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How to post a job for free

Monday, January 14th, 2019

Post you job online for free

Hiring and recruiting starts with getting in a big enough job seeker applicant pool that you feel strong enough to hire from.  It’s a terrible hiring position to be in when you have little to no applicants yet you have pressure to fill the job yesterday.  

When posting your job and recruiting, there are some vital factors you need to be aware of in order to get you the most and best applicants.  These steps will allow you to send your job out to all the free job posting sites and start receiving resumes.

Steps to post your job for free

Create an inspiring job description

Many job postings are the exact same.  They are a couple paragraphs talking about what the employer needs.  They talk about the job, responsibilities and how much the job pays. Unfortunately, this job posting process is exactly what most job seekers hate.  Studies have shown that job seekers care more about who the company is, than the exact roles are responsibilities. It’s time to standout from your competition.  

Tip: Take the first two paragraphs of your job posting to NOT talk about what the candidate will be doing for you.  Talk about who the company is, what the company does and WHY this company is the best company to be part of.

Craft your hiring scorecard

A hiring scorecard looks a lot like a English paper rubric you had to follow in high school.  It outlines the key hard skills and soft skills the candidate must process. You then score the candidate off of these key areas.  By having consistency, you’ll know exactly which candidates rise above the others. You’ll not be going off memory when deciding exactly who to give the job offer to.  This hiring scorecard will allow you to get consistent feedback from your hiring manager and co-workers.

Tip: Create categories in your scorecard to reflect the functions of the role.  The best companies have a section called Core Values. They will outline their core values and each person involved in the hiring process will rate the candidate on how well they align with each of the company core values.  This does two things: It keeps your interviews focused to what matters most when hiring someone, and It shows your team how important core values are to your organization. Set that tone of expectations and alignment.

Build your hiring pipeline

If you started getting applicants tomorrow afternoon, do you know what the exact next step would be?  In a low unemployment market, your average job seeker is looking for work less than 3 weeks. That is wildly fast. You need to be prepared ahead of time with the exact process you will follow to onboard an A-player as soon as you identify one.  

Tip: Use an applicant tracking system to move candidates through stages.  If you have a hiring team/manager who will also be part of the process, make sure you are on the same page.  Set Up pre-scheduled interview times on their calendar and expectations for feedback. Recruiting can be very frustrating when you find a good candidate, yet hear nothing back from your hiring manager because they forgot to respond.  Set clear expectations.


Where can you post your job openings for free

Now that you’ve built your hiring process and you’ve created your job description templates, you’re ready to find the best places to post your job.  

When posting your job to any social media site, job board or email campaign, you’ll want to ensure you’re using source tracking campaigns extensions.  We’ve built a free tool to help with this:

The power of tracking the URL is being able to identify which source is driving you the most applicants and the best applicants.  A free ATS can get you simple reporting. Imagine if you spend the next 5 hours sharing, posting and emailing your job post yet after all that hard work, only 2 sources got your 90% of the applicants.  It’s common. Next time you need to post a job, you’ll know exactly where to go and save yourself all the extra time of sharing to non-producing websites.

Job posting sites

Job Boards

There are lists of the best job posting sites to use.  Many of which offer a free version or a short trial. We are fans of using sites that offer a pay-for-performance model.  Limit your exposure to expensive job boards who may generate nothing in return.


There are several ways you can share your open job posting with Facebook.  The worst way is copy/paste your job posting URL and putting it on your feed.  Take the time to share your job in focused groups. Many industries and professional networks have active facebook groups and allow you to post your job.  This can create a sharing environment to likeminded candidates. You may also find many local community groups who are active and love to network.


If your business has a business page on LinkedIn, be sure to share your new opening on your profile page of your business.  This allows anyone who is following your business to see the new opportunity. You should also ask your employee network to share across their LinkedIn accounts.


Most classifieds have an online jobs directory.  It’s important to think outside of Craigslist (which is often times a paid option) for alternative places to share your posting.  The most popular news website is Salt Lake City is, you’d be shocked to find out that their job section has more web visitors than any other job board in the region.  Take the time to make a list of any news media outlets who may have a classified section online.


We have seen many successful recruiting processes including a list of churches and employment support groups through their local religious network.  A simple phone call and email address to add to a list can help you spread the word quickly about your job opportunity.

Government Workforce

Many municipalities have a free workforce website to promote companies in their area who are hiring.  This is usually run under the direction of the Department of Economic Services (DES) or at the county level.  Either way, getting involved on their websites can be a beneficial way to generate more job seeker interest in your position.

Local Schools

If you have a trade school, community college or university, this is a wonderful place to post your job.  If you’re hiring for a position requiring some work experience, reach out to their career services center and ask about their communication with alumni.  They may have an active Facebook or LinkedIn alumni group where they will share your position.


After you post your job

If you’ve posted your job and still not getting the right applicants, it might be worth looking at a few of our favorite paid options.  When using VIVAHR, you’ll see some alternative premium options to automatically send your job to their sites. No extra work and pricing starts at just $99 per job posting for 30-day premium visibility.


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