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Job Posting Sites For Hvac
Job Posting Sites For Hvac

Job Posting Sites for HVAC

Monday, October 19th, 2020

Every step in the hiring process is essential to retaining the ideal candidate. From writing the job description, posting the job ad to job posting sits, to organizing resumes, conducting interviews, and finally, the onboarding process, the act of hiring can be overwhelming yet crucial to a company’s productivity. At VIVAHR, we know the hiring process is vital for every company, and we are experts at helping businesses hire like pros.

If you are an HVAC company looking to grow and scale with efficiency, we will walk you through the best hiring practices to ensure you hire the right people for your business. Here you will find effective and valuable tips on writing a good job description to draw your ideal candidate’s attention. You will get a list of top-rated job posting sites that are great to reach qualified job seekers in the HVAC industry. Plus, you will receive insight into the benefits of using an applicant tracking system to improve your hiring process and more. With VIVAHR and our HVAC Hiring Software, you will get a hiring experience that will support your company’s growth for the future.

HVAC Candidate Outline

To hire a qualified HVAC technician for your company, you need to know exactly the type of employee you want to hire. This part of the hiring process will require you to consider your next hire’s skills, qualifications, and experience to succeed in the company for you and them. Consider these questions to get you started to creating the essential requirements for your HVAC technician.

After answering these questions, attempt to dig deeper into your company’s objectives and plans to grow to help you visualize the type of candidate that will be a good fit for your HVAC company. Once you have clearly drafted a potential candidate profile, take your outline and begin writing your job description. Your job description is your key to drawing the right candidates’ attention while selling your company over the other hiring HVAC companies. Don’t underestimate the power of establishing a job description to generate a functional hiring process.

HVAC Job Description Enhancements

There is so much more to a job description than rattling off the duties, responsibilities, and requirements you need in your next hire. You don’t just tell your potential customer all the services you perform; you go the extra mile to sell your company and how you can meet their HVAC needs. Why should your next hire be any different? The best job descriptions are created to be a company’s sales pitch to hiring the best talent available. To ensure you have an outstanding job description, be sure to add these additional aspects to your job ad.

Practical HVAC Job Title

Use titles that you know your ideal candidate is searching for on job boards. A title that would be on a business card. Not something like Rockstar or Awesome HVAC Technicians.

Company Info

Give your job seeker a little information about your HVAC company. Who you are, how long you have operated, your mission and values, and what you provide to your customers. Job seekers are searching for employment and a place that they want to work for years to come.

Job Overview 

Provide your candidates with what it will take to be successful in your HVAC technician position. Include what a typical day working for your company would look like and what professional mannerism you expect your technicians to perform. 

Position Duties 

List off in bullet points the responsibilities and duties that your technicians will perform daily. Be upfront and honest with the details of the tasks that you require your technicians to do for your HVAC company. Provide all the necessary information you need to be clear and reasonable for your applicants to understand before applying.


Typically this is the first section of a job post that job seekers review before they apply. Knowing this detail, you want to make sure you have provided the years of experience, certifications, and educational requirements needed to be considered for your HVAC position. This will help you find the right candidate and not spend any time on underqualified candidates.

Expand on Company Info

Add a little more about your company and what kind of atmosphere you provide to your HVAC technicians. Whether you are a family company promising to treat every technician like family or your company provides continual advancement opportunities. Give additional information that your job seekers will want to work for you.

Role Incentives

This section involves informing your potential HVAC technician about the compensation amount and any additional benefits you are offering. You don’t have to include this information if you are considering compensation depending on experience. If you offer any perks, bonus, or anything in addition to compensation, let your candidates know these perks. 

Job Hours

If your company’s HVAC technicians are required to work outside of the normal 9-5 hours, Saturdays, some holidays, or emergency calls, you should inform your candidates know this requirement. This information will eliminate spending time on applicants who cannot work in those hours.

Top Job Posting Sites for HVAC Companies 

Now that you have crafted your HVAC Technician job description, you are now ready to post your ad to a job posting site for HVAC. We have gathered the top job posting sites widely used and perfect for finding job seekers in the HVAC industry.

VIVAHR – Of course, our system is an excellent job posting site for hiring your next HVAC technician. Our system sends your job description ad to all the free job board sites in an easy and quick process. VIVAHR features an innovative applicant tracking system that helps small business hire more effectively and quicker by easily organizing candidates’ resumes, creating hiring pipelines, and communicating with qualified candidates.

Job Posting Sites for HVAC Companies – A HVAC job posting site for HVAC companies seeking to hire technicians looking for employment. This site has over 5,000 unique users a month and reaches current HVAC job seekers and qualified candidates who are employed who show interest in other HVAC opportunities.

Hiring for HVAC Companies

HVAC Agent – A HVAC Career Network job board with over 1,000,000 job seekers on file. HVAC companies have the ability to post their job ads to job seekers in their area for free or draw the attention of top-skilled appliances, which are employed but are interested in available opportunities for an additional fee.

Hiring for HVAC Companies

HVACInsider – This site was created to be a source of information that pertains to the HVAC industry. Not only a source of news, information impacting the industry, and a resource to promote HVAC businesses, this is also a job board for both HVAC employers and job seekers.

Job Posting SItes for HVAC

EmploymentCrossing – A simple and quick way to post job ads to other job boards for work in the trades. A source for both HVAC job seekers and employers looking and offering opportunities in the HVAC industry. 

Job Posting sites for HVAC

Betterteam – This is a job posting site that provides HVAC employers the ability to post a job description and send the ad to all the other job postings sites. The site is for any business sizes and any industry. HVAC companies can use this job posting site to help with their hiring process. 

Job Posting Sites for Electricians

ZipRecruiter – A job board site that thousands of job seekers use to find employment. This site works for any company and industry. HVAC employers can reach several applicants with this site.

Job Posting Sites for Electricians

Indeed – A easy site to publish your job ad for any industry. This is a highly rated job posting site that supports employers locate their future hires. HVAC companies have the ability to post their open position and to various HVAC job seekers.

Job Posting Sites for Electricians

CareerBuilder – A first job posting site to hit the marketing to offer both job seekers and employers to get connected for career opportunities. This site is equivalent to other job sites that help HVAC companies post their job ads and find candidates.

Job Posting sites for Electricians

SimplyHiredA site that allows employers to post job descriptions to other popular job board sites. HVAC employers of any size can find qualified applicants apply through other job sites.

Job Posting sites for Electricians

Benefits of an Applicant Tracking System

Now you have seen all the available job posting site to post your HVAC job description on and start receiving applications, would it be beneficial to have a method to keep your resumes organized, develop a structure to filter through applicants, and have a system in motion to move candidates through a hiring stage? Absolutely! That is the essential purpose of an applicant tracking system or ATS. An applicant tracking system provides a clean and efficient approach to hiring and recruiting candidates. One of the most significant features of an ATS is posting a company’s job ads to all the major job boards with one click. This eliminates having to post a job description over and over to every job posting site. An HVAC company seeking a job posting site to find ideal candidates can use an ATS to post for them and receive the software to manage candidates’ information. Here are the benefits featured when using an applicant tracking system during a company’s hiring process.

How To Choose The Best Applicant Tracking Systems

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