guidelines
  • Coordinate with vendors and suppliers to ensure timely delivery of products and goods
  • Analyze bids to determine which offer best fits the company’s needs
  • Coordinate with designers and other professionals to establish specific colors and materials for purchase orders
  • Prepare reports on product performance, market research, and customer feedback
  • Perform quality control checks on products and goods
  • Perform additional administrative duties assigned by the Buyer

Assistant Buyer Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, finance, or business
  • Previous working experience in the retail or merchandising industry
  • Proficiency with MS Office and merchandising software systems
  • The ability to research and identify industry trends
  • Outstanding communication and negotiation skills
  • Multitasking and working under pressure
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Excellent organization

Accounting Specialist Interview Questrions

Sample Interview Questions for an Assistant Buyer

Once you gather up all the received applications, you can use these sample interview questions for Assistant Buyer.

  1. What are some of your personal traits?
  2. If you weren’t an Assistant Buyer, what would you like to be?
  3. Are there any fashion trends that you currently follow?
Human Resources
  1. Why do you want to join our company in particular?
  2. Could you tell us about your relevant working experience so far?
  3. What skills do you possess that make you a suitable applicant for this position?
  1. How would you handle a purchasing or delivery problem?
  2. What is your process of liaising and negotiating with suppliers and vendors?
  3. What is your experience with monitoring and maintaining inventory levels?
Technical Skills and Knowledge
  1. Do you have any experience using merchandising software systems?
  2. What features should you consider when purchasing new products?
  3. How would you incorporate customer feedback into future purchasing strategies?

What are the Educational Requirements for an Assistant Buyer?

Even though it is possible to become an Assistant Buyer with just a high school diploma or GED, the majority of companies still prefer candidates that have a Bachelor’s degree in marketing, business, finance, or another related field.

Previous working experience in retail or merchandising is often a requirement for Assistant Buyers.

Candidates can gain experience and industry knowledge through internships or entry-level jobs.

How Much to Pay an Assistant Buyer when Hiring

Assistant Buyers earn between $24,000 and $56,000 annually.

Their median annual salary is $43,767.

Their hourly rates range from $12 to $27.

The median hourly rate is $21.

Percentile 10% 25% 50%
75% 90%
Hourly Wage $12 $18 $21 $24 $27
Annual Wage $24,000 $36,500 $43,767 $49,500 $56,000

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Frequently Asked Questions about Assistant Buyer


What do Assistant Buyers do?

Assistant Buyers are responsible for supporting Buyers in purchasing decisions and other aspects of the buying process within the company.

They place and track purchase orders, maintain inventory levels, prepare budgets and expenses, and negotiate prices with suppliers and vendors.

Where do Assistant Buyers work?

Assistant Buyers can work in a variety of retail and merchandise settings, such as retail stores, fashion agencies, departments of marketing, sales, customer service, department stores, electronic companies, etc.

What skills should Assistant Buyers have?

Assistant Buyers should have exceptional communication, negotiation, research, analytical, and organizational skills.

How much do Assistant Buyers earn per year?

Assistant Buyers earn between $24,000 and $56,000 annually.

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