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Legal Secretary Job Description Template

Job Description Template

Legal Secretary Description Template

October 1, 2021

Legal Secretary Job Description Template

Looking for an adequate Legal Secretary Job Description? We prepared a Free Legal Secretary Job Description Template to assist you with the process, which includes all of the required information, including tasks and responsibilities as well as requirements.

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What is a Legal Secretary?

In a law firm, a legal secretary increases attorney efficiency by providing administrative support. These workers, often known as legal assistants, perform an important role in a law office by preparing court papers, keeping attorney calendars, and typing court minutes.

Legal secretaries are responsible for a variety of responsibilities.

Producing legal papers, filling up legal forms, drafting professional letters from dictation, interacting with clients, and responding to inquiries are all part of the job.

They can relieve attorneys of time-consuming duties ranging from filing and photocopying to more complicated tasks such as scheduling meetings and conducting legal research.

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The Top Legal Secretary Skills

Skill Why it's important
Writing Skills

Writing is a vital component of the legal secretary’s job that everyone who works in the field or wants to work in it should have. Secretaries are extremely important to attorneys for preparing regular correspondence and filing memoranda. Proofreading legal papers such as pleadings, briefs, discovery, and transactions is also a need.

Listening & Skills Communication

Legal secretaries should be able to decipher legal jargon and use it appropriately and when necessary. They must also be able to comprehend and execute directions that require little or no follow-up.

Research Skills

If legal secretaries want to advance in their careers, they must be able to do research. When a secretary is looking for papers for an attorney or finding an expert witness for a lawsuit, for example, research abilities are essential.


When a legal secretary completes a task within a set timeline, he or she is considered to be dependable. Secretaries with dependability qualities can devote the time and effort required to complete the responsibilities that have been given to them.

Legal Secretary Job Description Template (Free)

A skilled Legal Secretary is needed to handle a variety of administrative and secretarial responsibilities at our law practice. Your primary purpose as a legal secretary is to assist attorneys by doing a variety of secretarial tasks such as attending court sessions, reviewing case material, organizing meetings, and filing legal papers.

The ideal applicant will be pleasant and professional, in addition to being a good written and verbal communicator. To be effective in this position, you must have a thorough understanding of legal procedures and terminology.

Legal Secretary Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Assist one or more lawyers at the firm with secretarial duties.
  • Edit and proofread legal papers.
  • Schedule conferences, depositions, and meetings to keep your attorney’s calendar in order.
  • Greet and screen new clients.
  • Attend judicial hearings and take notes.
  • Organize and keep all legal papers up to date.
  • Ensure that all court paperwork is in order and that they are submitted on time.
  • Respond to emails and phone calls, and reroute calls as needed.
  • Investigate and verify critical case information.
  • Prepare appeals, motions, and petitions, among other legal papers.

Legal Secretary Requirements:

  • Requires a high school diploma or an equivalent certification.
  • A bachelor’s degree in legal studies or a similar subject is required.
  • A minimum of three years of experience in a similar position is required.
  • Knowledge of legal papers and terminology to a high level.
  • MS Office aficionado.
  • Excellent organizational and time management abilities.
  • Communication abilities, both written and vocal.

Accounting Specialist Interview Questrions

Sample Interview Questions for a Legal Secretary

Once you gather up all the received applications, you can use these sample interview questions for a Legal Secretary.

  1. Can you describe a situation where you had to handle a particularly challenging client or colleague? How did you approach the situation and what was the outcome?
  2. How do you prioritize tasks when faced with multiple deadlines in a fast-paced legal environment?
  3. Tell us about a time when you had to maintain confidentiality in your previous role. What steps did you take to ensure that sensitive information was handled appropriately in your previous roles?
Human Resources
  1. How do you ensure accuracy and attention to detail when managing legal documents such as contracts or court filings?
  2. Can you discuss your experience with maintaining and organizing electronic and physical filing systems in compliance with legal requirements?
  3. How do you handle scheduling and coordinating meetings, depositions, and appointments for attorneys and clients efficiently?
  1. Have you ever been responsible for training new hires or junior staff members? If you have experience training new hires or junior staff members, could you describe your approach to the training process?
  2. Describe a time when you had to coordinate with multiple attorneys and legal teams on a complex project. How did you ensure effective communication and collaboration?
  3. How do you handle conflicting priorities or requests from different attorneys while managing their administrative tasks effectively?
Technical Skills and Knowledge
  1. What software programs and legal databases are you proficient in using for legal research, document preparation, and case management?
  2. Can you discuss your experience with drafting and formatting legal documents such as briefs, pleadings, and correspondence?
  3. How do you stay updated on changes in legal procedures, regulations, and software tools relevant to your role as a legal secretary?

What are the Educational Requirements for a Legal Secretary?

A high school diploma or a GED certificate is required to work as a legal secretary.

You should concentrate on developing your grammar and writing abilities, as well as your database management and word processing skills, while in high school.

How Much to Pay a Legal Secretary when Hiring

A Legal Secretary can often earn between $18 to $31 hourly.

The annual wage can go from $37,201 to $65,110.

But, these wages can depend on many factors, such as working expertise and job area.

Percentile 10% 25% 50%
75% 90%
Hourly Wage $18 $21 $24 $28 $31
Annual Wage $37,201 $43,418 $50,248 $58,027 $65,110

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Frequently Asked Questions about Legal Secretary


What key qualities should a legal secretary possess to excel in their role?

A legal secretary should possess strong communication skills, both written and verbal, which are essential for interacting with clients, attorneys, and court personnel.

Proficiency in legal software and a solid understanding of legal terminology and documentation are also vital.

How does a legal secretary contribute to the efficiency of a law firm?

A legal secretary enhances a law firm’s efficiency by managing schedules, organizing case files, and ensuring that all legal documents are prepared and filed correctly and on time.

Their role in facilitating smooth communication between attorneys, clients, and court officials cannot be overstated, and they often serve as a key point of contact within the firm.

Can a legal secretary handle tasks outside their traditional job description?

Yes, legal secretaries often take on tasks beyond traditional administrative duties.

This can include legal research, drafting simple legal documents under an attorney’s supervision, and assisting in managing case details.

Their role can be quite versatile, adapting to the specific needs of their employer.

What is the best way to assess a legal secretary’s performance?

Assessing a legal secretary’s performance involves looking at their ability to meet deadlines, accuracy in document preparation and filing, and effectiveness in communication and organizational tasks.

Additionally, their contributions to improving office procedures and their initiative in taking on responsibilities can indicate their value to the firm.

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